UCIT Service Level Agreement Template
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   o Write in language understandable and relevant to customers/end-users. Try to avoid technical
       jargon, and explain all acronyms used.
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There should be a minimum of two signatures:

        Business Owner       Represents the needs of the customer to UCIT
                             Negotiates on behalf of the customer for outage windows
                             Signs SLA on behalf of the customer
                             Understand the requirements of the customers, and keeps
                             this understanding current
                             Identifies gaps between customer requirements and UCIT
                             Communicates service changes or outages with the
        Service Owner        Designs the service to meet the requirements of the
                             Signs SLA on behalf of UCIT
                             Assures that underpinning services, such as LDAP, are
                             available at a level compatible with the SLA
                             Second level Problem Management
                             Orderly Release of new/changed service to Service
                             Provides Operator with the information necessary to operate
                             the service at a Production level
                                   Service Level Agreement for


                        University of Calgary, Information Technologies

Agreement Effective Date:          Start:          End:

Document Owner:

Version        Date                Revision / Description                 Author

                               Last updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
                  SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT FOR THE ______________ SERVICE

This agreement is made by

                              University of Calgary Information Technologies

                                           for the delivery of the service


The agreement covers the provision and support of the ___________________ services.

This agreement remains valid until superseded by a revised agreement mutually endorsed by the
signatories below. The agreement will be reviewed annually. Minor changes may be recorded on the form
at the end of the agreement, providing they are mutually endorsed by the parties below. A major change
will require renegotiation of this agreement.


Business Owner:
                    Name               Title                                        Signature

Service Owner:
                    Name               Title                                        Signature

Service Description
The ABC Service consists of.... (this is the Service Catalogue description of the service, as show on the
UCIT web page).

Who is eligible to receive this service?

Service Availability
A description when Customers can expect the service to be available

Standard descriptions:

         Defined Availability – The service has defined service hours; can sustain consistent outages in
         off hours; has off hours; critical during service hours

         Continuous Operation – no real off hours; end user expectation of 24/7 availability; short
         outages are manageable; scheduled long outages require seasonal planning (over 2 hours)

         Regular Operation – expected availability during business hours; scheduled long outages (4+
         hrs) outside of regular business outages; short outages acceptable during business hours

         Pilot – no expected availability/service hours, no callout, outages may occur as required

Sample explanation:

Continuous Operation
This service has an end user expectation of 24/7 availability; however, short outages that are less than
one hour are acceptable by end-users.

                                   Last updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
This service has a target availability of ____, excluding reserved maintenance windows.

Scheduled lengthy outages require seasonal planning, to minimize impact to end users.

System monitoring is in place for the service 24 hours a day. If unexpected system outages are
highlighted by monitoring or Support Centre incidents, OPC (Operations Production Control) can
troubleshoot them.

If OPC is unable to resolve unexpected system outages, specialized technicians will be contacted.
Commencement of work will be based on the availability of the technician for call-out work. Since
specialized technicians do not work on-call outside of regular business hours, work on this type of system
problem may not commence until the start of the next regular business day.

Reserved maintenance windows:
Details of any maintenance or change windows

UCIT reserves the right to schedule maintenance and upgrades as needed using the following time

        Thursday evenings, weekly, between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM, year-round
        Periods outside of Session from the Undergraduate Academic Calendar
             o    Break between end of Fall exams and beginning of Winter block week
             o    Break between end of Winter exams and start of Spring session lectures
             o    Break between end of Summer exams and start of Fall session Block Week
        Scheduled Quarterly Maintenance Windows Periods
             o    The dates and times for the quarterly maintenance windows can be viewed by visiting
                  the Scheduled Outage Calendar:
In the case of emergency, if UCIT’s Service Owner believes system stability and security is at risk, the
following windows may be considered (listed in order of preference):
        Reading days in Fall session, Reading week in Winter session
        Holidays where lectures are cancelled (e.g.: Remembrance Day, Family Day, Easter). If needed,
         weekend day before or after a holiday.
        Weekend days and evenings
        Weekday evenings
        Weekdays
Changes or system outages to systems that the service is reliant on may also affect the service delivery.
The main systems include:
       Backend storage (Oracle, NFS, CX storage array)
       Network
       LDAP
       CAS (Central Authentication Service)
       Facility (power, cooling)

                                    Last updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Communication for outages:
Scheduled outages will be communicated in advance using the following methods:
    Email
          o Mailing list names
    Posted on:
          o Webpage addresses

Unplanned/emergency outage updates will be communicated using the following methods:
    Message on IT Support Centre phone (403-220-5555)
    Email
          o Mailing list names
    Posted on:
          o Webpage addresses

Service Support
Incident Reporting
If incidents occur, when the customer can expect to get support, and timelines for incident resolution. In
most cases, will point to UCIT Support Centre SLA.

Support for ______ is handled through the IT Support Centre:

Phone: (403) 220-5555
Online: IT Online Service Request
Location: 7th Floor Math Sciences

Assistance, information and referrals can be provided by email, phone or in-person at the UCIT Support
Centre location. UCIT Support Centre staff are not able to make site visits.

All Support Centre staff is knowledgeable in basic _____________ troubleshooting and problem solving.
There are also Tier II experts, with more specialized knowledge of _____ functionality and

See the Support Centre Service Level Agreement for details on service delivery targets, and hours of

Standard support descriptions:

        Extended Support – get person that can fix problem during and outside business hours;

        Regular Support – get person during business hours that can solve your problem

        Basic Support – might be able to get a person on the phone that can’t help you, but create a
        ticket and send to tier 2 support; next business day

        After hours support - The voicemail system is monitored outside of the regular defined
        availability hours of the IT Support Centre for messages about services outages and system
        access problems. If messages indicate widespread system outages, work will commence on
        resolving the outage prior to the opening of the UCIT Support Centre.

                                  Last updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Service Performance
2-5 quality measures to describe and assess the quality of the service. Measures are described by the
Business Owner in terms that are meaningful to customers/end-users. Target values should be included.

Common examples include: Availability, response time, provisioning time, recovery time

Incident Escalation
Incidents are addressed as per the Incident priority grid defined in the Support Centre Service Level
Agreement. Should an incident resolution not be satisfactory, the incident may be escalated through the
following management structure:

Operational use and functionality of the system (Usually lists positions starting from Support Centre, to
Business Owner, to Director/CIO):

System technical problems (Usually lists positions starting from Support Centre, to Service Owner, to

Details of training offered for the service, who offers the training, when the training is available and to

End User Expectations
Responsibilities expected of the end user, to be able to use the service. May include reference to
computer configurations, policies, or other expectations.

Change Management Procedures
Brief mention of and/or reference to the Change Management procedures that must be followed.

All changes affecting the ____________ service pass through the UCIT Change Management process.
All changes will be presented to and approved as appropriate by the UCIT Change Advisory Board

Disaster Recovery (IT Service Continuity)
Brief mention of and/or reference to the MDRP (Master Disaster Recovery Plans), together with details of
how the SLA might be affected.

UCIT has a Master Disaster Recovery Plan (MDRP) to guide University management and technical staff
in the recovery of computing and network facilities operated by UCIT in the event that a disaster destroys
part or all of the facilities. Blackboard, defined as a critical service in the MDRP, has its own Service
Availability and Recovery Plan (SARP). The SARP for Blackboard describes its backup strategies,
recovery priority, its step by step recovery procedures, recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point
objectives (RPO), personnel contact information, testing and routine maintenance procedures.

Brief mention of and/or reference to the Security policy and procedures that must be followed.

UCIT has the mandate to provide computing and network services to support the teaching and research
needs of The University of Calgary community. The guidelines and policies developed by the university
and IT are an effort to ensure that the university community obtains maximum benefit from the resources
available. More information on security policies is available from

                                   Last updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Details of any charging formulas used, invoicing, and payment conditions.

There is no charge to eligible end-users for use of the ____ system. All costs for the licensing and
hardware are paid from the base budget of UCIT.

Service Reviews & Governance
Details of how and when the service targets will be reviewed, between the start and end of the
agreement. Details of reporting that will take place and of formal review meetings etc. Who will be
involved and in what capacity.

                                  Last updated: Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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