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									Tentative Schedule/ French 1 (Bien dit/ Chapters 1 & 2)
Week of Tuesday, September 2 –Friday, September 5, 2008

Note: As we review Bien dit, students are responsible for all material in a chapter
whether specifically stated on the syllabus or not. So please read the book carefully.

Mon. 9/1:      Jour Férié

Wed. 9/2:      Turn in writing assignment from Leçon 3 (French In Action/ 3.52)
               Class work: Bien dit : Vocabulary Review pp. 6-8
               Class and/or homework: pp. 6-9 (ex. 1,2,3,5,6,8)
               (Learn all vocabulary in boxes.)

Wed. 9/3:      Class work: Worksheet: Numbers (0-30)
               Vocabulary Review (pp. 6-8)
               Class and/or homework: pp. 10-11 (ex. 11,12,13, 14)
               (Learn all vocabulary in boxes.)

Thurs. 9/4:    Class work: Vocabulary p. 18/ la salle de classe (ex. 26,27)
                           Vocbulary p. 20/ commands (ex. 30,31,32,33,34)

Fri. 9/5 :     Learn Vocabualry, alphabet, diacritical marks on p. 22
               Class work: ex. 36,37, 38
               Journal entry and/or reading assignment due
               Homework: Review and study all material covered this week

(Note that 9/2 was a hurricane day and that the work for 9/2 and 9/3 were combined.)


    1. Introduce self and others including the expression “s’appeler.”
    2. Take one’s leave using a variety of appropriate expressions.
    3. Enquire about one’s health.
    4. State how one is doing using a variety of appropriate expressions.
    5. State age using “avoir + number+ an(s).”
    6. Identify classroom objects.
    7. Make a list using “Il y a/ Il y en a + un/une/number + noun (s).”
    8. Count from 0-30.
    9. Respond to interrogatives (quel/le, comment, combien, qu’est-ce qu/e)
    10. Give commands appropriate for the classroom.
    11. Ask teacher for basic directions and help.
    12. Use the French alphabet and diacritical marks to spell words.
    13. Ask how words are spelled.
    14. Write a paragraph about a topic using a variety of structures & vocabulary.
Tentative Schedule/ French 1 (Bien dit/ Chapters 1 & 2)
Week of Tuesday, September 8 –Friday, September 12, 2008

Mon. 9/8:     Worksheet (Ch. 1 pp. Voc. pp. 6-9 & Impératifs p. 20)
              Begin memorization of dialogue, due Th. 9/25
              Practice alphabet, spelling, diacritical marks, numbers
              Homework: Finish Worksheet on Impératifs (pp. 6-9,20)

Tues. 9/9:    Class work : Correct worksheet: Impératifs/voc. pp. 6-9,20
              Review “avoir” (p. 26)/ Ex. 45,46,47,48,49, 50 (pp. 26-27)
              Quiz : Numbers ? (0-3)
              Review plurals (p. 24)/ Ex 40, 41, 42
              Homework : Worksheet on « avoir » (Do assigned portion)

Wed. 9/10:    Finish “avoir” worksheet
              Read all cultural information in boxes & “culture appliquée” in Ch. 1
              Homework: Study for quiz (aller, avoir, être, negations, all
              Boxed vocabulary of chapter 1 excluding “à l’école.”)

Th. 9/11:     Quiz (aller, avoir, être, negations all boxed vocabulary of chapter 2
                  excluding “à l’école.”)
              (View Téléroman Chapter 1/ Read pp. 28-29/ Wsheet Téléroman if time permits)
              Reading passage & questions/ Dictée and/or journal entry (description
                de la salle de classe?)

Fri. 9/12:    Hand in journal entry: Une description de la salle de classe
              Questions Personnelles (Speaking Assessment)
              Review for Monday’s Chapter 1 Test (Prépare-toi pour l’examen on
                 pp. 32-33 and other exercises)

Objectifs/SWBAT :

    1.  Give commands appropriate to classroom setting.
    2.  Use “avoir” to indicate possession.
    3.  Negate the indefinite articles to de/d’ when appropriate.
    4.  Form regular plural of nouns.
    5.  Form irregular plural of nouns.
    6.  Conjugate “aller” and state its meaning.
    7.  Conjugate “être” and state its meaning.
    8.  Demonstrate comprehension of a reading passage by answering oral & written
    9. Demonstrate comprehension of the spoken language by answering oral & written
    10. Write a well organized description of the classroom.
Tentative Schedule/ French 1 (Bien dit/ Chapters 1 & 2)
Week of Monday, September 15 –Friday, September 19, 2008

Mon. 9/15:         Chapter Test (Chapter 1 of Bien dit)
                   Practice dialogue for presentation 9/25 (30 quiz points)

Tues. 9/16:        Class and/or homework: Copy Vocabulary (pp. 40-43)
                   If not yet viewed, view Téléroman (ch. 1) and go over worksheet.
                   Homework: Part 3 of Téléroman worksheet (arrange dialogue in order)

Wed. 9/17:         Ex. 1,2,3,4,5 (pp. 42-43)
                   Oral drills: Expressions of agreement and disagreement
                   Homework : Study vocabulary/ Finish any exercises not finished in class
                   Second viewing of Téléroman (ch. 1)/ Answer questions dictated in class
                   on Téléroman (10 pt. quiz grade)

Th. 9/18:          Definite Articles (p. 44)/ Ex. 7,8,9, , 11 (pp. 44-45)
                   Class work: “er” verbs p. 46 (read introduction)
                   Read over “er” verb worksheet & drill meanings of verbs
                   Homework and/or classwork: “er” Verb Worksheet (Parts I & 2)

Fri. 9/19:         Bell Ringer Activity: ex. 10 on p. 45 (definite article review
                   Oral Drills: “er” verbs (conjugation & meaning)
                   Class work: Finish worksheet “er” verbs
                   Outline on board for Monday’s quiz (“er” verbs conjugation & meaning;
                          Definite articles; listening comprehension)
                   Journal Entry and/or reading passage (TBA)
                   Homework: Study for Monday’s quiz (“er” verbs, definite articles)

    1.    Talk about likes and dislikes using verbs of preference (préférer, detester, aimer, etc.)
    2.    Agree and disagree with statements.
    3.    Form definite articles.
    4.    Use definite articles to talk about things in general.
    5.    Use definite articles to talk about a specific thing (English equivalent “the”)
    6.    Conjugate “er” verbs.
    7.    Identify meaning of common “er” verbs.
    8.    Use “er” verbs in sentences to express likes and dislikes.
    9.    Answer questions on a reading passage in French.
    10.   Write a paragraph about one’s likes and dislikes.
    11.   Use an infinitive after “aimer” “detester” & “préferer” to talk about what one likes to do.
    12.   Identify vocabulary with everyday activies (lire, travailler, etc. as found in Chapter 2 of Bien dit)
Tentative Schedule/ French 1 (Bien dit/ Chapters 1 & 2)
Week of Monday, September 22 –Friday, September 26, 2008

Mon. 9/22:           Pre Quiz Activities : ex. 12,13, 14 pp. 46-47
                     Quiz (« er » verbs conjugation & meaning ; definite articles, listening comrehension)
                     Class work: Copy vocabulary pp. 52-55
                     Homework: Study vocabulary pp. 52-55

Tues. 9/23:          No class (8th Graders take Explore Test)

Wed. 9/24 :          Oral Drills: Vocabulary pp. 52-53/p. 55
                     Adverbs: Meaning and placement (p. 53/ p. 55)
                     Class work: ex. 23,24, (pp. 54-55)

Th. 9/25 :           Present dialogue with partner (30 quiz points)
                     Conjunctions (p. 58)/ ex. 32,33,34,35 (pp. 58-59)
                     To ask about preferences voc. p. 55/ Ex. 25 p. 55
                     Contractions with à (p. 56) Oral Drills
                     Homework: Ex. 27 & 28 p. 56

Fri. 9/26:           Review contractions p. 56: Do ex. 27,28,29,30 pp. 56-67
                     Conjunctions (Read p. 58)/ ex. 32,33,34,35 (pp. 58-59)
                     Homework: Study all vocabulary & grammar covered in Chapter 2 Bien dit
Objectifs/SWBAT :
    1. Conjugate « er » verbs.
    2. Identify meaning of common « er » verbs.
    3. Use “er” verbs in sentences to convey information.
    4. Form contractions with “à” in spoken and written language.
    5. Use conjunctions to combine sentences.
    6. Identify cultural and leisure activities specific to Francophone culture.
    7. Answer questions on a reading passage.
    8. Answer personal information questions using a variety of verbs, structures, and expressions.

Tentative Schedule/ French 1 (Bien dit/ Chapters 1 & 2)
Week of Monday, September 22 –Friday, September 26, 2008

Mon. 9/29:           Bell Ringer (translation of sentences with conjunctions & 2 verb construction)
                     View Téléroman (pp. 62-63) with worksheet & dictated questions (10 quiz points)
                     Class work: Prépare-toi pour l’examen (pp. 66-67)
                     Homework : Practice Test Side One: Verbs (Chapter 2)

Tues: 9/30           Finish Practice Test (Chapter 2 of Bien dit)
                     Practice Dictation for Chapter 2 Test
                     Class work: Prépare-toi pour l’examen (pp. 66-67 : ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 if time permits)
                     Read all boxed cultural information & culture appliquée in Chapter 2
                     Finish any material remaining in Chapter 2

Wed. 10/01:          Chapter Test (Chapter 2 of Bien dit)
                     Reading Passage: Le Parc Astérix (pp. 364-5) and dictated questions

Th. 10/02:           Listen audio recording of Le Parc Astérix (pp. 364-5); read, translate and answer questions
                     Homework and/or class work: Assigned portion of CRT Study Guide (pp. 2-3)

Fri. 10/03:          Practice for Speaking Assessment (including peer critique)
                     Review all boxed cultural information & culture appliquée in Chapter 2
                     Correct assigned portion CRT Study Guide (pp. 2-3)
                     If time permits: Dictation/ Reading/Writing Assignment
SWBAT:               See preceding weeks for Chapter 2 of Bien dit
Tentative Schedule/ French 1
Week of Monday, October 6 to Friday, October 10, 2008
Mon. 10/06:     Speaking Assessment for CRT/ CRT Review (Finish Study Guide)
Tues: 10/07:    Writing Assessment for CRT/ Dictation/ CRT Review
Wed. 10/08:     CRT
Th. 10/09:      Copy syllabus for the next 2 weeks/ View “Paris, We Built This City” with worksheet
Fri. 10/10:     Finish viewing documentary on Paris/ Students construct quiz on documentary
  SWBAT: See objectives for preceding weeks in the quarter

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