RISSINGTON KART CLUB
                                  2012 Club Championship Regulations.
The Rissington Kart Club will organise the 2012 Club Championships the following championship rules and regulations.

1.1      Title & Jurisdiction
         The Club Championship is organised and administered by Rissington Kart Club (RKC) in accordance
         with the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the
         International Sporting code of the FIA) and the MSA specific regulations for karting, where applicable
         the ABKC regulations within the 2012 MSA Kart Race Yearbook and these Championship regulations.
         MSA Championship permit number CHK2012/K048
         Status Clubman. GRADE D unsponsored (non-commercial)

1.2      Officials

1.2.1     Co-ordinator                    Mrs J. Dredge
1.2.2     Eligibility Scrutineer          Mr Dick Newton
1.2.3     Championship Stewards           Mrs S Game and Mr Paul Dredge, Mr Steve Weatherill

1.3      Competitor Eligibility

1.3.1     Entrants must be fully valid membership card holding members of the Rissington Kart Club, and be in
          Possession of a valid 2012 MSA Entrants licence.
1.3.2     Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of the
          Rissington Kart Club, be registered for the championship (see 1.4.1) and be in possession of a valid
          MSA National “B” (Novice) Kart licence (minimum) or valid licence and medical issued by motorsport
          Ireland (H26.1.1 & H26.1.5.) or be a professional driver in possession of a valid licence (featuring an
          E.U. flag) and medical, issued by the ASN of a member country of the European Union.
1.3.3     All necessary documentation must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing on
1.3.4     A PG Entrant Licence must be produced in accordance with U.14.1.5 if the driver is a minor

1.4      Registration

1.4.1     All fully paid up race members of the Club are considered registered for the Club championship and will
          be eligible to score points towards the class championship for whichever class they wish to nominate
          (compete in) on their entry form (subject to minimum entry requirements as per 1.6.2)
1.4.2     The registration fee is included in the Club race membership fee of £60.00.
1.4.3     Registration numbers (Membership number on the membership card) will NOT be the competition
          number for the class. Each Driver will use his/her normal number, subject to availability. Closing date(s)
          for each round will be as detailed in championship Rounds (1.5) and on the Clubs official entry forms.

1.5      Championship Rounds

         The Club championship will be contested over a maximum of nine (9) rounds as follows, all at Little

         Date of Meeting                         Permit Status                   Closing Date for entries

March 4th                                 Clubman                                   Feb 25th
April 1st                                 Clubman                                   March 24th
May 6th                                   Clubman                                   April 28th
May 27th                                  Clubman                                   May 20th
July 1st                                  Clubman*                                  June 23rd
August 5th                                Clubman                                   July 28th
September 1st & 2nd                       Clubman                                   August 22nd (10 days prior to
October 7th                               Clubman                                   September 29th
November 4th                              Clubman                                   October 27th
        *The RAFMSA are invited to take part in this event. However their performances do not count in the
        Club Championship unless they are fully paid up race members of RKC.

1.6     Scoring

1.6.1   Points will be awarded to competitors who compete in heats and A finals etc. as follows. No points will
        Be allocated for “B” or other finals, however the first 4 drivers, (subject to scrutiny) go forward to the
        rear of the next higher final. Points for the “A” final (or final if there is no “B”) will be allocated as
        follows, however in National “A” & “B” Permit events where members of other Clubs are allowed to
        compete, the “final” points allocation for a club member will be based upon that competitors finishing
        position in the overall race result. E.g. If the leading “Club” competitor finishes 2 nd overall in the race,
        he/she will be allocated 2nd place pts (85).
        All starters will be awarded points in the heats and finals depending on the amount of laps completed
        Non starters will not be awarded any points.
        Should an occasion arise when 2 or fewer heats are run with a final, points will be included as per
        normal, but the un-run heats will not be included as dropped rounds.
        * A competitor who is excluded from a heat or final will not score points in that heat or final.
        *(SEE 1.6.2)

        Heat Points
        1st     40       2nd 35            3rd        31       4th       28        5th  26            6th       25
        7th     24       8th 23            9th       22        10th      21        11th 20            12th      19
        13th    18       14th 17           15th      16        16th      15        17th 14            18th      13
        19th    12       20th 11           21st      10        22nd       9        23rd  8            24th       7
        25th     6       26th 5            27th       4        28th       3        29th  2            30th       1
        EXC      0

        Final Points
        1st     100        2nd      85        3rd      75        4th      70        5th      65       6th         60
        7th       58       8th      56        9th      54        10th     52        11th     50       12t h       48
        13th      46       14th     44        15th     42        16th     40        17th     39       18th        38
        19th      37       20th     36        21st     35        22nd     34        23rd     33       24th        32
        25th      31       26th     30        27th     29         28th    28        29th     27        30th       26
        EXC        0

        The track licence allows for a maximum grid of 34 (250E = 24) the reason for listing points down to
        34th pos. however in most instances grids are limited to a maximum of 30 (250E = 24).

        NB. Points are only scored in the Championship from the date/time a Driver joints the Club therefore
        any Driver joining after the start of the season cannot back date his membership to include results (points)
        obtained in earlier meetings.

1.6.2   Dependant upon entry levels as described below, the totals from all 9 rd, less a Drivers lowest score four
        (4) heat and one final will determine the final Championship and positions. In the event of a class not
        having a minimum of 5 qualifying rds, then that Class will not be awarded a Championship. If only 7 rds
        or less are held for a class then ALL scores count.
        *Any driver excluded from a heat or final (0 points) cannot count that score, as one of their
        dropped scores.*
1.6.3   Ties shall be resolved in the following manner
                  A         Number of first places in finals, if no decision
                  B         Number of second places in final, if no decision
                  C         Number of third places in final
                            & so on down to 30th place. If a tie still cannot be decided then it will be resolved on
                            a toss of a coin.

1.7     Awards

1.7.1   All trophies are provided by Rissington Kart Club.
1.7.2   Trophies for individual rounds will be as per a normal meeting. No special awards will be given to
        Championship contenders.
1.7.3   Championship Trophies are presented at the Clubs Annual Dinner/Prize Presentation evening usually
        held during January of the following year and notified to Club members by newsletter.
1.7.4   Title to all Trophies.
              Various Club Trophies are presented annual awards i.e. they remain the property of the Club, and
               an additional award, to retain, will also be presented. Any such perpetual trophy must be signed
              for at the prize presentation evening and returned to the Club upon request.

    2     Sporting Regulations – Judicial procedures

2.1     Rounds       in accordance with section C of the 2012 MSA Yearbook.
        Championship in accordance with Section C of the 2012 MSA Yearbook.

    3     Sporting Regulations – championship Kart Race Meetings & Race Procedures.

3.1     Entries

3.1.1   The club is responsible for issuing official entry forms & General supplementary regulations to all
        Competitors in sufficient time for entries to be made and submitted by the closing date as in 1.5. A
        competitor must request, in plenty of time, entry forms in writing (Please enclose SAE) or by collection
        from race control at a previous race day. Entries MUST be on the current 2012 Rissington Kart Club
        entry form.
3.1.2   Competitors are responsible for sending in completed (in all respects) entry forms together with the
        correct fee to arrive with the Competition Secretary, named thereon, before the closing date as in 1.5.
        Proof of posting is NOT to be taken as proof of receipt. However, please note: DO NOT send entries by
        recorded delivery. In the event that we are out when the post is delivered, a delay may occur by
        rearranging another convenient delivery time.
3.1.3   Acknowledgement of entry,) will only be made if a SAE is enclosed for said purpose, or by e mail
        provided the address is added to the form. Please DO NOT phone for confirmation of entry.
3.1.4   Incorrect or incomplete entries (including any that indicate Driver to be nominated) will be held in
        abeyance until they are complete and correct. The date of receipt, for “acceptance of an entry” purposes,
        shall be the date on which the Secretary of the Meeting received the missing or corrected information or
3.1.5   Any withdrawal of Entry, or Driver/equipment changes made after acceptance of any entry must be
        notified to the Secretary of the Meeting in writing. If Driver/equipment are changed after closing date for
        entries, the correct details must be sent on the correct forms and scruitineering cards.
3.1.6   The entry fee for members at each round, will be £50.00 (September meeting to be advised) see official
        fixture list.
3.1.7   Entry refunds will be in accordance with Blue Book. However, an entrants attention is drawn to rules
        contained within.
3.1.8   Subject to maximum entry levels being reached reserves may be allowed. These reserves MUST sign on,
        will be allowed to practice, and will take vacant places in the order that the reserves appear in the

3.2     Timing/Briefings

3.2.1   All event timings/briefings will be published with the ASRs for the individual event.

3.3     Practice

3.3.1   Practice will be in accordance with timings etc. published in the ASRs for the individual event.

3.4     Race – Lengths/Number

3.4.1   Race lengths and number will be listed in the race day programme for the individual meeting. These will
        normally be 3 heats of a minimum of 6 laps and a final of minimum of 9 laps (Total = 27)(PLEASE SEE
        RACE PROGRAM ON THE DAY) However a Club rule is that a class, or combined classes, with an
        entry of less than 20 may have 2 heats of 8 laps and a final of 12 (Total = 28)
        NB. The September event may differ from other events. See individual event SRs/programme for details
        for a particular meeting.

4       Technical Regulations

4.1.1   All meetings will be run to the technical regulations of the MSA “Blue Book” and MSA Kart
        Regulations Race Year Book as appropriate, and any amendments issued. It is the responsibility of an
        Entrant/Competitor to ensure compliance with the relevant rules.
        Penalty for any technical infringement may result in exclusion from the race/meeting/championship.
5         Eligible Classes

5.1 Provided there is a minimum of six club members regularly racing (or less at the sole discretion of club
     committee) the following classes are offered: Cadet (combined Comer/Honda/WTP), Junior TKM, TKM
     Extreme, TKM Clubman, Minimax, Junior Max, Senior Max, KZ2 UK, 250 National. The regulations for all
     the classes offered may be found in the 2012 MSA Kart Race Yearbook plus these following TKM Clubman
     (MSA approved under U1.1.3 ref KTE-2012-152)
5.2 As per MSA Kart Race Yearbook D.3.8.4 for TKM Extreme Classic except for the following:
5.3 Chassis: No karts designed with the use of removable torsion bars are permitted. Karts are not required to
     have the original TKM sequential plate in place, (unless using old style diagonal pod bars as per KRYB
     D.3.3.13) but must conform to the original TKM homologation which will be checked against the original
     homologation fiche.
5.4 Number plates white with black numbers
5.5 Only a 10 tooth front sprocket and a 78 rear sprocket is permitted. If found necessary the club reserves the
     right to amend the rear sprocket size by bulletin prior to any race meeting.
5.6 No new slick tyres are permitted. Only used slick tyres (to TKM Extreme class regulations) may be used
     which must be between 3.5mm and 1mm on the tread depth holes at the start of the meeting which will be
     stamped and must be used at subsequent meetings until below the minimum tread depth. The decision of the
     Chief Scrutineer on tyre eligibility for a meeting is final. Wet tyres are not restricted.
5.7 Ackermann steering is permitted. Stub axles are not restricted to original. Ride height is not restricted.
5.8 Data logging and rev-counters are not permitted.
5.9 CNC cylinders not permitted, all cylinder liners must be of the broached port types with moulded ‘TKM’
     letters on the spigot of the liner.
5.10 The winner of a round will be required to add 4kg to the class weight for the following round in which he or
     she takes part, fixed in accordance with U.29. If not the winner of that subsequent round, the weight penalty
     may be removed for the next round.
5.11 The championship winner in the class may not race in the class in the following year, unless permitted to
     remain at the absolute discretion of the RKC committee.

          End. Clubs Championship Regs for Rissington Kart Club 2012 – Jan 2012 (Final issue)

(All data correct going to print) – as published

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