Introduction to the Financial Management of the Organisation by HC120808084323


Introduction to the Financial Management of the Organisation

Text: Business Accounting & Finance
By Davies & Boczko
McGraw Hill ISBN 0-07-710809-4

Each week commencing week 2 you are expected to attend tutorials to discuss work
based on the content of the previous week’s lecture.

The core text is Business Accounting & Finance by Davies & Boczko

Each week the tutorial material will be available on Moodle. This will be of a
standard that should allow you to pass the exam with ease. I would also advise
reading the appropriate sections from Davies & Bocko as this will help
comprehension. The textbook does go beyond this course in its scope but is one of the
better books on the market for ease of reading.

Below I have listed the key sections from Davies & Boczko are relevant to each
lecture week which you should read.

Week   Davies & Boczko
1      Chs 1 & 2
2      Ch 3
3      Ch 4
4      Chs 5 & 6
5      Ch 8 p.277-286 & Ch9 to p.315
6      Ch 8 p.268-300 & Ch 9 p.316-326
7      Ch12
8      Ch 11
9      Ch 13
10     Ch 15
11     Ch 14 p.493 – 509


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