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					I TERM
TEXTBOOK (LITERARY READER)- LI The Three Questions , Poem The Squirrel ,
L2 A Gift of Chapples , Poem The Rebel, L3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish and L5 Quality ,
Poem Trees
SUPPLIMENTARY READER –LI The Tiny Teacher , L2 Bringing up Kari, L3 The
Desert and L5 Golu Grows A Nose (L1 & L2 is for story Fabricating / Enacting).
GRAMMAR- Phrases and Clauses , Sentence Reordering, Kinds of sentences , Finite
and Non-Finite Verbs , Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Nouns and Pronouns ,
Adjectives ,Adverbs ( 1 ) , Verb Concord , Tenses , Modal Auxiliaries and Prepositions.
Creative Writing : Notice, Message, Bio Sketch Paragraph Writing, Dialogue Writing.
Diary Entry, Article, Letter Writing(Informal and Formal letter).
Marks Distribution :
FA1 40 Marks:
   1. April FA1 Part I 10 Marks : Oral- Individual /Group Activity of
       Supplementary Reader- Lesson-1 The Tiny Teacher
   2. May FA 1Part II Activity (Dictation) 10 Marks + Written Subjective 10
       Marks = 20 Marks. : Literature - LI The Three Questions , Poem The Squirrel
   3. May / June FA1 Part III 10 Marks : Home Assignment, Projects etc.
FA2 30 Marks:
1.July FA2 Part I Activity 10 Marks + Subjective Grammar 10 Marks = 20 Marks
2.August Activity FA2 Part II 10 Marks Individual Activity-Extempore
SA1 August 90 Marks : Whole syllabus done in Term I.
TEXTBOOK (LITERARY READER)- L6 Expert Detectives , Poem Mystery of the
Talking Fan . L8 Fire : Friend and Foe , Poem Meadow Surprises , L9 A Bicycle in Good
Repair , Poem Garden Snake and L10 The Story of Cricket .
SUPPLIMENTARY READER – L5 Golu Grows A Nose, L7 Chandni and L8 The Bear
Story( for story telling), L9 A Tiger in The House and L10 An Alien Hand question
GRAMMAR- Subject –Verb Concord , Tenses , Modal Auxiliaries, Prepositions,
Phrasal Verbs and Direct and Indirect .
Report Writing ,Informal Letter, Article and Diary entry.
FA3 October 50 Marks
 1.October FA3 Part I 10 Marks : Oral Activity Individual /Group Activity of
Supplementary Reader- Lesson- L5 Golu Grows A Nose
  2.October FA3 Part II 10 Marks : Home Assignment.
  3.December FA3 Part III - 30 Marks : Subjective
FA4 20 Marks.
December FA4 Part I 10 Marks : Home Assignment
 February FA4 Part II 10 Marks : Subjective
SA2 March 90 Marks: Whole syllabus done in Term II.
                                HOLIDAY HOME WORK
1. Literary skill: Read two story books from the library and write their summaries with
new word meanings .
2. Make a chart on Tenses (Roll No 1 to 16), Make a chart on any Poem of English
Term I syllabus (17 to 38).
3. Practice Book : 2 Notices , 2 Messages, 2 Bio-Sketch, 2 Articles, 2 Letters (Formal &
Month: - April
Test (Activity: Multiplication of Integers on a number line)

Month: - May
Ch-2-Fractions and decimals
Month: - June/July
Ch-5 Lines and Angles.
Ch-9 Rational Numbers.
Holiday Home work
1. Charts /Projects
2. Revision work based on Integers, Fractions & Decimals.
Month: - August
Ch-3 Data Handling.
Activity: To make double bar graph.
Ch-4 Simple Equations
Ch-12 Algebraic Expressions
Ch-15 Visualizing Solid Shapes

Month: - September
Ch-1 Integers
Ch-2 Fractions and Decimals
Ch-3 Data Handling.
Ch-4 Simple Equations
Ch-5 Lines and Angles
Ch-9 Rational Numbers.
Ch-12 Algebraic Expressions
Ch-15 Visualizing Solid Shapes
Month: - October
Ch- 6 Triangle and its properties.
Activity: To verify Pythagoras theorem.
Ch- 8 Comparing quantities
Holiday Home work
Assignment based on Comparing Quantities.

Month: - November / December
Ch-4 Exponents and Powers.
Ch-7 Congruence of Triangle
Ch-14- Symmetry

Holiday Home work
Assignment based on symmetry & exponents & powers.
Month: - January / February
Ch-10 Practical geometry
Ch-11- Perimeter & Area

Month: - March
Ch-4- Exponents and Powers
Ch- 6 Triangle and its properties
Ch-7 Congruence of Triangle
Ch- 8 Comparing quantities
Ch-10- Practical geometry
Ch-11- Perimeters and Area
Ch-14 – Symmetry

History: Chapter-1-Tracing changes through a Thousand Year
Chapter-2-New kings and Kingdoms
Chapter-3-The Delhi Sultans
Chapter 4. The Mughal Empire
Chapter 5. Rulers & Buildings

Chapter 1-Environment
Chapter 2- Inside our Earth
Chapter-3- Our Changing Earth
Chapter-4- Air
Chapter-5 Water

Chapter-1- On Equality
Chapter -2. Role of the govt. in Health
Chapter-3-. How the state govt. works.
Chapter-4- Growing up Boys and Girls
Chapter-5 Women change the world
      TERM II
      Chapter-6 Towns, Traders & Craft person
      Chapter-7- Tribes, Nomads& settled communities.
      Chapter-8 Devotional Paths To The Divine
      Chapter-9 The Making Of Regional Cultures
      Chapter-10 Eighteen Century Political Formations

      Chapter-6 Natural Vegetation& Wildlife
      Chapter-7 Human Environment- Settlement, Transport and Communication
      Chapter-8 Human Environment Interactions
      Chapter-9 Life in the Temperate Grasslands
      Chapter-10 Life in Deserts

      Chapter-6 Understanding Media
      Chapter-7 Understanding advertising

      Chapter-8- Market around us
      Chapter-9- A shirt in the market
      Chapter-10 Struggles for equality

      Holiday Homework(Summer)
        1. Watch History and Geography channel regularly and note down important
        2. Prepare charts, model of
           a) Components of Environment or Ecosystem ( Roll No-1 to 10).
           b) Collect pictures of natural vegetation and wildlife (chart, Model Roll No-11 to
           c) Features made by Sea waves (model Roll No-21 to 30)
           d) Collect different pictures of Gardens, Tombs, Forts and Palaces (Roll No-31
                to 40)
           e) Prepare a collage showing Health services given in private & Govt. Sector.
       Autumn Break – Do in file
           (a) Show major kingdoms of 7th to 12th century
           (b) Make a chart showing the Rulers of Delhi. (Pg. 31)
(c)         (c) Important buildings of Mughal Empires in Delhi.
           (d) Show the Unity in diversity in India (dress, festivals etc.)
(e)         (e) Make a collage of rainforest, grassland and coniferous forests.
FA1 (Month: - April)
Ch-1 :- Nutrition in plants
Ch-2 :- Nutrition in Animals
 Quiz (MCQ)
 Class Seminar
Activity:-1. (a) Starch Test in leaves.
(b) Visit a green house to observe the growth and development of plants.
 2. (a) Effect of saliva on starch.
(b) Collect data to know more about milk teeth and Tabulate.

FA2 (Month: - July)
Ch-3 :- Fibre to fabric
Ch-4 :- Heat
Ch-5 :- Acids, Bases and Salts
Activity:- 3. (a) Determine the strength of different type of threads.
 (b) Mark the places on the world map where you find animals that provide wool. Also
collect the pictures of those animals.
4 (a) Experiment showing the conduction of Heat.
(b) Convections of heat in water.
 (c) Experiment to show the effect of heat.
 5. (a) To test the solution by using indicators.
   (The effect of indicator on acidic, basic or
     neutral solutions ).
   (b) Bring the soil sample of your area, to
     test its acidic, basic or neutral nature.

SA1 (Month: - August / September)
Ch-6 :- Physical and chemical changes
Ch-7 :- Weather, climate and adaptation of animals of climate
Ch-8 :- Winds, Storms and Cyclones
Ch-9 :- Soil
Repeat :- Lesson:- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

FA3 (Month: - October)
Topic:-Ch-10 :- Respiration in organism
     Ch-11 :- Transportation in animals and
      Quiz (MCQ) & Class Seminar
Activity:-6. (a) Make a model to show
                mechanism of breathing.
(b) Measure the breathing rate of members of
     your family list your observations.
 7. (a) Model of Stethoscope.
    (b) Find out about the blood group and
        their importance.
FA4 (Month: - November / December)
Ch-12 :- Reproduction in plants
 Ch-13 :- Motion and time.
 Ch-14 Electric current and its effects
Activity: - 8. (a) Observe the different parts of
(b) Grow underground stems and write the
   observations. (Potato plant by potato eyes)
 9. Make a model of a sand clock which can
     measure a time intervals of 2 minutes.
10. (a) Make a project to show the conduction
     of current in different substances.
 (b) Model of Electric Bell.
SA2 (Month: - January to March)
   Ch-15 :- Light
   Ch-16 :- Water:- A Precious Resource
   Ch-17 :- Forest:- Our life line
   Ch-18 :- Waste water story
Repeat Lessons: - 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
   1. Collect 4 different types of soil.
   2. Make an electric circuit using bulb and cell.
   3. Make a model of anemometer.
   1. Life history of silk moth Pg 28 (Roll no 1-8)
   2. Make a chart showing inter relation ship of plant, soil and decomposers. Pg 211
       (Roll No. 9-18)
   3. Draw digestive system of human Pg-12 (19-28)
   4. Make a chart showing vegetative propagation in plants (Rollno-29 to 40)
Subject:-Moral Science
SA1 Lesson- 1 to 7
SA2 Lesson- 8 to14
Subject:: - G.K
SA1:- Lesson- 1 to 3
SA2:- Lesson- 4 to 6
SA1 Lesson-1 to 6
SA2 Lesson-7 to 12
Subject:- Drawing
  April     :- Chapter 1 – Make any item
               using waste material
  July      :- Chapter 2 – Rakhi making
August      :- Chapter 3 – Lamp shade with
               hand made paper
September :- Chapter 4 – mixed bag
October :- Chapter 5 – cloth painting

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