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                   Strong science means dairy will be
                   top trend in 2012, says new report

The growing body of scientific evidence behind the health benefits of dairy
products will propel the category to the forefront of the food and beverage
industry in 2012, according to the latest edition of New Nutrition Business’s
eagerly anticipated annual trend-spotting report.

10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2012 says that dairy already enjoys a
strong ‘naturally healthy’ image in consumers’ minds and has become a credible
category for delivering health messages. In addition, dairy proteins are now
accumulating a substantial body of science behind their benefits in a range of
areas, such as ‘healthy ageing’ and sport.

Key dairy successes in 2011 include the explosion in sales of Greek yoghurt in
the US, where leading brand Chobani is now worth $700m-a-year despite being
launched just four years ago. In addition, Danone’s Activia probiotic yoghurt
brand has continued to do well, with sales growth of 10% in 2011 in the US and
UK, despite being well established in both markets.

Julian Mellentin, director of New Nutrition Business and author of 10 Key Trends,
says that emerging science is improving dairy’s image – and even changing the
bad image of dairy fat, which is increasingly associated with positive health

“You have to wonder if, in the next decade, low and no-fat dairy products come to
be seen as a big dietary mistake,” he says. “In any case perceptions of dairy
products are changing fast. The rebirth of chocolate milk as a sports recovery
drink is one brilliant example of how science is creating new opportunities for

Senior nutrition, identified as a trend in its own right in the 10 Key Trends report,
is a particularly important area for the dairy sector, says Julian, because milk-
based products are a superb carrier for products in this burgeoning category. In
addition protein ingredients – especially dairy protein ingredients – represent a
great but as-yet undeveloped opportunity for the treatment sarcopenia, a muscle
wastage condition common in the elderly.

“Seniors are attractive for many reasons, including their disposable income, their
interest in science-based benefits they can feel, their brand loyalty, and their
swelling numbers,” says Julian. “The dairy sector is perfectly positioned to take
advantage of this because of the high levels of trust and credibility it enjoys
among older consumers.”

As its title suggests, 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2012 identifies and
analyses the ten major forces that will define the food and beverage industry this
year. In full, the key trends are:

• Naturality
• Energy
• Digestive health
• Feel the benefit
• Weight management
• Movement
• Senior nutrition
• Who needs health claims when you have fruit & vegetables?
• Dairy
• Good grains

Julian Mellentin says: “For us, a key trend is one that is very clearly a growth
opportunity – a trend that a company can connect to in order to earn additional
volumes, additional sales and extra profits. We focus only on those trends that
are the underlying key drivers for our industry – not fads or short-term
developments with no long-term meaning.

“In 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2012, we have identified what we
think the innovation opportunities are in relation to each trend. Most
importantly, a key trend has a connection to consumer needs, it has a foundation
of some sort in science, it can be the basis of a successful brand message, and it
offers opportunities for genuine innovation. Any product tapping into a trend
that meets all of these criteria has a strong chance of success in 2012.”

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