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									Honors World History Schedule
Unit 3: 9/27-10/25

Monday: 9/27                                             Reading/Homework Due: No new reading. Enjoy
                                                         your break!!!

   Review the unit 2 test.
   Introduce the Unit 3 Tiered Assignment. (Due Monday 10/25)

Tuesday: 9/28                                            Reading/Homework Due: No new reading. Start
                                                         working on your in class essay.

   Begin discussing the in class essay.

Wednesday: 9/29                                          Reading/Homework Due: No new reading. Prepare
                                                         for the essay!

   Continue discussing the in class essay. Students will be given an outline to prepare and bring with them to
    use in class.

Thursday: 9/30                                           Reading/Homework Due: No new reading. Prepare
                                                         for the essay!

   Essay writing assignment in class.

Friday: 10/1                                             Reading/Homework Due: Optional reading for
                                                         Wednesday and Thursday. (Ch.4.1 pp.92-94, 8.1
                                                         pp.213-219, 8.2 pp.220-224, 8.3 pp.225-229)

   Discussion of Nubia/Kush and West African, Bantu Migration through the Aksum.
Monday: 10/4                                             Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 11.1 (pp.301-

   Discuss the Byzantine Empire.— create a set of SPRITE notes for this period

Tuesday: 10/5                                            Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 11.2 (pp.307-

   Discuss the early Russian Empire.— new SPRITE notes

Wednesday: 10/6                                          Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 10.1 (pp.263-

   Discuss the origins and beliefs/practices of Islam.— notes should focus on the religious theme

Thursday: 10/7                                           Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 10.2 (pp.269-

   Discuss the expansion of Islam.— notes should focus on the political theme, some economic

Friday: 10/8                                             Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 10.3 (pp.273-

   Discussion of Islamic culture.— notes should focus on Intellectual/Artistic and Social themes
Monday: 10/11                                          Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 15.1and2

   Discuss empires of West Africa (Ghana, Mali, Songhai)—be sure to distinguish between the three in your
    SPRITE notes

Tuesday: 10/12                                         Reading/Homework Due: Reading optional Ch. 15.3

   Continue discussion of West African society and discuss the Swahili coast and Zimbabwe.

Wednesday: 10/13                                       Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 11.3 (pp.314-

   Vocabulary Quiz (Early Africa, Byzantine/Russia, Islam)
   Discuss the Turkish Empires— SPRITE notes

Thursday: 10/14                                        Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 18.1 (pp.507-

   Discuss the Ottoman Empire—SPRITE notes

Friday: 10/15                                          Reading/Homework Due: Reading optional Ch.
                                                       18.2 (pp.512-515)

   Continue the Ottoman Empire discussion
Monday: 10/18                                           Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch. 12.1 (pp.323-

   Discuss the Tang and Song Dynasties. SPRITE notes—notice the differences between the two

Tuesday: 10/19                                          Reading/Homework Due: Read Ch.12.2 and 3

   Discuss the Mongol Empire—SPRITE notes

Wednesday: 10/20                                        Reading/Homework Due: Reading optional Ch.12.3

   Finish the discussion of the Mongols and discuss Japan.

Thursday: 10/21                                         Reading/Homework Due: No new reading…study!!!

   Vocab Quiz (African Empires, Turks/Ottomans, and East Asian Empires)
   Review for the exam.

Friday: 10/22                                           Reading/Homework Due: No new reading-study!!!

   Unit 3 Exam!!!
Monday: 10/25                                        Reading/Homework Due: Work on the Tiered

   Turn in the Unit 3 Tiered Assignments.
   Review the Unit 3 Exam.

                               *** This schedule is subject to change. ***

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