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        The green backpack has _____
          pockets than the blue one.

A.) least               B.) fewer

C.) fewest              D.) less

                                       L   W
     _____ going to be late if they don’t hurry.

A.) Their                    B.) They’re

C.) There                    D.) They’ll

                                                   L   W
  When she ____ the award, she blushed
    and quickly returned to her seat.

A.) excepted          B.) excepts

C.) accepts           D.) accepted

                                         L   W
   The legendary goddess was the _____ of all
               the Greek deities.

A.) beautifulest          B.) most beautiful

C.) more beautiful        D.) most beautifying

                                                 L   W
   “We should ____ without the captain,”
        the coach said impatiently.

A.) proceeds           B.) precede

C.) proceed            D.) precedent

                                           L   W
  I love sitting on the park bench. And watching the sunset.

A.) bench. Watching               B.) bench; and watching
the sunset.                       the sunset.
C.) bench, I love watching        D.) bench and watching
the sunset.                        the sunset.

                                                               L   W
  Since the bus was late, we arrived at our meeting
      on time and voted for the new proposal.

A.) Because                  B.) Provided

C.) Even   though            D.) Leave    as is

                                                      L   W
    Tony you may give me a call whenever
                 you wish.

A.) Tony you, may give,   B.) Tony you may give,

C.) Tony, you may give    D.) Leave as is

                                                   L   W
  A dog bit Tom’s ankle while riding a bicycle.

A.) While Tom was riding a      B.) While riding a bicycle,
bicycle, a dog bit his ankle.   a dog bit Tom’s ankle.
C.) Riding a bicycle, a dog
bit Tom’s ankle.
                                D.) Leave as is

                                                         L    W
   Joe was really surprised that Sandy had
          taken the dog with her.

A.) taken               B.) had took

C.) had of took         D.) Leave as is

                                             L   W
        Walking and to jog and to cycle are
         activities many people can enjoy.

 A.) To walk, and jogging          B.) To walk, to jog, and cycling
 and cycle

C.) Walking, to jog, and cycling   D.) Walking, jogging, and cycling

                                                                      L   W
   If you want to add your name to the list
     of volunteers; please go to room 112.

A.) list of volunteers please;   B.) list of volunteers, please

C.) list of volunteers: please   D.) leave as is

                                                              L   W
   That collection of essays John wants on
               the bottom shelf.

A.) John wants them, that     B.) Wanted by John, that
collection of essays          collection of essays
C.) Wanted, that collection   D.) John wants that
of essays by John             collection of essays

                                                         L   W
         My sister a high school freshman, is
            trying out for the school play.

A.) sister: a high school freshman    B.) sister a high school freshman

C.) sister, a high school freshman,    D.) Leave as is

                                                                      L   W
A hero is a person who is honorable, brave,
             and likes to help.

A.) who is honorable,         B.) who is honorable,
brave, and helpful.           Brave, and helping.
C.) who is honorable, likes
                              D.) Leave as is
to be brave, and to help.

                                                      L   W
Thank-you for playing…

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