MINUTES OF THE TOWN TEAM MEETING

                            HELD ON TUESDAY 20 MARCH 2007

Present:      A Backhouse (AB), S Barley (SB), P Barton (PB), A Booth (ABo), M Brophy (MB), P Bull
              (NB), S Bull (PB), R Cannon (RC), S Childs (SC), W Cliffe (WC), D Cluer (DC), A Cooper
              (AC), P Cooper (PC), L Douthat (LD), R Durbridge (RD), R Flinton (RFl), I Forbes (IF), R
              Foster (RFo), A Gibson (AG), G Gee (GG), P Graves (PG), G Hancock (GH), L Haycock
              (LH), D Kendall (DK), M Nesfield (MN), B O’Flynn (BO), J Oxtoby (JO), A Perry (AP), C
              Perry (CP), S Parnaby (SP), T Pindar (Chairman), M Pindar (MP), T Potter (TP), F
              Richardson (FJ), J Richardson (JC), C Ridley (CR), P Roche (PR), L Rowley (LR), A Sharp
              (AS), G Smith (GSm), G Somerville (GS), N Taylor (NT), L Tindall (LT), T Turner (TT), P
              Wilkinson (PW), R Williamson (RW), B Watson (BW), G Watson (GW), D Wilson (DWi), C
              Welbourn (CW) and D Wormald (DWo).

              The Chairman of the Town Team, Mr T Pindar, opened the meeting and welcomed those

1.   Apologies

1.1 Apologies were received from P Afford, D Archer, V Ramaswamy and S Shastri.

2.   Matters outstanding from the previous meeting

2.1 There were no matters outstanding.

3.   Education – Children & Young People’s Plan, How We Will Make a Difference
     Cynthia Welbourn, Corporate Director Young People’s Service, North Yorkshire County

3.1 The Chairman welcomed Cynthia Welbourn and explained that the Town Team were working to
    improve the educational reputation, quality, attainment and prospects of young people in the town and
    this was why Cynthia Welbourn had been invited to speak.

3.2 CW opened her presentation by introducing two colleagues, Richard Flinton, Assistant Chief Executive
    of North Yorkshire County Council and Tony Turner the Integrated Service Manager for young
    people’s services.

3.3 CW spoke about a sense of place being a stable influence in young people’s lives. A document had
    been produced by a House of Commons Select Committee studying various aspects of coastal towns.
    Common themes were social mobility, maintaining and improving public realm, isolation, in- and out-
    migration and the need to accelerate progress. Scarborough’s exam results were below the county
    average with 53.6% achieving 5* A-C grades, however schools continue to improve and the staying on
    rate for 16+ has risen from 70% to 79% in the last three years. Funding is low at a national level which
    means that the County Council has to make a significant contribution. Social deprivation is recognised
    and schools in these areas are given a higher level of funding. Funding is targeted at schools with high
    social mobility and there is a local behaviour initiative which involves new ways of working with
    disaffected young people. Partnership working is a key factor with extended school clusters to broaden
    support for families, the Learning Skills Council, NYBEP and the Area Learning Partnership all
    working at various aspects of children, families and education. The North Yorkshire County Council
    also have various agencies such as Early Years & Childcare Services, special needs schools, youth and
    children’s services who all have a legal duty to work together and have stood up well to inspection.
    CW concluded her presentation by saying that there was a great deal to do but there was a lot to build
    on and the will to carry this forward.
3.4 CW, RFl and TT answered questions regarding the young people’s one-stop-shop, children with special
    needs including the expertise needed and level of resources, deprivation in Scarborough and the
    formula for funding this, lack of employment for young people who leave to further their studies and
    would like to move back, how we market Scarborough and attract young people back to the town.

3.5 The Chairman thanked CW and her colleagues for their informative presentation.

4.0 Project Update

4.1 DK reported on the following projects:

     Sanside/Vincent Pier – seafront area improvements ongoing and the new lights are being installed.
     Rotunda – a lift shaft has been specially designed for the round glass lift that is being installed.
     Spa – works continuing.
     Business Park – will be one of the most up-to-date business parks in the area with 100 meg broadband
     being installed along with community heating and power. Contracts will be sent out in a couple of
     weeks time.
     Creative Industries – work progressing well with steel work being erected at present.

5.0 Renaissance Manager’s Question Time

5.1 NT reported that the Renaissance Reunion on the weekend of 11-12 May had been postponed until the
    Autumn because Yorkshire Forward will be announcing the results of their 7 year review which will set
    future priorities. The date of the weekend to be confirmed. There will be a Town Team meeting in

6.0 Casino Update

6.1 RW updated the meeting on the current position of the casino licence. 17 local authorities had been
    chosen as locations to have a casino and they had all met to share information on how the local
    authorities were progressing this issue. Draft codes of practice had been issued for consultation until
    May with publication in June. There will be an open competition to bid for the licence which would
    take place in two stages. The first stage is a regulatory test. Those bids that met the criteria would
    move onto the second stage and at this point local authorities can set their own criteria for what they
    want to see happen as the result of having a casino. These criteria will be open to consultation and will
    be published in advance of any bids. The current position regarding the Government awarding the
    licence is that they are in the process of laying a Statutory Instrument before Parliament, however if this
    is not agreed it may throw the whole licence procedure off track. Assuming the Government is able to
    grant the licences then applications can be expected towards the end of this year.

6.2 RW answered questions regarding the viability of another casino in the town, gambling issues for
    young people, and diversifying the economy of the town.

6.3 The Chairman thanked RW for his presentation.

7.0 What’s Coming Up – Gordon Somerville, Head of Planning Services

7.1 GS reported on the following:-

     Design and Heritage Champions – If you are interested in becoming a Design and/or Heritage
     Champion please contact GS for further details.

     Park & Ride – NYCC have submitted a planning application to themselves which Scarborough
     Borough Council have objected to as they are wanting a higher quality project. It is anticipated that the
     contractor will be on site this year.
    Scarborough Harbour Onshore Facilities –Scarborough Borough Council’s Cabinet has agreed to
    allocate funding towards toilet and shower facilities at the Luna Park end of the harbour.

    Futurist – Council taking on consultants to look at obtaining a viable mix of uses at the Futurist. The
    consultants will talk to developers and work out the figures as it is difficult to achieve viability if a
    cinema or theatre is included.

    Rugby Club – Planning permission has been granted and is presently with the Government Office in
    Leeds for their decision. A planning application for a medical facility is expected for the Newby site.

    The Sands- Phase 1 is now under way. Kinderland will most likely be the next phase, Atlantis is the
    subject of revised plans.

    Scalby Manor – At the next meeting of the Planning & Development Committee an application will be
    considered for a hotel at Scalby Manor.

8.0 Any Other Business

    Dualling of A64 – Councillor A Backhouse informed the meeting that a website petition had been set
    up for dualling of the A64 and Town Team members may like to discuss this at a future meeting.

9.0 Date and Time of Next Meeting

    The next meeting will be held at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 17 April 2007. Venue to be confirmed.

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