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									                                    Colin Dorning MBE
                                     26 Fairburn Road
                                         TF3 2NJ

                                Chairman: Colin Dorning MBE
                                Tel: 07867826847 or 01952 596261

                     Randlay Colts Tournament 2012

                                 Letter of Invitation
Dear Secretary / Manager,

Randlay Colts Football Club will be holding their 7th annual mini-soccer tournament on Saturday
14th and Sunday 15th July 2012.

Our aims for the event will be:
    To present the footballers with an opportunity to play as much football as is possible
       within the FA guidelines
    Provide a worthwhile positive experience for all participants
    Give young and new Referees the opportunity to develop further with support from more
       experience referees
    Maintain a family atmosphere to the event
    To be more than just a tournament, but to be a family event

Preliminary games will be played on a league basis giving the opportunity for teams to play a
minimum of 5 games for each. This will be followed by a (cross-over) knock out phase, the top 2
teams from each league qualifying for the Finals. All games will be played in accordance with the
F.A. rules for seven aside football.

Please note -

A maximum of 12 players per team are allowed.

Refreshments will be available on both days and parking is adjacent to the football pitches.
Please follow the directions in the pack that you will receive on the day, from the Marshals as you
enter the car park location. Medals will be presented to each age group winners and runners up
at the end of each day.

During the day professional photographs will be taken be the official Randlay Colts photographer,
which will be available for purchase on the day. If teams do not wish to have their photo’s taken,
please do not enter this event. All risk assessments and safety aspects are being taken care of
towards children’s security and a copy of the Child protection policy will be printed in the
The event will be based around 7-a-side mini soccer as per the following dates and age groups:

                   :Age                          Date
                   Under 9’s
                   Under 11’s
                   Under 13’s                    Saturday 14th July 12
                   Under 15’s

                   Under 8’s
                   Under 10’s
                   Under 12’s                    Sunday 15th July 12
                   Under 14’s
          Age groups are based on the (The Current Season) 2011/2012 season.
 Age groups – this is the current age groups that the boys have been playing in for the 2011 /2012 season.

Once again we will be using the excellent facilities at the Stirchley Recreational Centre. Football
Pitches. All rules, maps etc. will be sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. The
welcome and confirmation letter will be returned by email, so it’s critical that all entry forms do
have your email address printed clearly and the below form.

Please Note- places are limited to 12 teams per age group, so please book early to avoid
disappointment. To be fair to all it will be a first come first served basis for all age groups. The
price per entry is £25 to support the running of this year’s event and winners and runners up

Please return entry forms to:

                                        Colin Dorning MBE
                                        26 Fairburn Road
                                             TF3 2NJ

                          Or for further details contact Colin Dorning MBE


                         Closing date Sunday 8th July 2012
We are looking forward to your reply and hope that you are able to join us in our
                             weekend of football.

Yours in sport,
Colin Dorning
Chairman Randlay Colts JFC
For official use only                                                                        Age Group

Checked in
Confirmation sent
Cheque Received
Spreadsheet updated
Welcome letter

                                Randlay Colts 2012 Tournament
                           Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2012.
                                         Entry form

      Club Name
      Team Name
      Contact Name
      Contact’s Address

      Affiliation number (Insurance
      Email Address (Please Print)
      Team Colours
      Telephone No.
      Boys Age Groups
      (Please tick box)                         Mobile

                                                  U9         U11          U13           U15
      Saturday 14th July

                                                   Please use one form per team
      Sunday 15th July
                                                  U8     U10      U12       U14

                Please ensure you add your email address and contact details – Team failing to
                          provide correct details will be rejected for the tournament.
                  Please enclose a cheque for the sum of £25 per team
                     payable to ‘Randlay Colts Junior Football Club’
                                “Please note one entry form per team”
                          Confirmation of your entry will be acknowledged by email.
                              All entries need to be submitted by 8th July 2012

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