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					                                                  Unit 14: Acid Base
                                        Chemistry Traditional, Chapter 16 2012

          Real Life Applications:
          Take home litmus tests, Vinegar Tampering Lab, Batman and Robin, Buffers - Blood

                ****Your choice to do online activities including flipcards, chapter quizzes, etc. ****
                       **answers to Blues and practice problems in back of book and on classzone**
                            *Answers to worksheet problems at end of this calendar*
Date:        In-Class Assignment                                Homework Assignment
T 4/3        Test on Solutions                                  Take Notes on 16.1A,B (A/B and strength) p560-568
                                                                ARQ p563, PP p565, ARQ p566, ARQ p567

  W 4/4       Objective(s): #1 and overview                      Pre-lab: Read song lyrics pkt p1 and complete the
HMRM          Introduce new unit                                 table pkt p2
3-            Video: Proton in Chem WOC pkt p8-9                 Closed Toe Shoes Tomorrow
39min         Start prelab

  R 4/5       Ojective(s): Overview                              Finish lab pkt p 3-5 including the
              Acid/Base Lab pkt p 3-5                            Take Home Litmus Test using lab p 4

 F 4/6       Non attendance day
 M 4/9       Objective(s) #2,3,4,5                               Finish worksheet pkt p 6 (answers p7)
             Go over Test                                        Blues p589 #2,4,6,8,14
             Q’s on homework                                     Online video Bronsted/Lowry ch 16
             Go over generalizations in lab using acid/ base
                  ppt (definitions, conjugate pairs,
                  concentration vs. strength)
             Naming Acids and Bases Worksheet pkt p6
                  (answers p7)
T 4/10       Objective(s) #6,7,8                                 Finish pkt p 12
             Finish generalization ppt if needed
             Q’s on hmwk
             Start Onenote pkt p 10-11: Kw, ionization of
               water, pH, pOH – teach new sig fig rule for
             Online book – self ionization animation and
             Start pH, pOH, Kw Worksheet pkt p12
W 4/11       Objective(s) #(6,7,8)                               Finish in class work
10 am        Finish pH, pOH, Kw Worksheet pkt p13-14
late start                                                       Online Book ch 16 pH scale
R 4/12        Objective(s) #9                                    Finish pkt p 10-11
              Titration ppt and visualization w/notes pkt p 15
              Students finish pkt p 15-16
             ? Start Demo
F 4/13       Objective(s) #(9)                               Pre-lab: pkt p19-20
pep          Titration Demo and Calc pkt p 17-18 – using
                procedure from their lab pkt p 21            Closed Toe Shoes Tomorrow
             ?Students practice reading the buret
             Intro Vinegar Lab, prelab pkt p 19-20
M 4/14       Objective(s) #(9)                               Finish Vinegar Lab pkt p 19-23
             Vinegar Titration Lab pkt p 19-23               Check and print answers using online magic calculator

T 4/17       Objective(s) #10,(review)                       Finish in class work
             Go over Titration Lab                           Bring Books Tomorrow
             Discuss Buffer Basics
             Online Animation ch 16 Buffers and/or Other
                   Buffer Animation (Baker)
             Batman & Robin pkt p 24-26
W 4/18       Objective(s) #(review)                          Study for test with lab questions
             Go over pkt p19-21
             STP book p 593 #1-11*                           Signed and completed objective sheet due tomorrow
             Blues p591-592 #36,42,43,46,49,53,54,55,56,58   with Study Guide

                                                             Want to review more? online quizzes and flipcards

                                                             If you are absent today you will still take the test
R 4/19       Test on Acid Base with lab questions            No homework go to College Night
night                                                       Reminder: if missed test go to Testing Center
                                                            tomorrow at 7 am to make it up or you will take it in
                                                            class tomorrow missing valuable information
                                        Answers to Worksheets

          Acid Base Titration Demo: 9) 0.12 M 10) 8.3x10-14 M 11) 0.92 12) 13.08

          Titration Worksheet                                 Batman and Robin
              1. 0.200 M                                       1. 8.84x106 cm3             .6. 18.8M
              2. 0.00201 L                                     2. 1.66x105 mol H2SO4         8.a. 3.726
              3. 0.244 M                                       4. 1.33x107 g                 b. 5.32x10-11M
              4. 0.082 L                                                                    c. 10.274
                                                               STP book p593
    pH, pOH, Kw Worksheet                                      1. B                     6. C
               5. 2.5x10-11 M                                  2. C                     7. A
               6. 8.74                                         3. A                     8. C
               7. 3.46                                         4. D                     9. weak
               8. 1.96                                         5. B                     10. strong
               9. 2.5x10-7 M
              10. 4.0x10-13 M
11. 10.80
            12. 2.9x10-10 M

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