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Eurid, otherwise known as the European Registry of Internet Domain names,
is a not for profit organization based in Belgium that is specifically
established to run the new .eu registry. Eurid has been appointed by the
European Commission to handle the registration and management of .eu
domain names. In fact, as recent as December 7, 2005, Eurid has begun
accepting applications for .eu domain names. Further, if individuals pay close
attention to the registration dates, they may be able to take advantage of
the .eu registration offers by registering for a .eu domain name with a
domain registrar. Let’s take a look at how the .eu registration process is
framed and how the .eu domain registration process is expected to proceed:

1. First, .eu domains are being rolled out in three phases: Sunrise I, Sunrise
II and Landrush. The first phase, Sunrise I, began on December 7th. Further,
the second phase of the .eu domain registration process, Sunrise II, expected
to commence on February 7th, 2006. Later, the Landrush phase, or phase
three is expected to begin on April 7th 2006.

2. In Sunrise I, which began on 7th December, Government bodies were
offered first picks on .eu domain registering. Government bodies began
registering for domain names and such bodies were located all over the
globe. In fact, the highest percentage of .eu domain registration applications
have been coming in from Germany, followed by France, the Netherlands,
the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Italy and Austria respectively.

3. In Sunrise II, set for February 7th 2006, trademark owners, companies
and other holders of established rights can apply for .eu domain
registration. In fact .eu domain registrars makes the entire process of
registration fast and simple.

4. Due to the fact that the Landrush phase begins April 7th, 2006, a phase
that opens up .eu domain registration to everyone, the time to think about
registration is now. In fact, .eu domain names are expected to go relatively
fast and if you don’t have a few .eu domain registration names in mind, you
might find that you miss out on a terrific opportunity.

5. It is especially important to note that .eu domains are aimed at business
established in Europe or operating across the EU. Therefore, you don’t have
to necessarily reside in Europe if you want to register for a .eu name, but
you can register for a .eu domain name if your website will appeal to a
European audience or you desire to conduct business with a European
audience. In fact, in registering for an .eu domain name, you are giving the
opportunity to increase your web viewing audience and subsequently, you
are afforded the opportunity to increase the popularity of your website or
business site.

6. It pays to know that .eu domain registration is likely to be popular - as a
lot of the most popular domains have gone for .com / Thus, once
again, signing up for a .eu domain name when the domains are still fairly
diverse ensures that you will get a domain name that is easily accessible,
relatively short and easy to remember. There is no time like the present and
if you are interested in the .eu domain names, you need to sign up for one at
a reputable website like as soon as you are
possibly able to do so. If you wait, you may not get the .eu domain name you
desire and everyone knows that the right domain name can have positive
affects on your business or incoming web traffic.

7. There exists a search engine advantage to having your keywords in your
domain name. In fact, with keywords in your domain name, your ranking in
search engines goes even higher and a high rating in a search engine
improves the popularity of your site. Therefore, registering for a new .eu
domain name will help you get a domain name that is ranked high in search
engines all over the Internet.

8. Now is the time to register for .eu domain names, as it is likely to be
popular for the next year then settle down. The reason being is that, at
their current pace, .eu domain names are going fast and after the first year
or so, the most popular .eu domain names will be gone. So, if you want in on
the .eu bandwagon, the time to start thinking about getting a .eu domain
name is now.

9. As proof that .eu domain names will go incredibly fast, Eurid announced
that they received 80,000 applications during the first hour of business!
Such statistics are a testament to the popularity of .eu domain names and it
also stands as a good indication that if you don’t register quickly, you can
miss out on the Internet opportunity of a lifetime.

10. Some 800 registrars have already signed up and are offering .eu domain
names. Again, if you want to get on the .eu domain name wave, then you
better get yourself to a domain registrar’s site and fast! .eu domain names
the race is on and the clock is ticking.
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