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									                                                    DLAMP BASICS

What is DLAMP?            DLAMP is the premier executive development program for
                          senior Defense civilians and a key component of the
                          Department’s succession planning strategy. Established in
                          1997, DLAMP provides the means to mature a cadre of
                          highly capable senior civilian leaders with a joint
                          perspective on managing the Department’s workforce and

What is the goal?         The goal is to develop senior civilian leaders with a DoD-
                          wide perspective; substantive knowledge of the national
                          security mission; a shared understanding, trust, and sense of
                          mission with military counterparts; and strong leadership
                          and management skills. Although there is no guarantee of
                          advancement, DLAMP activities, when combined with
                          increasingly responsible work assignments, prepare
                          individuals for senior leadership positions throughout DoD.

What are the required     DLAMP is a comprehensive program of education and
program elements?         development. Most participants will complete all
                          requirements in two to five years, depending on their prior
                          education, career goals, and individual needs. Core
                          elements include:
                              An advanced degree from an accredited institution;
                              Graduate courses in business management and
                                 public policy areas (based on an individual needs
                              Professional Military Education (senior level);
                              Leadership courses designed to enhance executive
                                 core qualifications; and
                              Developmental assignment (highly encouraged)

How are participants      Each year, up to 350 new participants are admitted to
selected, and who pays?   DLAMP through a competitive selection process.
                          Participants are nominated by their respective Components
                          and ratified for admission by the DLAMP Council. Once
                          admitted, approved DLAMP activities are centrally funded.
                          Participation in DLAMP does not change the individual’s
                          position or status with their employing Component.

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