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									                          Archiving Emails in Outlook 2010
Purpose:    The purpose of this document is to outline the process of creating an archive using
Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Narrative: As people decide to save emails which are important this starts to fill up their email quota.
Once the quota has been reached, the user will no longer be able to send and receive email. To make
sure this doesn’t happen and also be able to keep and use the emails you will need to archive them.

    1. In Outlook go to FileInfoMailbox CleanupCleanup ToolsArchive.

DO NOT SELECT “Archive all folders according to their AutoArchive
2. Select “Archive this folder and all subfolders:” Select “archive items older than” and select the
   desired date.
3. Under the Archive file text box.
        a. Press browse. Rename the file name to the desired date ex: 6-16-2011
        b. IF YOU ARE ON A DESKTOP browse to the Y: drive in My Computer
        c. IF YOU ARE ON A LAPTOP save it to the C: drive. Remember to rename it still.
        d. Click OK
   4. The archive will take a few minutes to complete depending on how many emails you have. Just
      let outlook sit for that time. Do not open any of the emails in the folder that you are archiving
      because it will stop the archiving.
   5. When using a laptop, save a copy of the created archive file to the user’s Y: drive. This creates a
      backup of the file, in case of hard drive failure.

   Your archive will show up under all of your mail items and you will be able to use the emails which
   are included in it as if they were still in the folder that you removed them from.

Once you have created an archive, DO NOT MANUALLY ADD EMAIL TO IT. If you
would like to archive more items create a new archive. Explain to the user that
email should not be manually added to an existing archive.

   Revision                  Tech                      Reason                     Date
   0                         Andrew Smith              Creation                   6/17/2011
   1                         Andrew Smith              laptop instructions        6/21/2011
2   Colby Morrill   Refined and clarified   6/21/2011

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