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									Topic 1: Promoting gender balance in post-conflict peacebuilding in the Central African

In 2008, the UN placed the Central African Republic on the agenda of the Peacebuilding
Commission in order to provide support, knowledge and funding for the country's return to
development. This initiative marks a turning point after the unrest and turmoil of 2006,
culminating point of a handful of previous conflicts. The Security council, monitoring closely the
situation in the region both during the conflicts and afterward to supervise the peacebuilding
process (mainly through the establishment the United Nations Mission in the Central African
Republic (MINURCA) later transformed to the United Nations Mission in the Central African
Republic and Chad (MINURCAT)), has published numerous documents concerning the
situation. Thorough directives for peacebuilding in the region, issued by the Peacebuilding
Commission, are for the biggest part based upon comments made by the Security Council.

In accordance with the theme of GIMUN 2011, the Security Council will examine ways of
implementing gender balance throughout the development process ongoing in the Central
African Republic. This topic should be approached by examining the nature of the conflict in
question and the above-mentioned directives concerning peacebuilding in the region.
Additionally, it will be important to situate the implementation of gender balance within the
mandate of the bodies actively working on the peacebuilding process, as well as to define the
important issues and practices that relate to gender balance in development.

This endeavour has a great potential of producing a landmark document not only on the
important role of peacebuilding as a pillar of the United Nation's action, but also on the
fundamental need of providing help that is other than economical for States in need, help for the
foundation of a functioning social system based on the values enshrined in the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Charter.

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