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									                                                                          T.R.U. Ball Shooting
                                                                           Staff Application
Please Print Legibly!

Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________________ State: __________ Zip:____________
SS#________________________________ Phone: (                                                                           ) __________-________________
(Note: Your SS# is required by the IRS if you win over $600 in contingency money for a 1099 tax form. Please include on this application so we don’t have to track you down later!)

Email Address: _______________________@_______________________________________

You must check one of the following to be eligible:
I am a sponsored shooter for a local archery pro shop or store.
            Name of Archery Shop: ____________________________________ Phone: (       ) ______-_______
            Owner/Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________
            Address: ___________________________ City: _________________ State: _____ Zip: __________
            Sponsor Signature: __________________________________________________________________

I am a sponsored shooter of an archery manufacturer.
            Name of Manufacturing Company: __________________________ Phone: (      ) ______-_______
            Rep/Contact Name: __________________________________________________________________
            Your Favorite Archery Retailer: _________________________________________ Zip: __________
            Sponsor Signature: __________________________________________________________________

My current equipment set-up:
Bow: _______________________________________ Sight: _______________________________________
Stabilizer: __________________________________ Release Aid: __________________________________

By completing and signing this form, I acknowledge that I am a sponsored shooter of a local archery
pro shop/store or that I am a sponsored shooter of an archery manufacturer. I will only use T.R.U.
Ball Releases and will visibly wear a T.R.U. Ball logo on my hat, shooter shirt or bow quiver at all
times during tournaments. I will promote T.R.U. Ball products in a positive way to my friends and
fellow shooters to make archery better!

Shooter’s Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:______/______/_________
T.R.U., Inc. Acceptance: _________________________________________ Date:______/______/_________

      Mail Completed Form To: T.R.U. Ball, P.O. Box 1180, Madison Heights, VA 24572 * 434-929-2800 *
T.R.U. Ball Shooting
Staff Benefits
T.R.U. Ball Release Aid Contingency Program
Men’s Pro Classes Pay:       1st-$1000.00
Women’s Pro Classes Pay: 1st-$500.00
Sr. Men Pro Classes Pay: 1st-$500.00
Amateur Classes Pay:         1st-$100.00; 2nd-$50 GC; 3RD-5TH $25 GC
Plaques will be given to the top three shooters in these classes: ASA Junior Eagle, Eagle, or Senior Eagle; IBO Cub; NFAA Youth

Contingency will be paid only at the following tournaments:
2012 ASA Pro /AM Tour: Gainesville, FL; West Monroe, LA; Paris, TX; Augusta, GA; London, KY; Metropolis, IL; Cullman, AL
2012 IBO Triple Crown: Bedford, IN; McKean, PA; Marengo, OH; World Championship in Seven Springs, PA
2012 NFAA 3 Star Tour: Las Vegas, NV; Louisville, KY; Yankton, SD

Contingency Rules:
1) Your 2012 T.R.U. application must be on file at the T.R.U. Ball office BEFORE the shoot & you MUST have a shooter number.
2) You MUST wear a T.R.U. Ball logo and only a T.R.U. Ball Release can be used for the entire tournament.
3) You MUST add your name & membership number to the sign-in list at the T.R.U. Ball booth before each shoot.
4) You MUST notify the T.R.U. Ball staff if you place in the top 3 places of your class so they can present a T.R.U. Ball display
   check to you on stage.
5) T.R.U. Ball will not pay contingency to a class with less than 10 shooters.
6) T.R.U. will ONLY pay top 3 places in each NFAA Class, NOT each flight.
7) You must notify us within 60 days of your winning event. Contingency will not be paid if notification occurs after 60 days.
8) Winners can pick up their contingency money at the T.R.U. Ball booth at the next tournament!

Discounts on T.R.U. Ball Release Aids
Use your T.R.U. Ball Membership Card for a 30% release discount and SEND MONEY HOME to your dealer!
STEP 1:                                              STEP 2:                                               STEP 3:
Buy at the T.R.U. Ball Booth                         YOU immediately receive a                             YOUR DEALER receives a credit of
or call us at 434-929-2800!                          30% discount off of retail cost.                      $5-$30 per release for future orders!

Dealers will not offer a 30% discount off of their in-store inventory. All orders must be prepaid & are limited to $250.00 of product per year per shooter.

Membership Card, Decal, & 2 Shooter Patches with first order.
A shipping and handling charge will be added for decals and patches that are not shipped with an order.

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