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									                                                             Network for a Healthy California
                                                                Annual Progress Report Form

Goal 1: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program eligible students in LIA School District (185% Federal Poverty Level) will consume the recommended daily
amounts of colorful fruits and vegetables and participate in daily physical activity.
Objective 1: Annually, contractor will complete and submit all required reports and forms on or before each deadline and participate in Network-sponsored community
events and trainings.
Status of Objective:       Completed        In-Progress          Incomplete
                                                               Status of
                         Activities                                                               Progress to Date                         (deliverable/    Timeframe
1) Semi-Annual Activity Reports (SAAR) online.                Completed       SAAR for October 1, 2010-March 31, 2011 was submitted        Q1-Q2 SAAR        10/2009-
                                                                              online on 4/15/11. The final SAAR was submitted online        (Attachment       9/2012
                                                                              on 10/15/10.                                                 G1.O1.A1-a)         each
                                                                                                                                                             and April
                                                                                                                                           Q3-Q4 SAAR
2) Semi-Annual, Annual and Final Reports, including           Completed       Semi-Annual Progress Report and Activity Tracking Form        APR Forms,       10/2009-
    progress reports, progress report narratives, labeled                     (ATF) for October 1, 2009-March 31, 2010 were submitted     Narrative & Q1-     9/2012
    attachments and Activity Tracking Forms.                                  online on 4/15/10. Final Progress Report and Narrative,     Q4 Class Totals      each
                                                                              ATF for April 1, 2010-September 30, 2010, and supporting      (Attachment      October
                                                                              documentation binder were completed for the contract         G1.O1.A2-a)       and April
                                                                              year October 1, 2009-September 30, 2010.
                                                                                                                                         Q1-Q2 ATF

                                                                                                                                        Q3-Q4 ATF
3)    Contractors with over $350,000 Federal Share:           Completed   FFY10 Final Evaluation Report and Supplemental Report          Evaluation         10/2009-
     Conduct Impact Evaluation of an intervention to                      for Parent Nutrition Program were submitted 7/31/11.         Report FFY10,         9/2012
     increase fruit and vegetable consumption. This                                                                                    Supplemental         each July
     includes attending regional trainings as appropriate.                Program Supervisor attended Impact Evaluation Training       Report, Survey
                                                                          (for Champion contracts) on 3/2/11.                               Tools

                                                                                                                                                  Updated August 2011
4)    Participate in ongoing community activities             Completed   Program Supervisor and Program Coordinator met with         Email from NEC      10/2009-
     supporting statewide initiatives and provide nutrition               NEC and UCCE Power Play Coordinator to share                    staff re.        9/2012
     education/physical activity promotion resources to                   resources around Network nutrition education programs.       collaboration
     local programs, including collaboration with existing                Meeting date: 10/30/10                                         meeting
     University of California Cooperative Extension Food                                                                               (Attachment
     Stamp Nutrition Education agencies and                               Program Supervisor met with High School’s Social Justice     G1.O1.A4-a)
     organizations conducting food stamp outreach when                    and Ecology to discuss regional efforts to promote
     appropriate.                                                         nutrition education.                                         SJE Meeting
                                                                          Meeting date: 11/23/10                                         Agenda
                                                                          Program Coordinator attended the Food Policy Council
                                                                          Summit to determine ways to discuss regional efforts to
                                                                          promote nutrition education.
                                                                          Meeting date: 9/10/10                                        FPC Summit
                                                                                                                                       Attendee List
5) Attend Regional Network related meetings (e.g.,            Completed   4/28/11: Regional Membership Meeting - Program              4/28/11 Meeting     10/2009-
   Fruit & Vegetable campaign meetings, collaborative                     Coordinator attended.                                           Agenda           9/2012
   meetings, etc.) to provide input into planning                                                                                       (Attachment
   Network regional activities and participate in                                                                                        G1.O1.A5)
   Network regional activities including the
   educational initiative efforts.
6) Attend a minimum of three Network-sponsored                Completed   12/2/10: Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Training: Centerpiece    12/2/10 Fresh      10/2009-
   trainings and conferences including: annual                            for a healthy School Environment (in lieu of SHAPE) –          Fruits and        9/2012
   Network Conference and other Network-sponsored                         Program Supervisor and Program Coordinator attended            Vegetable
   regional trainings; school districts or Local Incentive                                                                            Training Agenda
   Awardees working with schools also attend the                          2/8/11: Annual Conference – Program Coordinator               (Attachment
   Network-sponsored regional Shaping Health as                           attended.                                                     G1.O1.A6-a)
   Partners in Education (SHAPE) California meetings
   (spring) and Harvest of the Month Trainings; local                     3/2/11: Network Impact Evaluation Training – Program            2/8/11
   health departments also attend annual California                       Supervisor attended.                                         Conference
   Conference of Local Health Department
   Nutritionists (CCLHDN).
                                                                          3/16/11: Network Art of Training Training – Program          Confirmation
                                                                          Supervisor, Program Coordinator, and Parent Nutrition        (Attachment
                                                                          Educator attended.                                           G1.O1.A6-b)

                                                                          7/13/11: Network Art of Facilitation Training – Program     3/16/11 Network
                                                                          Coordinator attended.                                        Art of Training

                                                                                                                                                Updated August 2011
  Goal 2: Promote the increased intake of fruit and vegetables, daily physical activity (30 minutes/day for adults and 60 minutes/day for children) among SNAP
  eligible students and their families (185% Federal Poverty Level).

  Objective 1: By September 30 of each contract year, provide 15-20 nutrition education sessions to SNAP eligible parents. There will be a minimum of 12 parents
                   per session.

  Status of Objective:        Completed          In-Progress       Incomplete

                                                               Status of
                       ACTIVITIES                                                                 Progress to Date                           (deliverable/     Timeframe
1) Conduct 4 to 6 nutrition and physical activity              Completed                                                                      Summary of        10/2009-
   promotion presentations for Migrant parents during                              12 parents participated in each of the 4 classes            attendance        9/2012
   the district Migrant Meetings at the school site.                                                                                       Photos of classes    Annually
   Migrant parents have 6 meetings per year.                                                                                               and sample class

2) Conduct 15 to 30 nutrition education presentations          Completed                                                                     Summary of         10/2009-
   at meetings of parents at the school sites. Nutrition                        40 nutrition education presentations with a total of 457      attendance         9/2012
   education sessions can be conducted at school site                                              parents attending                          Photos and        Annually
   events such as Back to School, Open House, or                                                                                             sample class
   PTA.                                                                                                                                        materials

3) Conduct 1-2 presentations at a Farmer’s Market to           Completed                                                                     Summary of         10/2009-
   encourage the increased consumption of fruits and                                   2 Presentations to a total of 34 parents              attendance          9/2012
   vegetables by inviting the parents and encouraging                                                                                         Invitations,      Annually
   them to participate in the nutrition education that will                                                                                     photos
   be presented at the Farmers Market.                                                                                                       (Attachment

4) A total of 10-12 nutrition presentations will be given      Completed                                                                     Summary of         10/2009-
   to the parents taking “English as a Second                                         10 presentations to a total of 120 parents             attendance,         9/2012
   Language.”                                                                                                                                   Photos          Annually

                                                                                                                                                      Updated August 2011

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