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					     10th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management
              Location: Hof Van Wageningen, Wageningen. Time: May 23rd-25th, 2012
       Conference Theme: “Multi-Stakeholder Dynamics in Chains and Networks”
                                             Program Draft

                                  Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 (Location: Hof van Wageningen)
19.00-21.00                           Registration and Informal Welcome Session
              Registration                                                         Room: Lounge

              Welcome and Update
              Prof. Onno Omta, Management Studies Group Chair, Wageningen          Room: Wolfswaardzaal
              University and Research Centre

              Presentation and Open Exchange of Views
              “Chain and Network Management in Periods of Crisis”
              Prof. Joost Pennings (TDB), Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group
              Chair, Wageningen University and Research Centre

              Presentation and Open Exchange of Views
              “Chain and Network Management in Economic Growth”
              Prof. Decio Zylberstein (TDB), Professor of Economics and
              Organizations, University of São Paulo
                                     Wednesday, May 24th, 2012 (Location: Hof van Wageningen)
8.00-9.00     Registration and Coffee                                                  Room: Lounge

9.00-10.30                                                Opening Session
              Opening Statements                                                       Room: Ir. Haakzaal
              Prof. Onno Omta, Management Studies Group Chair, WUR
              Prof. Aalt Dijkhuizen, Chairman of the Board, WUR

              Forum and Open Exchange of views
              “Multi-Stakeholder Dynamics and Sustainability Challenges”
              Prof. H. Christopher Peterson, Nowlin Chair of Consumer-Responsive
              Agriculture, Michigan State University (Chair)
              Mr. Juerg Zaugg, Sourcing Manager, Nestle’ (Presenter)
              Mr. Johan Verburg, Coordinator Private Sector, Oxfam Novib (Presenter)

10.30-11.00   Coffee break                                                             Room: Lounge

11.00-12.30   Parallel Sessions I

12.30-13.30   Lunch and poster sessions                                                Room: Terraszaal

13.30-15.00   Parallel Sessions II

15.00-15.30   Coffee break                                                             Room: Lounge

15.30-17.00   Parallel Session III
                                   Thursday, May 24th, 2012 (Location: Hof van Wageningen)
17.15-18.00   Bus shuttle to dinner location

18.00-19.00   Visit to Zoo and Aquarium                                               Burger Zoo Restaurant,
19.00-22.30 Dinner

22.30         Bus shuttle to Hof Van Wageningen, Brink Residence and Ede-Wageningen
              train station
                                    Friday, May 25th, 2012 (Location: Hof van Wageningen)
8.30-9.00     Registration                                                                 Room: Lounge

9.00-10.00                                               Plenary Session
              Forum and Open Exchange of Views                                             Room: Ir. Haakzaal
              “Multi-Stakeholder Dynamics in Chain and Networks”
              Prof. Decio Zylberstain, Professor of Economics and Organizations,
              University of Sao Paulo (Presenter)
              Prof. H. Christopher Peterson, Nowlin Chair of Consumer-Responsive Agriculture,
              Michigan State University Michigan State University (Presenter)
              Prof. Micheal L. Cook, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of
              Missouri (Chair and Presenter)

10.00-10.30   Coffee Break

10.30-12.00   Parallel Session IV

12.00-13.00   Lunch

13.00-14.30   Parallel Session V                                                           Room: Ir. Haakzaal

14.30-15.00   Coffee Break                                                                 Room: Lounge
                              Friday, May 25th, 2012 (Location: Hof van Wageningen)
15.00-17.00                                             Plenary Session
              Forum and Open Exchange of Views                                           Room: Ir. Haakzaal
              “Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Chains & Networks”
              Prof. H. Christopher Peterson , Nowlin Chair of Consumer-Responsive
              Agriculture, Michigan State University Michigan State University (Chair)
              Speaker from Berenschot (TBD), Chairman, Berenschot (Presenter)
              Dr. Jan Meiling (TBD), Startlife, WUR (Presenter)
              Dr. Mr Dr G. de Ruiter (TBD), R&D Director of Sime Darby (Presenter)

              Best Paper Award Ceremony and Final Remarks                                Room: Ir. Haakzaal
              Prof. Onno Omta, Management Studies Group Chair, Wageningen University
              and Research Centre

17.00-18.00   Drinks and Closure                                                         Room: Lounge
                                                                        Parallel Sessions

                                                          Parallel Sessions I: Thursday 24th, 11.00-12.30

         Bio-Based Business               Stakeholder Management &                      Resource Risk Management                     Marketing and Consumer
               Track                          Sustainability Track                                Track                                 Behaviour Track
           Chair: Wubben                             Chair: Ross                              Chair: Meuwissen                            Chair: Pennings
Greening Supply Chains: Managing        Collective Action and the Governance of      The Impact of Dual Sourcing on Food         Social and Economic Factors That
Dynamic, Spatial, and Organisational    Multistakeholder Initiatives: a Case Study   Supply Chain Networks: the Case of          Influence the Elderly Population Beef
Dimensions                              of Bonsucro **                               Egyptian Strawberries                       Consumption
             Chung, Weaver & Friesz                            Moura & Chaddad                Rossi , Rijpkema & van der Vorst     Costa, Zulian, Dorr, Kirinus & Nörnberg

A Cooperative Agropark for the          Corporate Social Responsibility in the       Economic Assessment of Measures to          Market Orientation for Functional Food
Integration of Coppicing, Energy        Agri-Food Value Chain: Models of             Improve Water Efficiency in Dairy Supply    Industry
Generation and Horticulture             Innovation in Italian Food Industry          Chains                                          de Barcellos, Hoppe, Vieira & Oliveira
                               Wardle                          Nazzaro & Marotta                  Meuwissen, Blokker & Brok

From Waste to Profit. Drivers for       Partnerships for Co-Innovation in            Economic Assessment of Food Aafety          Market Orientation and Integration of
Biomass Valorization from an            Agrifood Chains: Findings From the           Improvement in Supply Chains:               Developing Countries With Global
Interorganisational Perspective         Citrus and Deciduous Fruit Sectors in        Clarification of Conceptual Issues          Market: Case Studies of Agricultural
                Runge, Wubben & Blok    South Africa 88                                                        Belaya & Pinior   Export Chains in Benin
                                                                 Bitzer & Bijman                                                         Adekambi, Ingenbleek & Van Trijp

Network Governance: the Cases of        Multi-Governance Choices by                                                              How to Capture and to Deal With
Synergy Parks                           Smallholder Farmers in the Pineapple                                                     Diverting Expectations of Consumers,
  Saris, Isakhanyan, Wubben & Bijman    Supply Chain in Benin: An Application of                                                 Producers, Society, and Other
                                        Transaction Cost Theory                                                                  Stakeholders Regarding Animal
                                         Arinloye, Hagelaar, Linnemann, Pascucci,                                                Husbandry
                                                    Coulibaly, Omta & Van Boekel                                                    Christoph, Buergelt, Salamon, Weible &
                                                            Parallel Sessions II: Thursday 24th, 13.30-15.00
       Supply Chain                         Stakeholder                Entrepreneurship &              Marketing and Consumer Co-Innovation & Quality
     Management Track                     Management &                Regional Development                Behaviour Track             Track
                                        Sustainability Track                  Track
     Chair: Trienekens                    Chair: Peterson              Chair: Kolympiris                      Chair: Verhees                        Chair: Bitzer
Consumers’ Values and Attitudes      Discussion Session:             Governing Local and Regional      Belgian Consumer Attitudes           Multiple Stakeholder Dynamics in
and Their Relation with Pork         “Managing Wicked                Food Systems                      Towards More Sustainable Meat        Smallholder Cabbage Value
Products Consumption: a Study        Problems: Resources,                                  Donkers     Consumption Patterns **              Chains in South Africa
From Q-PorkChains in Brazil **       Capabilities and Institutions                                      Vanhonacker, Van Loo, Gellynck         Muchara, Letty, Obi & Masika
    Barcellos, Perin, Pérez-Cueto,   for Multi-Stakeholder                                                                   & Verbeke
                   Saab & Grunert    Engagement”
QUARISMA – Joint Model for                                           The Impact of Facilitators        Sustainability: Who is Driving it?   Learning From ICT-Based Market
                                     Invited Speakers:
Academic Quality Management                                          Support on Navigating Critical         Aguiar, Caleman & Manning       Information Systems Roles in
                                        Agri-Food Industry
Qualification in Food Chains                                         Junctures in High-Tech                                                 African Food Chains: a Ghanaian
                                         Manager (TBD)
       Lehnert, Luning, Bruckner,                                    Academic Spin-Offs                                                     Pineapple Supply Chain Case
                                        Academic working for
    Gawron, Weltring & Petersen                                        Khodaei, Scholten, Wubben &                                          Study
                                         Agri-Food Industry (TBD)
                                                                                                Omta                                          Arinloye, Hagelaar, Linnemann,
                                        NGO Representative                                                                                     Coulibaly, Omta & Van Boekel
Linking a Marketing Innovation                                       The Role of Entrepreneurship      Consumers’ Willingness to Pay        Analysis of the Causes of Low
and Local Resources: the Example     Prof. H. Christopher            Education in Developing           for Sustainable Food Products:       Adoption in Less Developed
of “Porcilin/Saveurs en’OR”, a       Peterson, Nowlin Chair of       Students’ Entrepreneurial         Do Food Miles Labels Matter?         Agrifood Chains: the Case of
Regional Brand with a Nutritional    Consumer-Responsive             Intentions                             de Magistris, Gracia & Nayga    Potato Supply Chain in the Upper
Attribute                            Agriculture, Michigan State       Karimi, Biemans, Mulder, Lans                                        Rift Valley Region of Ethiopia **
       Rakotonandraina & Sauvée      University Michigan State                            & Chizari                                         Abebe, Bijman, Pascucci, Omta &
                                     University (Chair)                                                                                                               Tsegaye
Guidelines and Standards for Pig                                                                       On- and Offline Communication
Health Management Systems                                                                              Strategies: a study of Word-of-
        Schütz, Czekala & Slütter                                                                      Mouth Behavior
                                                                                                               Claro, Claro & Laban Neto
                                                                                                       What Consumers Know and Don’t
                                                                                                       Know About Fish and Aquaculture
                                                                                                        Pieniak, Vanhonacker & Verbeke
                                                        Parallel Sessions III: Thursday 24th, 15.30-17.00

      Values &                             Stakeholder                        Co-Innovation &                 Economic Institutions                    Supply Chain
 Competitiveness Track                   Management &                          Quality Track                        Track                            Management Track
                                       Sustainability Track
       Chair: Coppola                     Chair: Hospes                          Chair: Bitzer                      Chair: Dries                      Chair: Trienekens
The Poultry, Wine and Beef           Rivalry Between Partnerships    Socio-Economic Impact of               “Netsystems”: a Framework to         The German Milky Way: Trade
Systems in Argentina: Social         on Sustainable Soy: Dialectics  Organic Farming in East Africa         Analyze the Efficiency of            Structure of the Milk Industry
Capital as a Production Factor in    in Sustainability Governance      van der Mheen-Sluijer & Degli        Sustainable Agrichains               and Possible Consequences of a
Agribusiness Systems.                          Hospes & van der Valk                       Innocenti           Caleman, Queiroz, Monteiro &      Food Crisis **
Senesi, Pérez San Martín, Palau &                                                                                                     Lopes         Pinior, Platz, Ahrens, Petersen,
                           Vilella                                                                                                                             Conraths & Selhorst
Uncertainty as a Key Decision        Social Network and Group             Quality of Gum Arabic in          Marketing Channels in Citrus         Exploring Demand and
Factor: Evidence From                Behavior in a Sustainable            Senegal: Linking the Field        Chain of Caí Valley: Case Study of   Production Planning Challenges
Procurement Strategies in the        Perspective: an Analysis of          Assessment to the Laboratory      Certified and Uncertified            in the Food Processing Industry: a
Frozen Vegetable Industry in         Conditioning Factors                 Research                          Producers                            Case Study
Argentina                                    Madruga, Silva, Beuron,             Mujawamariya, Burger &      Dorr, Guse, Strassburger & Costa             Matopoulos, Ranitovic &
         Daziano, Senesi & Dulce                   Pozzobon & Mello                               D’Haese                                                                Bourlakis
Impact of the Macro-Economic         Study of Competitiveness of     Effect of Management Attributes Property Rights and Strategy:               Towards a Supply-Chain
Cycle on Financial Ratios of the     Cattle and Beef System in       on Seed Potato Yield and        Rent Appropriation and                      Instrument to Monitor an IT
European Agro-Food Industry          Neuquén Province, Argentina by Quality in Ethiopia              Contractual Design                          Implementation
                         Bagnara     Using the EPESA Method                Hirpa, Meuwissen, van der          Costa Ito & Zylbersztajn           Denolf, Wognum, Trienekens, van
                                          Senesi, Napolitano & Palau   Lans, Lommen, Oude Lansink,                                                        der Vorst & Onno Omta
                                                                                    Tsegaye & Struik
Local Economies and Consumer         Shared Dynamic Capabilities in       Tapping Food Preferences From Strategies to Reduce Waste in the
Participation: the Organic Food      Industrial Symbiosis Networks:       a Base of the Pyramid Marketing Context of the Brazilian Food and
Fairs                                How do Physical and Social           System: a Conjoint Study on       Nutrition Security Policy
     Cembalo, Migliore & Schifani    Exchanges Increase Joint             Pineapple in Benin                   Belik, Almeida Cunha & Assis
                                     Competitiveness and                    Hounhouigan, Ingenbleek, van                              Costa
                                     Adaptability?                                   der Lans,. van Trijp &
                                            de Lange, Jenkins, Fischer,                         Linnemann
                                               Pascucci & Van Koppen
                                  The Value Creation of Sugar
                                  Cane By-Products: A multi-
                                  stakeholder View Towards
                                           Neutzling, Santos & de

                                                               Parallel Sessions IV: Friday 25th, 10.30-12.00
    SMEs’ Innovation and                       Multi-Stakeholder                     Producer Organizations Track                  Economic Institutions Track
          Networks                             Engagements Track
       Chair: Sauvée                             Chair: Hospes                                 Chair: Bijman                                 Chair: Royer
Roles and Potentialities of             Network Change Catalysts: Food              Farmer Collectivities as New Partners in     Contractual Choice and Performance of
Intermediary Organizations for          Tracking and Tracing System                 Value Chains: Case Studies of Farmer         Mexican Coffee Traders: The Role of
Innovation Development in Food          Implementation Case Studies                 (Producer) Companies in Sri Lanka and        Market Institutions in Commodity Chains
SMEs: A Belgian Case Study                                    Storer & Noonan       India                                                          Padrón, Jarrín & Burger
          Lefebvre, Cochez & Gellynck                                                                                   Singh

An Analytical Framework of CSR          Developing Place Umbrella Brands in         The COOSANFRA Case. An Offensive             Implementing UNE 166002:2006 - Barriers
Implementation in Food SMEs             Rural Areas: the Role of Higher             Strategy for Citrus Growers of the           to the Implementation of the R&D&I
                Abdirahman & Sauvée     Education Institutions (HEIs)”              Province of Corrientes, Argentina            Management System
                                                        Cavicchi, Rinaldi & Corsi                        Mogni, Senesi & Palau               Soler-Celma & Schoenmakers

The Impact of Friendship Network on     Private Multi-Stakeholder Governance in Cooperative Beehiving                            International marketing Channels for
Key Sales Performance                   the Agricultural Market Place: An                  Hakelius, Karantininis & Feng         Brazilian Beef: Comparison Between
            Claro, Claro & Laban Neto   Analysis of Legitimization Processes of                                                  Russia and the United Kingdom
                                        the Roundtables on Sustainable Palm Oil                                                                      Thome & Dos Santos
                                        and Responsible Soy
                                              Schouten, Glasbergen & Nikoloyuk
Intermediary Organizations and            Key Conditions for Successful Value                                                    International Business Strategu: Evidence
Development of Social Capital in          Chain Partnerships. A Multiple Case                                                    From a Trading Company That Operates
Interorganizational Networks: a           Study in Ethiopia.                                                                     in Emerging Economies
Belgian Case Study in the Food Sector                Drost, Van Wijk & Mandefro                                                              Thome, Medeiros & Calegario
                  Lefebvre & Gellynck

Exploring the Role of Innovation          Dutch Logistic Service Providers and                                                   Fed Cattle Marketing in the South-
Intermediaries                            Their Actions for Achieving a Higher                                                   Eastern of Maro Grosso (Brazil): an
    Yildiz, Henchion, & Hewitt-Dundas     Level of Sustainable Physical                                                          Analysis of Beef Producers’ Profile and
                                          Distribution                                                                           Transactions Coordination
                                                Pieters, Glöckner, Omta & Weijers                                                           Macedo, Aguiar Costa & Nobuo

                                                        Parallel Sessions V: Friday 25th, 13.00-14.30
     SMEs’ Innovation and                   Values & Competitiveness                 Producer Organizations Track                  Economic Institutions Track
           Networks                                   Track
        Chair: Sauvée                            Chair: Coppola                                Chair: Bijman                                 Chair: Dries
FM Alignment: Creating Added Value        Private Food Safety Standard as           Determinants of Familiar Production in       Managing with Power: A Study of Russian
Through a Multi-Level Collaborative       Coordination Device: Do Consumers         Agriculture: the Case of Soybean in South    Agri-Food Business
Relationship                              Really Matter?                            Brazil                                                                Belaya & Hanf
                                 Kok                     Russo, Perito & Di Fonzo                               Zanon & Saes

Innovation Performance in Hungarian       The Effect of Farmer Market Power on      IOF Versus Cooperative in Broiler            Marketing Boards as Hybrid Governances:
Agri-Food Supply Chains: An               the Degree of Farm-Retail Price           Production: Could Relationship               The Case of the Quebec Hog Industry
Investigation of the Open Innovation      Transmission: a Simulation Model with     Characteristics Explain Differences in                               Menard & Gouin
Paradigm                                  an Application to the Dutchware Potato    Supplier Quality Performance?
        Dries, Ferto, Gorton & Pascucci   Supply Chain                                      Cechin, Bijman, Pascucci, Omta &
                                                      Assefa, Kuiper & Meuwissen                                  Zylbersztajn
  Comparison of Food Sector Networks       Analysing Industry Convergence in        Trust in Chinese Agri-Food Cooperatives:   Co-Operation for Investment: Emerging
  in Canada and New Zealand- Benefits      Probiotics                               a Games Approach                           Governance Structures in the Armenian
  and Barriers for Innovation                          Bornkessel, Bröring & Omta       Lu, Kormelinck, Muradin, Lu & Ruben    Dairy Sector
                              Hamman                                                                                                     Dries, Gorton, Urutyan & White

  Dimensions of Proximity and Inter-       Understanding Conditions for                                                        Beyond CSR - Measuring the Performance
  Organisational Collaboration in Formal   Sustainable Supply Chain Management:                                                and Dynamics of Private Institutions of
  Food-Related Networks                    - Cases from China’s Food Processing                                                Sustainability – a Conceptual Framework
                  Sorenson & Henchion      Sector                                                                              Mondelaers, Lauwers & van Huylenbroeck
                                                      Redekop, Mark-Herbert & Kao

  The Organisation of the Purchasing
  Function: Learnings from the
  Purchasing Practice in Nine
      van der Stouwe, Omta, Reijniers &

** = Best Paper Award Nominee

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