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DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 16 August 1978, Bucharest – Romania




DOMICILE: B-dul Aviatorilor, nr. 100, Apt. 1, sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

PHONE (home): 0040-21-230.23.27

FAX (home): 0040-21-231.47.22

Mobile: 0040-744-49.99.74



2002 – 2005:    Romanian Diplomatic Institute – scientific researcher in regionalism and
                regional co-operation.

                - Preparation and publication of studies, in Romanian and English, on highly
                topical issues related to international relations such as:
                ● “Regionalism as factor of progress in globalisation era”, in “Romanian
                Journal of International Affairs”, volume IX, no. 4/2003;
                ● “The Beginnings of European Regional Co-operation in Security”, in
                “Human Rights”, year XIV, no. 3/2004, published by the “Romanian Institute
                for Human Rights”;
                ● A large paper on regionalism and regional co-operation in the activity of the
                Council of Europe and European Union, from the beginning to date;
                ● A comprehensive paper on regional co-operation from the perspective of the
                European Constitution;
                - Participation in events organised by “George C. Marshall” Association,
                - Participation, for personal documentation, in various scientific events,
                symposia, round table conferences, convention etc., organised by the Romanian
                Academy, Diplomatic Academy, Romanian Parliament, the Chamber of
                Commerce and Industry of Romania and of Bucharest Municipality, Romanian
                intelligence services, A.D.I.R.I. (International Law and International Relations
                Association), foreign embassies in Bucharest etc.;
                - Participation in the organisation, carrying out and finalisation, within the
                Romanian Diplomatic Institute (RDI) or in the capacity of RDI as organiser, of
                national and international conferences on international relations, such as: the
                prospects of regional co-operation in the context of NATO and EU
                enlargement; UN – regional organisations co-operation, in stability processes;
               EU – regional and global player in the field of security; Romanians in the
               Diaspora – thoughts, reflections, feelings, history, suggestions, proposals;
               democracy through mass-media; co-operation between Romania and Austria –
               partners in New Europe etc..
               Alongside the RDI colleagues, the debates were attended by representatives of
               similar institutes and foreign affairs ministries from abroad and from Romania,
               of international organisations, by career diplomats, experts, Romanian and
               foreign political experts;
               - Documentation in view of preparing information papers on various speciality
               topics for the use of the RDI executive management;
               - Organisation of protocol functions during RDI scientific events, and as part of
               the current activity of the institute, mediation of contacts between the institute
               and Romanian and foreign political-diplomatic bodies.

2005 – 2007:   BCR Asigurări S.A. – Reinsurance Division, Reinsurance Department –
               Agreements – Reinsurance Adviser

               - Preparation of specific reports, for accounting registrations and to other
               departments and units of the company;
               - Preparation of partial papers for the drafting of reinsurance agreements and
               for the negotiation of specific details;
               - Participation in the drafting of specific requirements of reinsurance contracts
               in view of transmitting them to all those concerned;
               - Translation of materials specific to reinsurance activities.

2007 – 2008:   Romania’s Parliament – Chamber of Deputies – Secretariat of
               Parliamentary Groups – Secretariat of Greater Romania Party
               Parliamentary Group – Counsellor

               - Legal and political consulting
               - Performance of the following activities in the capacity as counsellor:
               preparation of studies, syntheses, standpoints and other papers on legal topics
               of interest, internal and external documentation in view of preparing social-
               political surveys at group level, related to the specific character of the various
               stages of parliamentary activities.


2005 – to date: Candidate to a Doctor’s Degree in International Environmental Law.
                 Topic doctoral studies: “Environmental Diplomacy”

               Articles published as part of doctoral studies: “În Justiţie” Magazine:

               “The importance of ecological topics within international relations” (no. 14);
               “Factors of internationalisation of environmental protection-related issues” (no.
               “Ecological and economic globalisation” (no. 16);
               “The impact of environmental evolution on: domestic economic growth, the
               situation of mineral and vegetal resources of states, international specialisation
               of national economies, international economic relationships (foreign trade;
               international economic and technical-scientific co-operation, international
               tourism, international transport etc.)” (no. 17);

               “The effects of environmental circumstances on the climate of international
               peace and co-operation” (no. 18);
               ”The impact of the environment on people’s working and living conditions, on
               mankind’s future” (no. 19);
               “The role of international organisations in promoting environmental diplomacy.
               Contribution of the UN and its bodies” (no. 20, 21, 22, 25 – new series, online
               and the following).

2002 - 2004:   “National School of Political and Administrative Studies”, Master’s Degree
               in “European Administrative Studies”

               - The dissertation paper on “European Regional Co-operation in the field of
               Security” received a 10.

1997 - 2001:   Ecological University of Bucharest – Law School

               - Mean of university grades: 9.50;
               - Class valedictorian and member of the Academic Senate of the University (as
               students’ representative);
               - The Bachelor Degree paper on “The International Monetary Fund – brief
               history and the influence of its activity on the evolution of world economy”
               presented in March 2002 was highly appreciated by the Graduation Exam
               Commission receiving a 10.

2006 – 13/24.03: Graduate of the international course on “Property Insurance and
               Reinsurance”; organiser: Munich Reinsurance Company, Munich,

2006 – 8/10.02: Graduate of the course for internal auditors of quality management
               organised by MOODY INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA;

2005 – 01/04: Graduate of English language refresher course – British Council

1993 - 1997:   “Virgil Madgearu” Economic High School, Bucharest

                - Speciality: “Finance and Accounting”;
                - High school graduation diploma in “Finance and Accounting”;
                - Mean of high school grades: 8.06;
                - “Accountant–Statistician Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Education
                   and Science on 11.09.1997.


               - Continuation of research efforts towards the crystallisation, identification and
               improve efficiency of environmental diplomacy at both national and
               international level;
               - Co-ordinates of building a (new) legal-institutional order at state and
               international community level;
               - Priority directions in developing and improving the efficiency of Romania’s
               international co-operation in identifying and solving environment-related

          - Identification of tangible ways and forms of international academic co-
          operation in training environmental experts;
          - Enhancement of European Union’s role and place in world politics and
          economy: aspects, evolutions and implications at regional and global level;
          forms and consequences of political integration in European Union;
          - Ways of improving the efficiency of European Union institutions and
          organisations (political and diplomatic, financial-banking, environmental,
          security, internal affairs and justice, etc.);
          - Directions, ways and means for Romania’s participation alongside the
          European Union, United States and other important power centres in the
          settlement of security and sustainable development-related issues confronting
          the international community.


          - Tolerant, professionally exigent, a good teammate, a positive personality and
          very good communication skills;
          - Able to cope under stress, dynamic and exact;
          - Ambitious, diligent, motivated in fulfilling my duties and ready to face new
          professional challenges;
          - Foreign languages: English, French – very good; Italian - satisfactory
          - Computer literate, specialising in collecting and processing information from
          the domains of interest, as well as in utilising new communication means with
          the help of the Internet (Word, Internet Explorer, E-mail);
          - Hobbies: operetta and opera music concerts; social-political literature; period
          automobiles; travels in Romania and abroad;
          - Driving license since 1999.

                                                          October 2009

                                                   CORNELIU M. VĂTĂŞESCU


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