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Many people are suggesting that google is currently updating the page rank
of each site, this is what can be seen on the google toolbar and is basically a
rating out of ten for each website. From reading some of the messages on
the search engine forums, different people are reporting changes where as
other people as of yet have seen no changes. It is reported that by the
middle of July in 2006 this update should be visible on all data-centers,
however with google you never can tell as they seem to like to keep people

In reality many people think that this will have little effect on the over all
search engine ranking position of each site as they believe that google has
already factored these changes on a daily or weekly basis in its search
results, but that it only shows the new page rank of each site on its toolbar
around every three months.

So what is all of the fuss about you may be thinking. Why are so many
people always so eager for the next google page rank update to take place?
In my opinion it could be for two reasons:

Fear of seeing a lower overall page rank

Not all webmasters are able to spend as much time as they would like to, in
promoting their own website. Having a good page rank is like having their
site recognised as a good and worthy site and they fear that if they were to
be lowered that this could have a negative affect on their sales etc. They
may think that people may be tempted to buy their products if their site is
classed as a page rank six, however that they may think twice if it was only a
page rank four.

Expectation of a higher page rank
Other webmasters who put in a lot of work promoting their site are hoping
and even expecting to see an increase in page rank for their site. If they
achieve this, all of their hard work will have been worthwhile and it will act
as an inspiration for them to continue promoting their sites in the same way.
If they see no changes or even worse a lowering of page rank, it will show
them that they may need to change the way that they are promoting their

Is page rank important?

I have read many articles and read many messages on different search
engine forums which suggest that their is too much emphasis placed on the
importance of page rank. In a way I agree but I do however think that having
a high page rank is of benefit. Page rank is not the be all and end all, and
people should not become too angry if they are not able to for example
obtain a page rank five straight away. I believe hard work pays off and that a
website should be seen as a long term project. If you stick by the rules, there
is no reason why within a few years your site should not be rewarded with a
respectable page rank value. I think that too many people who bring out
new sites are trying to get rich quick, obtain far too many backward links too
quickly and see the whole thing as a sprint rather than a marathon.

Like most people, I am hoping to see some positive results from this page
rank update, however I aim to stick around to see another one hundred
updates, therefore I will not be shedding any tears if a couple of my sites go
down a grade or two.
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