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Dear Colleague

                         Federation of North Bedfordshire Schools
                            Contract of employment variation

As you know, four schools (Harrold Priory School, Lincroft School, Margaret Beaufort and
Sharnbrook Upper School) successfully applied for Academy status. This letter is confirmation
of the transfer from the current employer, the Federation, to the new one, the Academy
Federation of North Bedfordshire Schools, as of February 1st 2011 at the earliest with March 1st
as a reserve date.

All conditions of service, entitlements and the location of your employment transfer to the new
employer unchanged. Similarly, the transfer does not involve change of staffing structures. As
such, therefore, the key change is that of the employer name.

We fully expect the new arrangement will facilitate continued growth and development for each
of the schools, including opportunities for staffing development.

Yours sincerely

Attachment: FAQs about TUPE

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