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									                                      1984 Study Guide

Part One: Ch. 1-4

   1.     Describe the government of Oceania.
   2. Why does Winston keep a diary?
   3. How does the diary function as a literary device?
   4. What is the purpose of the Two Minute Hate?
   5. How does the momentary eye contact with O’Brien affect Winston?
   6. Who are the Parsonses and what do they represent?
   7. What is the significance of Winston’s dreams?
   8. What might the dust on the cover of Winston’s diary symbolize?
   9. What are the Physical Jerks?
   10. Explain doublethink.
   11. Describe Winston’s job.

Ch. 5-8

   1. What is revealed in the discussion between Winston and Syme?
   2. What does the reader learn about Oceania’s attitudes toward sex?
   3. Why was the photo of Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford important?
   4. How does Winston view the proles?
   5. What does Winston think when he sees the dark-haired girl?

PART TWO, Ch. 1-5

   1. How does Winston react to the note from Julia?
   2. What does Winston think when he sees the place Julia selects for their meeting?
   3. What is Winston’s reaction when he learns that Julia has had many previous sexual encounters?
   4. What is the significance of the song the woman in the courtyard sings while Winston waits for
   5. How does Winston react when Julia tells him about the rat?
   6. Explain how Winston describes Julia as only a “partial” rebel?
                                       1984 Study Guide

Ch. 6-10

   1. What finally convinces Winston that O’Brien is a member of the Brotherhood?
   2. What does Winston learn as a result of the dream about the paperweight?
   3. Why do Winston and Julia visit O’Brien at his apartment and how does O’Brien test them?
   4. What is the significance of the wine?
   5. What do Julia and Winston think of O’Brien after the meeting?
   6. Why does 1984 contain long passages from “the book”?
   7. What is the meaning of the Party slogan?
   8. Why don’t Julia and Winston realize they have overslept?
   9. Summarize the elements of symbolism and irony in the arrest scene.


   1. Why are the common criminals and political prisoners treated differently in the temporary lock-
   2. Explain how the artificially illuminated Ministry of Love is used as a literary device.
   3. Compare Ampleforth’s and Parsons’ reactions to their arrests.
   4. What does Winston learn about O’Brien?
   5. How does Winston react to the first pain he suffers?
   6. Explain the significance of the math problem.
   7. According to O’Brien, why is Winston brought to the Ministry of Love?
   8. What effect does the machine attached to Winston have?
   9. How do the two characters define existence?
   10. Summarize the three stages of treatment at the Ministry of Love.
   11. Explain Room 101.
   12. What does the scene of Winston at the café reveal about him?
   13. What happens during the accidental meeting?

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