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The History of Dance


									The History of

           Dan Simak
         Sean Valentine
          Elaine Cotter
         Rachael Jenson
        HaleGich Daqniek
               History of Dance
There is no definite date where certain dances originated
1. Experts suggest (through the analysis of cave painting)
   that dancing has been around since beginning of life
2. Used for mating, communication, rituals & offerings
       General Types
•   Ballet    •Contra
•   Jazz      •Country/Western
•   Hip Hop
•   Swing
•   Tap       •Flamenco
•   Modern    •Latin Dance
•   Swing     •Folk Dance
               Why People Dance
• Dance is a way to express emotion
• Dance differs by region and culture
• Main reasons why people dance
        –   Fun
        –   Exercise
        –   Stress Relief (Letting Loose)
        –   Spiritual
        –   Tradition
          American Dances
– The Two Step (1813)
– The Waltz (1880)
– The Cake Walk (1899)
– The Fox Trot (1920)
– The Charleston (1926)
– The Lindy Hop and Jitterbug (1933)
              Modern Dancing
• Break Dancing
   – Formed in the streets
   – Developed as Hip Hop/Rap music developed
• Bump & Grind
• Based off of Songs (Two step, Soulja Boy, Duggie, Cha
  Cha Slide, John Wall, Shufflin’, etc.)
• Disco
              African Dance
• Essential role in the culture of tribes
• Right of passage, communication, also
  strengthen the bonds within the tribe
• Most villages have “dance master” who leads
  and teaches members
• Drums, gourds, stomping, clapping, and
  singing helped develop the beat
Spanish Dance

  • Salsa
  • Flamenco
  • Merengue
Famous Dancers
•   Michael Jackson
•   Britney Spears
•   Jofre Ballet
•   Sammy Davis Jr.
•   Olga San Juan
Animals shaking what der momma
           gave dem
The Evolution of Dance

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