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									Getting SMARTer: The evolution of Project
   Management within Victoria Police

              Doug Witschi
      The beginnning of project
    management in Victoria Police

1986 - Introduction of Project Register aimed to:
   • reduce project duplication
   • reduce incidents of ‘re-inventing the wheel’
   • align projects to current needs and plans

Hard copy document distributed quarterly with
issues of accuracy and reliable continually made
       Service Improvement Program

• Created in 1996
• with the aim of promoting continuous improvement
  and project management principles
• role was to strategically lead and manage major
  change throughout Victoria Police
        Service Improvement Program
      Progressing Project Management

• Development of a cyclical review methodology for
  continuous improvement
• Establishment of milestones steps for each phase
  of this cycle
• Process of inclusion and consideration of all
Progressing Project Management

                 Step 1

  Step 4                          Step 2
Implement                        Immediate
Evaluation                      Improvement

                  Step 3
             Redesign process
      Strategic Development Department

• Amalgamation of the Strategic Improvement
  Program with the Corporate Policy, Planning &
  Review Department, in April 1998
• focus on the initiation and implementation of major
  projects and
• the monitoring and evaluation of corporate projects
       Strategic Development Department

Developed the current conceptual project management
framework through:
• the classification of projects as either
   • Corporate (Level 1);
   • Department (Level 2); or
   • Unit (Level 3)
• a defined four - phase project management process
• established the Strategic Policy Committee
       Corporate Change Coordination Unit

• Established as part of the project management
• Tasked with managing the project management
• Monitored projects for slippage against milestones
  and deliverables
• Reported monthly on project status to the Strategic
  Policy Committee
• Provided specialist advice and support to project
        Project Management Review 2001

Review undertake aimed at enhancing Project
management and coordination capability and culture
within Victoria Police. Recommendations:
 • Align all project decision making with one corporate
   entity - Corporate Management Group
 • A governance structure to facilitate effective
   decision making
 • Development of a Project Management website
  Project Management Review 2001
                                 IMPLEMENTATION MONITORING
                                       & EVALUATION

    PHASE 1                PHASE 2                    PHASE 3                    PHASE 4

   CONCEPT                 ANALYSIS/                 DEVELOPMENT &
                                                    IMPLEMENTATION             IMPLEMENTATION
   PROPOSAL                BUSINESS                    STRATEGY

                                      Approval                  Approval
               Approval            SteeringC’tee              Steering C’tee
                                                                  Sign-Off             Final Sign-Off
CORPORATE     Corporate                 Sign-Off                                          Corporate
PROJECTS      Management                Corporate                Corporate
                Group                  Management               Management
                                          Group                    Group

DEPARTMENT/    Approval                 Approval                 Approval                 Approval
UNIT           Steering                 Steering                 Steering                 Steering
PROJECTS      Committee                Committee                Committee                Committee

               Concept                   Business                Implementation          Project
               Proposal                  Case                    Plan           Implementation/Completion
          Project Management Website

• Developed in consultation with project managers
  throughout the Victoria Police
• Web site became operational in July 2002
• Interactive web portal
• Currently 107 projects are registered
Project Management Portal
Project Management Portal
             Local Priority Policing (LPP)

• Significant change management initiative
• Project consisted of three specific components
      • Statewide management model
      • Service delivery model
      • Community consultation model
Local Priority Policing (LPP)
                Force Issues Project

• 886 different issues raised by members of Victoria
• A series of projects were developed
• Project management methodology adopted
• Monitoring and reporting of the projects undertaken
  by the Project Management and Coordination Unit
                   Force Issues Project

To date:
•   77 Projects have been undertaking
•   Addressing 523 issues
•   619 recommendations
•   115 recommendations have been implemented
•   247 are pending implementation
•   291 are still to be considered
               Future Directions

• New innovative methods aimed at encouraging all
  members to participate in change
• Process of continual improvement of our project
  management processes and practices
• Development of specific project management
Future Directions

 S - Stated
 M - Measurable
 A - Agreed
 R - Realistic
 T - Timely

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