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									NCAA Division III
   Bylaw 17
    Jeff Myers
     Jean Orr
   May 15, 2012
Division III Bylaw 17
    The Facelift
             Bylaw 17
• Agenda:
  – New Format of Bylaw 17.
  – Topics of Focus.
    • Defining the Playing Season.
    • Contests.
    • Out-of-Season Activities.
    • Nontraditional Segment .
  – Questions/Concerns/User-Feedback.
             Bylaw 17
• Session Outcomes:
  – Navigate new format of Bylaw 17.
  – Provide feedback to NCAA Division
    III staff regarding Bylaw 17 format.
  – Understand relevant legislation and
    hot topics regarding Bylaw 17.
   Philosophy Statement
Old language: Encourage participation by
maximizing the number and variety of
athletics opportunities.
New language: Encourage participation by
maximizing the number and variety of sports
offerings through broad-based athletics

                     NCAA Division III Proposal No. 2012-1
 Bylaw 17
New Format
            New Format
• General Sports Legislation.
  – Location of general regulations:
    • Beginning of Bylaw 17.
  – Objectives:
    • Eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies;
    • Simplify and make more user-friendly; and
    • Make minimal number of substantive
            New Format
General Sports Legislation – Six Primary Areas.
1. Playing Season (Bylaw 17.1.1).
2. Computing Playing Seasons (Bylaw 17.1.2).
3. Postseason Activities (Bylaw 17.1.3).
4. Practice, Contest and Dates of Competition Limits
   (Bylaw 17.1.4).
5. Out-of-Season Activities (Bylaw 17.1.5).
6. Waivers and Conditions of Participation (Bylaw
             New Format
• Sport-Specific Legislation.
  – Location of sport-specific regulations:
    • Sport-specific Bylaw 17 legislation remains in
      same location (e.g., Bylaw 17.2 – Baseball).
  – Objectives:
    • Clarify legislation that applies to specific
    • Distinguish between legislation that applies
      to all sports.
       Bylaw 17 – Topics
  1. Defining the Playing Season.

  2. Contests.

  3. Out-of-Season Activities.

  4. Nontraditional Segment.
     Defining the Season
Three General Categories:
  1. Segment sports;

  2. Split season sports; and

  3. Winter championship sports.
     Defining the Season
    Determining Start Dates
Practice Start Date Calculator – Where to find:

• Home ► Legislation and Governance ►
  Committees ► Division III ► General

• http://web1.ncaa.org/compliance/exec/star
        Defining the Season
      Football Acclimatization

                                  Testing session – One hour.
 On field – Three hours.
                             OR      On field – Two hours.
Walk through – One hour.
                                   Walk through – One hour.

  Three hour recovery after a testing or on field session.
             Defining the Season
               Winter Championships
                   First Practice         First Competition
Basketball          October 15              November 15
Ice hockey          October 15               October 15
Wrestling           October 10              November 1*
Other winter September 7 or first day September 7 or first day
sports        of class (whichever is   of class (whichever is
                      earlier)                 earlier)
     Football Scrimmage
When can I conduct a football scrimmage
with the National Association of
Intercollegiate Athletics school in the
neighboring town?
• Can I announce the scrimmage on our
   institution’s website?
Questions:                   New Legislation:
What is a scrimmage,         – Consistency of terms.
exhibition, practice-        – No prohibition against
scrimmage, or exhibition-      official scoring – any
scrimmage?                     sport.
Can I publicize the event?   – No prohibition against
Can I keep score?              publicity – any sport.
                             – Do not need to adhere
                               to playing rules.
  Postseason Tournaments
Need to Ask:
• Are they exempted from the contest limits?
• Are they exempted from the weeks limits?

                                    Proposal No. 2012-10
                            Bylaws 17.1.3 and
Out-of-Season Activities
  Out-of-Season Activities
   Conducting Workouts
What are the conditions for institutions conducting
out-of-season workouts?
–Active strength and conditioning certification.
–Academic year.
–Active CPR, First Aid and AED use certification
(effective 8/1/12).

                                                       Proposal No. 2012-5
                               Bylaws 11.1.6, and 17.02.13
                    Education Columns: 01/14/09, 01/18/11 and 01/18/12
                                         Official Interpretation: 03/25/11
  Out-of-Season Activities
    Workout Programs
Your strength and conditioning coach has made
available to student-athletes an out of season
workout program that allows the student-athletes
to report their results and based on the reports,
the program details the next workout . Is this a
voluntary workout even though the student-
athletes are reporting their results?
• Maybe.
  Out-of-Season Activities
    Field Maintenance
Monday is the day off for baseball
student-athletes. The coach and
players routinely work on the baseball
diamond during that day to prepare for
the mid-week game.
Is this permissible?
  Out-of-Season Activities
    Field Maintenance
Any work performed by a student-athlete
that is required, supervised or monitored by
a coaching staff member is an athletically
related activity.

                          Staff Interpretation: 10/20/11
Nontraditional Segment
 Nontraditional Segment
Multiple Teams/One Sport
How do I conduct my nontraditional
segment if I have a varsity and junior
varsity program?
– Nontraditional segment limitations apply to
  all levels (e.g., freshman, junior varsity,
  varsity) in a sport.

                             Official Interpretation: 03/20/12
                              Educational Column: 01/06/07
  Nontraditional Segment
 Individual vs. Team Limits
I conduct each week of my baseball fall season as
– Pitchers and catchers practice on Monday and
– Rest of team practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and
– Is this permissible?

   – No. The institution has practiced five days during the
     nontraditional segment and only permitted four
     practices per week.

   Nontraditional Segment
     Competition Limits
I conduct a 60-minute women's varsity lacrosse
game and simultaneously conduct a 60-minute
junior varsity game.

Is this permissible?

Yes. The institution is permitted two regulation lacrosse
contests or 120 minutes of competition.

  Nontraditional Segment
    Competition Limits
What if I cannot conduct varsity and junior varsity
lacrosse games at the same time, but conduct them
on consecutive days, for example:
– Varsity plays a 60-minute game on Monday.
– Junior varsity plays a 60-minute game on
Is this permissible?

    No. Institution is allowed one date of competition
    overall, not per team.

                                    Bylaw and (e)
  Nontraditional Segment
     Alumni Contest
What are the limitations on conducting an alumni
game in the nontraditional segment?
For example, we want to conduct a 30-inning
baseball game with our alumni to commemorate the
30th anniversary of our first NCAA appearance.
Is this permissible?
  Yes. Must count as one of the 16 days of athletically
  related activity but not subject to limits associated
  with one date of competition.

                              Bylaw – (b) (Exceptions)
                                  Staff Interpretation: 05/12/10
   Nontraditional Segment
    Outside Competition
You have just started your nontraditional
segment in soccer and you are missing your best
player. She is studying abroad this semester and
you text her, wishing her well. She replies the
experience is great, and she just scored three
goals on her club team. Any concerns?
A: Potentially.
   Nontraditional Segment
Football Strength and Conditioning Period.
– Not a nontraditional segment.
– Limited skill instruction.
– No equipment except footballs.

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