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					                                  OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT
                                ALLENDALE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT

To help keep everyone informed, please note the following highlights from the Allendale Board of
Education’s June 11, 2012 Public Session. Minutes of meetings are posted on our website at: If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at
201-327-2020 ext. 306, or by email –

                 HIGHLIGHTS – MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2012 BOE MEETING

● Board Vacancy: Mrs. Natalie Capano was appointed to the seat vacated by Mrs. Lynn Barsamian.
Mrs. Capano will run for election in November 2012.

● Superintendent’s Report: Enrollment; First Grade Classes’ Fund Raiser to Benefit Pediatric Cancer
Research (Alex’s Lemonade Stand); no update from the Police Dept. on the luring incident;
congratulations to Mrs. Heitman for applying for and winning the grant from the Bergen County Utilities
Authority; End of year activities (Field Days, Community Service), Summer Buildings & Grounds work;
thank you to all District staff members as well as the PTO, AFEE, and BHMAA for an exciting and
successful school year.

● Personnel: Approval of the following for the 2012-2013 school year – list of succession for
Administrator in Charge in the absence of another Administrator; Salary Guides for Special Education
Aides, Playground/Cafeteria Aides and Library Aides; Extra Curricular Stipend Positions/related sidebars;
sidebar for extended maternity leave of absence; updated job descriptions for Library and
Playground/Cafeteria Aides; substitutes; Brookside Summer Arts Academy Staff and Budget; Secretary
for CST.

● Education: Approval/adoption of the following for the 2012-2013 school year – Bylaws, Policies and
Regulations and first reading of Regulation 8220 (School Closings); adherence to Parliamentary
Procedures; Curriculum/Textbooks; mandated/permitted pupil records; Field Trip Locations; District
Calendar; acceptance of the 2012 Environmental Awareness Challenge Grant (Mrs. Laura Heitman) for
Hillside School Programs, in the amount of $965.10.

● Special Education: Approval for/of: staff member training for ABA Program, payment to aides for
accompanying their students on 8th grade class trips; contracts for Extended School Year Programs and
contracts for related services; assignments/salary rates for full and part-time Special Education Aides for
2012-2013; position assignments/salaries for staff for Special Education Summer Programs.

● Business Office/Finance: Approval for/adoption of the following for the 2012-2013 school year – staff
appointments, Board Committees, existing contracts and agreements, participation in NJ State Contract
Process and in cooperative purchasing; newspapers of record; BA/BS for business and banking
procedures/participation/investment decisions, Custodian of Government Records; designation of
Capital One; signatures on accounts; Petty Cash Fund; Calendars of Executive and Regular Session
Meetings, authorization for Mrs. Greenan to record Board Meeting Minutes in absence of Board
Secretary; BA/BS to utilize State Contracts for purchases and to solicit bids; appointment of Mr.
Boreman as Qualified Purchasing Agent;

Appointment of the following: Fogarty & Hara as Board Attorney, McManimon & Scotland as Bond
Council , Lerch, Vinci & Higgins as District Auditor, Burton Agency as Risk Management Consultant to
NESBIG; The Maskin Group as insurance carrier, Environetics Group as Architects, Karl & Associates for
compliance/asbestos management and Right-to-Know; CPI Qualified Plan Consultants ast third party
Administrator for our four Tax Shelter Annuity Companies; Brown & Brown as broker for Dental

Approval of/for: Travel and related expense reimbursement for staff, as per District Policy for 2012-
2013; adoption of Uniform Minimum Chart of Accounts; release of warrants for payment of District bills
during summer months prior to approval by BOE; tuition rates for out-of-district regular education
students and children of staff members; acceptance of an out-of-district special education student;
acceptance of an out-of-district regular education student; receipt and discussion of Board Member
Code of Ethics; substitute rates for 2012-2013; substitute custodians; bill list for June 11, 2012;
Professional Development for administrators/staff members; BA/BS to request proposals for snow
removal/landscaping services.

● Buildings & Grounds: Approval for Use of Facilities Requests – ALEOOOP Summer Program at
Brookside, Brookside Summer Arts Academy Summer Programs at Brookside & Hillside; Hillside Ecology
Center Summer Vegetable Gardening Club; awarding of contract for Condensing Unit Installation at
Brookside to ACP Contracting in the amount of $67,800 and change order #1 for unused allowance
($2,382) from Hillside HVAC project; proposals reviewed - D & L Paving Contractors appointed to replace
Hillside’s Ecology Center walkways for $24,074.

            NEXT MEETING: MONDAY, _JUNE 25, 2012 – 8:00PM


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