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Minutes 111 AC by Kd8z05c


									No. Acad/B2/14178/2009

          Minutes of the 111th meeting of the Academic Council held on 16.07.2009 (Thursday) at
                      Council Room, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara, Thrissur

Members present:

1.    Sri. K.R. Viswambharan, Vice – Chancellor
2.    Dr. Jobi .V. Paul, Registrar
3.    Dr. P.K. Ashokan, Director (Academic & PG Studies)
4.    Dr. E. Nanu, Dean, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Mannuthy
5.    Dr. Harikrishnan Nair, Dean, College of Agriculture, Vellayani
6.    Dr. C. Mohanakumaran Nair, Dean, College of Fisheries, Panangad
7.    Dr. V.Ganesan, Dean, Kelappaji College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Tavanur
8.    Dr. D. Alexander, Director of Research
9.    Dr. P.K. Rajeevan, Associate Dean, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara
10.   Dr. R. Rajendra Kumar, Associate Dean, College of Dairy Science & Technology
11.   Dr. I. Johnkutty, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Padannekkad
12.   Dr. U.Ramachandran, Associate Dean, CCB&M, Vellanikkara
13.   Dr. B. Mohankumar, Associate Dean, College of Forestry, Vellanikkara
14.   Sri. K.P. Sathian, Librarian, KAU
15.   Dr. Jacob John, Associate Professor, Cropping Systems Research Centre, Karamana.
16.   Dr. Leo Joseph, Professor, University Poultry and Duck Farm, Mannuthy.
17.   Dr. B. Manojkumar, Associate Professor, College of Fisheries, Panangad, Kochi.
18.   Dr. E.K. Kurien, Professor, College of Dairy Science and Technology, Mannuthy, Thrissur.
19.   Dr. Jose John Chungath, Director of Students Welfare, Mannuthy.
20.   Ms. Divya R. Nair, PG Student, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Mannuthy
21.   Mr. Febin Earnest, PG Student, College of Corporation Banking and Management, Vellanikkara

      The meeting commenced at 9.30 A.M. under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor.

      The Chairman welcomed all the members to the 111th Academic Council.

          In his introductory speech, the Vice-Chancellor briefed on the recent achievements and success KAU
has made in agricultural education. KAU won the Performance Award of the Indian Council of Agricultural
Research continuously for the past three years (2006, 2007 and 2008) for student performance in national level
JRF examination of the ICAR. It is expected that KAU may win it again in 2009. This year the Colleges of
Fisheries, Horticulture, Dairy Science, Forestry and Agriculture showed excellent performance and he
congratulated the students, teachers and other staff members. KAU is also successful in building considerable
infrastructure facilities required for the students. Excellent library facilities are also provided to the students.
The web-based academic management software is installed and we are equipped to have on-line registration
of students and management of student data from different colleges. Actions were taken to strengthen
placement cells in the colleges with students’ participation.

          The diploma course in Dairy Science & Technology for the Dairy Officers of the Dairy-
Development Department was restarted during this year.          Two new courses are started this year i.e. M.Sc.
Biotechnology (Integrated) at College of Agriculture, Vellayani, and Post Graduate Diploma in Landscape
Horticulture at College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara. We are also starting PG courses at the Veterinary
College, Pookot, Wynad during this year. The Government has issued orders to start a “Centre for e-learning
in Agriculture and Allied Sectors” as a joint venture of the Dept. of Agriculture and KAU, at the former
Virtual University on Agriculture Trade - premises in the IT-BT building of KAU at Vellanikkara and hope
to use this Centre to extend e-learning /teaching in KAU.

                     The Vice-Chancellor suggested giving the under-graduate students more opportunity for field training
          and project works so that they get more practical training. It was also suggested to establish a counseling
          centre for the students, have education seminars and media interactions periodically, so that the University
          gets suggestions from all corners for the improvement of the academic programs.

                     This was followed by the discussions on 26 agenda items listed, one outside agenda item, two official
          resolutions and 12 resolutions from members. Three resolutions were not discussed as the member was not

                     Before discussing the Agenda items, the house resolved to co-opt the Director (Academic & PG
          studies) and the Associate Deans to the Academic council. Dr. Jacob John suggested co-opting Professor (RC)
          to the Academic Council to have adequate representation from the research side. The house authorized the
          Director of Research to move a resolution to co-opt an appropriate officer to improve representation from the
          research side.

Sl. No.                                     Subject                                               Decision taken

  1         Conformation of the minutes of the 110th meeting of                  Confirmed
            Academic Council held on 11.12.2008.

  2         Action taken report on the decisions of the 110th meeting            Noted
            of Academic Council held on 11.12.2008.

  3         Items approved in the 46th Board of studies Faculty of
            Agriculture held on 01.01.2009.

                i        PG regulation and syllabus revision                     Approved
                                                                                 Vice-Chancellor suggested to have a one
                                                                                 day workshop on the new syllabi

               ii        Proposal for starting Diploma Course in Organic         Decided to form a committee including All
                         Farming at College of Agriculture, Vellayani.           Deans, Director of Extension, Director of
                                                                                 Research, Director Acad. & PG studies,
                                                                                 and one student member – Divya R. Nair.
                                                                                 The committee is authorized to study the
                                                                                 feasibility of the new courses proposed,
                                                                                 including distance education and e-
                                                                                 learning/teaching courses.

               iii       KPSC – Appointment of VHSE Teachers in                  Approved the BoS decisions
                         Sericulture – Qualification –equivalency.

               iv        IGNOU – Scheme on convergence of Open and               Approved the BoS decisions
                         Distance Learning (ODL) and conventional

               v         Disagreement on collection and preservation of          Not presented
                         insects – reg.

               vi        Proposal for starting Ph. D. (Forestry_) and            Approved
                         M.Sc. Forestry in Wood Science at College of
                         Forestry, Vellanikkara
               vii       Participation in Inter University Sports –              Approved
                         shortage of attendance

viii   New system proposed for evaluation of thesis of     Approved
       PG students
ix     Certificate courses proposed to be started in       Referred to the committee formed under
       2009 at College of Agriculture, Vellayani,          item 3 (ii)
           a) Post harvest management and value
               addition of Horticulture crops
           b) Agri-farm management
           c) Agri Business management
           d) Soil and Plant Analysis
           e) Entrepreneurship development in
               Agriculture (HOD– Extension)
           f) Participatory approaches for planning
               and development
           g) Agricultural Journalism
           h) Finishing school for VHSE certificate
           i) Seed Pathology and Post harvest disease
           j) Integrated pest and disease management
               in school and homestead gardens
           k) Plant protection in nursery and green
               house grown ornamental plants

           l) Identification of agriculturally important
              beneficial and harmful microbes
           m) Plant protection in organic agriculture
           n) Mushroom cultivation

 x     Resolution moved in the academic Council by         Approved the recommendations:
       Sri. Reni Jose J. – student representative –        1. The students have to submit their area of
       Referred to Board of Studies - Recommendation          interest for research work.
                                                           2. Students can submit a panel of three
                                                              teachers from which the Head of
                                                              Department can recommend to appoint a
                                                              Chairman for the advisory committee of
                                                              the student.
                                                           3. Teachers are allowed to guide only two
                                                              students at a time (M.Sc./ Ph.D. together)
                                                           4. In departments where shortage of
                                                              faculties exists, a teacher can guide a
                                                              maximum of 4 students.
xi     Enhancing number of seats of B.Sc. (Hon.)           To form a committee including
       Agriculture Course                                  All Deans and Associate Deans, one student
          a. College of Agriculture, Vellayani,            member- Mr. Febin Earnest , Director of
               Thiruvananthapuram. – 100                   Acad & PG studies. The committee will
          b. College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara,        study the need , feasibility and the number
               Thrissur – 80                               of seats to be increased.
          c. College of Agriculture, Padannakkad,
               Kasaragod - 40
          d. College of Forestry, Vellanikkara,
               Thrissur - 30

xii    Proposal for starting a centre for open and         Referred to the committee formed under
       distance education at College of Agriculture,       item 3 (ii)
       Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram

      xiii   Reforms in examination and evaluation system       Approved
             in UG

      xiv    Eligibility criteria for admission to PG Diploma   Deferred
             course in Landscape Horticulture - modification
      xv     Facilities for Ph. D. registration of JRF / SRF    Approved for all faculties and all
             working in EAPs                                    departments, by having M.O.U. with
                                                                traditional Universities to register for Ph.D
                                                                for JRF/SRF working in projects.

4   Recommendations of the Board of Studies of the
    Veterinary Faculty - VCI – Minimum standards of
    Veterinary Education – Revision syllabus 2008 – approval.
       i     Amendment Regulation 31.05.2007 of internship Approved. The evaluation committee shall
             evaluation committee (UG Regulation)             be constituted with the Dean/Head of the
                                                              institution as Chairman, Officer i/c of
                                                              internship, two teachers for clinical subjects,
                                                              two teachers for Livestock production
                                                              Management subjects, two teachers for
                                                              Livestock production Technology subjects
                                                              and one teacher for para-clinical subjects as
      ii     Amendment Regulation 10(a) – Registration of Approved. The student admitted to PG
             students (PG Regulation)                         programme shall pay all the fee prescribed
                                                              and report to the Head of the Institution on
                                                              the date of registration, who will direct them
                                                              to the concerned Head of the Department.
      iii    Amendment PG Regulation guidelines for Approved with modifications. A faculty
             constitution of Advisory Committee of PG with Ph. D can guide M.Sc. Students if
             studies                                          he/she          has          one           year
                                                              teaching/research/extension          education
                                                              experience and three scientific publications.
      iv     Amendment of PG Regulation7 – Guidelines for Approved. The Chairman of Advisory
             constitution of Advisory Committee of PG committee/Major Advisor for a PhD scholar
             students                                         be a teacher of the cadre Associate Professor
                                                              or above.
       v     Approval of syllabus for Ph. D. Programme in Deferred. To be submitted in the next AC
             the Department of Livestock Products with proper proforma, experts’ comments
             Technology.                                      and full budget.
      vi     Amendment of PG regulations 21(a) – the Approved. The Maximum credit load ,
             maximum credit load including the credit for including research work assigned to a full
             research work assigned to a full time PG student time postgraduate student for a semester
             for a semester shall not exceed 18.              shall not exceed 20 credits

      vii    To adopt VCI – Regulation 2008 revised Approved with modification below. The last
             syllabus for 2009 B.V.Sc. & A.H. batch sentence in Page 191 – note 1- Evaluation –
             onwards.                                      as “if a student fails in two papers only,
                                                           he/she is eligible to appear in the
                                                           compartment examination of that paper
                                                           which includes external theory and practical
      viii   Topic to be included in Tracking programme of Approved.     Decided to incorporate the
             2008 – revised VCI syllabus for BVSc. & AH following topics as item No. 13, 14, and 15
             programme.                                    of the Tracking Programme. 13-Hospital
                                                           administration and biomedical waste
                                                           management, 14- Disaster management, 15
                                                           – Molecular disease diagnosis.

       ix     Approval of syllabus for the course LPM 222 of   Not presented in the AC
              the revised VCI syllabus 2008.

5    Revised PG syllabus (M.Tech Agri Engg.) and Syllabi for
     the new degree programme - B. Tech in Food Engineering
     – approval
        i     PG syllabus 2009                               Approved
        ii    B. Tech. syllabus for Food Engineering -       Approved.

                                                               The house also observed that the earlier
                                                               decision to have B. Tech. in Civil
                                                               Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
                                                               may be done only after getting AICTE

6    Recommendation of 20th Board of Studies Faculty of
         1     Revision of PG syllabus                      Approved
         2     Certificate of Courses by Distance Education Referred to the committee formed under
                                                            item 3 (ii)
         i     Certificate course in entrepreneurship       “
         ii    Certificate course in basic techniques in “
        iii    Post graduate diploma course in quality “
               management for food safety
         3     Changes in the courses AC 313 and PT 212     Approved

7    Permission given to Ms. Rekha P. Raghavan (2005-13- Ratified
     142) to register for MVSc. beyond maximum period –

8    Recognition of B.Sc. Nutrition of Madras University and Approved
     M.Sc. (Food Nutrition and Dietetics) of Allahabad
     Agricultural Institute.

9    Recognition of courses offered by other universities Referred to a committee including Dr.
     equivalent to Kerala Agricultural University         Rajeevan (Chairman and Convener) and Dr.
                                                          Jacob John (Member) for making
                                                          recommendation to the next Academic

10   B. Sc. (C&B) Course – Penalty for discontinuing the Amount levied equal to total fee for the
     course after admission - inclusion in the prospectus of the entire course deducting the fee already
     course                                                      remitted by the student.

11   PG admission 2009-10 – Notification issued.               Ratified with the following decisions;
                                                               If the ten seats in the College of Horticulture
                                                               in M.Sc. Plant Biotechnology are not filled
                                                               by JNU candidates, the vacancy can be
                                                               filled from Kerala Agricultural University
                                                               PG entrance merit list. If no candidates are
                                                               available in Kerala Agricultural University
                                                               PG entrance merit list, Kerala candidates
                                                               from the merit list of JNU entrance test may
                                                               be considered.

12   College of Agriculture – detailed proposal for starting one Referred to the committee formed under
     year PG diploma course in “Family life education and item 3 (ii)
     counseling” - approval

13   M.Sc. Programme – Plant Breeding – Prabhu R. (2006-11- Not agreed. Only 1st Rank certificate will be
     113) – 3rd rank requests – rank certificate            issued in future.

15   Fee structure for International students.                      Approved. To be placed in the EC.

16   Fee for genuineness verification of certificates of former     Approved

17   Proposal to start e-learning – Sub Committee Report            Approved , if external funding is made
                                                                    available. Approved e-learning/teaching as a
                                                                    method of teaching in KAU to supplement
                                                                    class room teaching.

18     (i)    Academic modification of rules to LSA training        Not approved
       (ii)   Equivalency of VHSE course to that of LSA             Not approved
19   Revisions of Scholarship and allowances prevailing in          Recommended a hike of 20 % increase of
     other Universities                                             the existing rates.

20   Fee for convocation                                            Approved Rs. 500/-

21   Representation of UG students in Academic Council Not approved.
     procedure followed in other Universities

22   Permitting external candidate to do project work at            Candidates from Institution having MOU
     research station under Kerala Agricultural University          with Kerala Agricultural University may be

23   Proposal to incorporate provision for affiliated colleges in   Not approved.
     Kerala Agricultural University – reg.

24   Reservation of seat for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture and          Approved. If no student from Lakshadweep
     B.V.Sc. & A.H to Lakshadweep candidates –reg.                  the seat may be filled up from the merit list
                                                                    of CEE.

25   Deputation of Faculty members from Department of Agreed in principle. Will be considered
     Veterinary Biochemistry and Livestock Products based on availability of funds and substitute
     Technology for Ph.D. Programme.                  teachers.

26   Approval of Ph. D. Thesis Projects                             Approved
     1. Femina (2008-22-101)
     2. Jomy Jacob (2008-22-103)
     3. Koteswararao Yadav (2008-22-104)
     4. Prasanna K.S. (2008-23-102)
     5. V. Tresamol (2008-23-101)
     6. Navya R. (2007-24-101)

               Official Resolution

        1      The Director (Academic & PG studies) and Approved. Dr. Jacob John suggested co-
               Associate Deans co-opted to the Academic opting Professor (RC). The House
               Council                                  authorized Director of Research to make
                                                        suitable proposal.

         2      The fee to be fixed for re-examination/ repeat Approved
                courses of MBA, Honorarium for major project
                evaluation for external examiners and
                registration for 5th semester by remitting the
                semester fee applicable for 4th semester.

I               Resolution by Jacob        John         (Faculty   of

         i      Permit students from other Universities and             Not considered as already discussed in item
                institutions to undertake project/ research work        22 (19/11)
                in Research station of Kerala Agricultural
                University on payment basis
         ii     To identify suitable courses where e-learning /         Referred to the committee formed under
                distance education like organic farming, value          item 3 (ii)
                addition, wood science and technology,
                ecotourism etc.

        iii     To modify the score card for recruitment of Dr. Jacob John (Member-AC) to submit a
                Assistant Professors/ Associate Professors/ proposal to the Registrar
                Associate Directors in various faculties in
                accordance with the ICAR norms.

II              Resolution by Manojkumar           - Faculty of
         i      To fill up the vacant posts of the faculty of           The Dean (Fishery) to give proposal to
                fisheries.                                              Registrar
         ii     Modification in the score card for CAP to               Dr. B. Manojkumar (Member- AC) to
                teachers of all faculties in accordance with the        submit a proposal to Registrar.
                UGC circular.
        iii     Streamlining     of    theory    and    practical       Not approved. The present system is
                examinations of all course.                             practical and fool proof and wherever it is
                                                                        not followed, action will be taken to follow
                                                                        the present guidelines.

III             Resolution by students

1     Resolution by Ms. Neenu S.                           Not considered as the member was absent.
         i     Submission of Ph.D. thesis – reg.
         ii    Issuing new revised academic handbook to UG
               & PG students
        iii    Strengthening the University placement cell

2     Resolution by Ms. Divya R. Nair
         i     Posting of permanent Librarian at College of             Not approved – Dean (Vety.) to address the
               Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy.                Registrar in this regard.
         ii    Grace marks for excellence in arts performance           Agreed.
        iii    Re-scheduling of academic calendar                       Not approved.

3     Resolution by Mr. Febin Earnest K.
         i     Results and certificate issuing – reg.                   Not approved – Certificates are issued in
         ii     Cancellation of Fee hike for examination                Not approved
        iii     Inclusion of Director, MBA Programme as a               Not approved
                member in Academic Council.

IV     Outside Agenda
       Extension of one more semester to Ph.D. Programme for          Extension of Ph. D. Programme for one
       submission of thesis – request of Mr. Sajith Babu D.           more semester for submission of thesis i.e.
       (2002-21-05) Ph. D. Student, College of Agriculture,           1st semester of 2009-10 granted to Mr. Sajith
       Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram.                                 Babu D. (2002-21-05). The intervening
                                                                      semesters may be regularized by registering
                                                                      for submission of thesis with zero credit and
                                                                      remitting the required fees including the fine
                                                                      for each semester.

            Dr. Jacob John stated that in all other SAUs, PG students are awarded medals based on their
     performance and that in KAU also such a system of recognizing the PG students may be introduced.
     The Chairman suggested that the member may bring a detailed proposal on this to the next
     Academic Council meeting.

                The Chairman thanked all the members of the Council for their active participation.

               A formal vote of thanks was proposed by the Director (Acad. & PGS).
               The meeting came to a close at 2.00 pm.


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