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Sport Outline
1. Administrative Authority
    a. Administrative authority shall be the Sports Committee and overseen by the
       athletic administrator appointed as liaison to the Sports Committee and the
       Conference Executive. All resolutions passed by the sport committee must be
       approved by the athletic administrators committee before it is enacted and
       included as part of the Conference handbook.

     b. Sport Committees (Men’s and Women’s Committees meet separately)
              i. Men’s Chair: Frank Marcinek, Susquehanna University
             ii. Women’s Chairs: Didi Cotton, Goucher College
            iii. Members: All Men’s & Women’s Basketball Head Coaches
            iv. Liaison: Mike Allen, Catholic University

     c. Appointment of Representatives - The primary athletic administrator of each
        institution shall appoint individuals as appropriate to represent the interests of
        that institution at meetings of the sport committee.

     d. Duties of Sport Committee
        -Review all aspects of the prior season
        -All awards involving men’s & women’s basketball
        -Recommendations for changes in code of conduct
        -Setting times and dates for conference calls or face to face meetings

2. Eligible Institutions - Catholic University, Drew University, Goucher College,
   Juniata College, Moravian College, University of Scranton, Susquehanna University,
   United States Merchant Marine Academy

3. Game Management (sport specific requirements for Conference contests)
    a. Pre-game Procedures
       -All NCAA Standards and Conference policies and procedures apply (host
       institution provides on-site certified trainer, a representative from the host
       institution will greet visiting teams upon arrival)
       -25 minutes between games for double headers
    b. Contest Administration
       -Require reserved seating area for visiting team fans behind visitor’s bench for
       all conference games
       -Host institution is responsible for maintaining a clear path to and from locker
       rooms for both teams
       -Host institution is required to provide a written time line to visiting teams upon
       -Host institution is required to provide water in locker rooms at halftime of

4. Playing Season Regulations –
    a. Contest Limitations – The Conference is committed to supporting its student
        athletes by allowing institutions to compete in the maximum number of contests
        as specified by NCAA rules. In addition, each member institution will assure
          they meet or exceed the minimum number of contests required by the NCAA in
          the sport of men’s basketball.
     b.   Length of Playing Season – NCAA standards
     c.   Traditional Segment – NCAA standards
                i. Preseason practice start date: October 15
               ii. First date of competition: NCAA standards
     d.   Nontraditional segment – N/A
     e.   Class/Lab time – No class time missed for practices

5. Scheduling – The master sport schedule will be produced by the Conference office
   and will be strictly adhered to unless two institutions agree to move a game and the
   Conference executive approves the change. The schedule will be structured with
   Wednesday and Saturday games with men’s and women’s doubleheaders on
   Saturday, and men and women playing at opposites on Wednesday. The eight
   teams are separated into two groups with Catholic, Goucher, Juniata, Susquehanna
   in one group and Moravian, Scranton, Drew, and USMA in the other. Teams face
   teams from the opposite group on Saturdays and teams within the group on
   Wednesdays. The schedule begins on the first Saturday of December with one
   game, followed by 13 games in the winter semester, concluding two weeks before
   the weekend of NCAA selections. The lone exception is USMMA plays Satruday and
   Sunday at Moravian and Scranton the second weekend of December each season,
   with the Saturday and Sunday opponents rotating each year. The order of the
   games for weekend doubleheaders will rotate each season with the women playing
   the first game for the 2012-13 season, the men playing the first game for the 2013-
   14 season, and continuing to rotate each year.

6. Regulations Governing Competition
    a. General
              i. scheduling conflicts
             ii. inclement weather Makeup dates will be determined as needed by
                 the involved institutions, in consultation with and pending approval of
                 the Conference office.
            iii. game times: The home team sets the game times for all regular
                 season games, within the following parameters: Wednesday regular
                 season games will be played at either 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. The first
                 game of weekend doubleheaders will be scheduled no earlier than 2
                 p.m. and the second game of doubleheaders no later than 7 p.m.
    b. Officials – Men’s officials to be provided by the ECAC assignors; women’s
       officials to be provided by Jim Hollister
    c. Equipment – Acaconda Sports “The Rock” basketballs will be used for all
       conference games
    d. Facilities – NCAA Standards
    e. Team Bench – Home team will determine which bench will be designated for
       each team.
    f. Squad size – To be determined by each member institution
    g. Uniforms / Protective gear – NCAA Standards
    h. Scouting/Tape Exchange – The Landmark will use the internet game tape
       exchange company GTX for all basketball film exchange.
                 - Each school will have full access to view all conference and non-
                 conference games of each team in the conference.
                 - Home team is responsible for taping all conference games.
                 - Home team is required to provide a DVD to the visiting team before
                 they leave the facility following conference games.
                 - All home games (conference and non-conference) need to be
                 uploaded by noon the day after the game.
                 - All non-conference away games need to be uploaded within 48
                 hours of the conclusion of the game.
                 - If a school does not upload a game within the required timeline,
                 they will not be allowed to view games on the system until they have
                 uploaded its next completed game.
                 - All disputes are to be settled by the Landmark Conference Office.
                 - Craig Copley is the conference GTX representative and he can be
                 reached at 480-557-6800 or by e-mail at
        Normal hours of operation are 6 a.m.
                 PST to 5 p.m. PST.
     i. Schedule/rotation – to be determined by conference office
     j. Incomplete Season -- In the event that one or more teams are unable to
        complete the regular season conference schedule, the conference office, in
        consultation with the ADs, if appropriate, will determine seeding and
        qualification for the Landmark postseason on a case-by-case basis. Options for
        how such situations will be handled include, but are not limited to: winning
        percentage for games that were completed, treating all games played against
        teams that did not complete its season as non-conference games, treating any
        games that are unable to be played as forfeits for the responsible team, and
        other possibilities as discovered

7. Rules Governing Championships
    a. Conference Standings / Seeding /Qualifications – Top 4 teams in regular
       season standings qualify for postseason. Seed 1 v 4 and seed 2 v 3 in
       semifinal games. Semifinal games are played on Wednesday after the last
       regular season weekend at the site of the higher seeded team. The start time
       for double header semifinal games held at the same site will be 5:30 for the
       women’s games and 7:30 for the men’s games. Start times will be 7:00 for
       single men’s semifinal games. Two winners play on Saturday for Conference
       Championships at the site of the higher seed. Championship game time is
       selected by the host team, but must take place no earlier than 2:00 and no later
       than 7:00 unless mutually agreed to by institutions and approved by the
       conference office.
    b. Cut Off Dates
    c. Tie Breaking Procedures -There are no playoffs for conference ties.
            1. Head-to-head results between and among the tied teams in traditional
                season conference contests (includes ties of more than two teams.
            2. Tied teams traditional season won-loss records versus conference
                teams starting with #1, then #2, etc.
            3. Head-to-head results between and among the tied teams in traditional
                season contests (In tie of more than two teams, only used if all teams
                played each other in traditional season contests).
            4. Head-to-head results among common non-conference opponents at
                common site.
            5. Head-to-head results among common non-conference opponents at
                different site.
            6. Road winning percentage in conference games (only if tied teams
                   played the same number of road conference games)
               7. Strength of Schedule rating from (Rating will be
                   accessed at 11 p.m. on final day of regular season).
               8. Coin flip
Process Notes:
 -- Once a team “wins” a three-way tie, if necessary, the two remaining tied teams will
begin the tie-break process over from the beginning, starting with head-to-head results.
-- In the event of multiple ties in the standings (i.e., two teams tied for first and two
teams tied for fourth), the ties will be broken from the top of the standings down, and
with the tiebreakers applied one-at-a-time as opposed to simultaneously. Once the first
tie is broken, the next set of tied times will repeat the process from the start, beginning
with head to head competition.

     d. Championship Dates and Times – See above
     e. Location / Host – Highest Seed
     f. Incomplete Tournaments – Revert back to highest seed that is still
        participating in tournament

8. Awards
    a. All Conference Players – 1st and 2nd teams (6 players on each)
    b. Player of the Year
    c. Defensive player of the year
    d. Player of the Week
    e. Coaching Staff of the Year
    f. Rookie of the Year
    g. Timing – TBD by committee members in collaboration with conference office

9. Statistics - the required statistical information will be determined by the SID

10. Sportsmanlike Behavior / Code of Conduct – Conference Wide

11. Annual Sport Meeting - Conference Call or in-person meeting
                           - Dates TBD
12. Dispute Resolution – A Conference wide policy will be developed by the athletic
   administrators committee and the Conference executive

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