6th UK Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference by SJzq4AJ


									6th UK Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference
UCL, 29th - 30th March 2010


Monday 29th March:

11:00 Setting up posters and displays               Chadwick Building G.04

12:30 Buffet Lunch                                  Chadwick Building G.04

14:00 Introductions                                 Chadwick Lecture Theatre

14:10 Peregrine Lecture - Professor Alan Brampton (HR Wallingford)

14:45 Session 1                                      Chadwick Lecture Theatre
      Chair: Professor Alistair Borthwick
      1 Unstructured finite element modelling of overflows
              - Lucy Bricheno (POL)
      2 CFD Modelling and Field Measuring of Offshore Wind Flows over Coastal Dune
         Fields at Magilligan Point, Northern Ireland
              - Irene Delgado-Fernandez (Ulster)
      3 Tidal Power Potential of a Channel Linking an Ocean to an Enclosed Bay with
         Sloping Sides
              - Scott Draper (Oxford)
      4 3-Dimensional Circulation Patterns in a Marine Lake with regard to Residence
         Time and Nutrient Dispersion
              - Keith O'Sullivan (HMRC, Cork)
      5 Wheatstone Downstream LNG Project
              - Oliver Watson (HR Wallingford)

16:00 Tea – Poster Session                          Chadwick Building G.04

16:20 Session 2                                   Chadwick Lecture Theatre
      Chair: Dr Jenny Brown
      1 Statistical Spatial Regression Model for Morphological Modelling and Prediction
              - Anna Bakare (UCL)
      2 The Morphodynamics of Montrose Bay and Implications for Coastal Management
              - Fraser Milne (Dundee)
      3 Beach Nourishment in the UK; A National Review
              - Clive Moon (Southampton)
      4 Morphological characteristics of pocket beaches with significant terrestrial
         sediment input (Kvarner area)
              - Igor Ružic
      5 Evolution of a sand barrier system subsequent to a dune breach
              - Patricia Sala (HMRC, Cork)
      6 How the evolution of crescentic bed patterns is influenced by pre-existing bed-forms
              - Meinard Teissen (Nottingham)

18:00      Close for Day 1

19:30      Conference Dinner                    St Pancras Grand Restaurant
Tuesday 30th March:

08:45 Session 3                                     Wilkins Building Old Refectory
      Chair: Professor Nick Dodd
      1 Freak waves in finite water depth
              - Thomas Adcock (Noble Denton)
      2 Full scale experiments on the effect of Posidonia oceanica seagrass on waves and
         wave-induced flows
              - Eleonora Manca (NOC, Southampton)
      3 Prediction of Wave-induced Current over Submerged Breakwaters using Artificial
         Neural Networks
              - Amir Sharif-Ahmedian (UCL)
      4 Boussinesq Modelling of Waves in the Coastal Zone
              - Jana Orszaghova (Oxford)
      5 A study of the effect of stone protrusion on critical shear stress for stochastic bed
         damage modelling
              - Vidura Vithana (UCL)
      6 Solitary wave-induced flow motion and seabed response around a porous breakwater
              - Ji-sheng Zhang (Dundee)

10:30      Coffee – Poster Session                 Chadwick Bulding G.04

11:00 Session 4                                      Wilkins Building Old Refectory
      Chair: Dr Suzana Ilic
      1 An engineering approach to numerical modelling of swash zone morphodynamics
              - Riccardo Briganti (Nottingham)
      2 Shoreline identification using satellite images
              - Gabriela Garcia Rubio (Plymouth)
      3 Flood/Ebb tidal dominance: its influence on saltmarsh and intertidal habitat
         stability in Poole Harbour
              - Sarah Gardiner (Southampton)
      4 Swash Zone Modelling for Engineering Applications
              - David Kelly (Nottingham)
      5 Managed Realignment: Choosing the Best Modelling Techniques
              - Benjamin Carroll (ABPmer)
      6 Sediment Transport Modelling for Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi
              - Chris Thomas (HR Wallingford)
      7 Strategic planning of the Scottish coastline: Bringing coastal management up to date
              - Peter Whipp (Mouchel)

13:00      Buffet Lunch                            Chadwick Bulding G.04

13:45      Presentations – Close of meeting        Wilkins Building Old Refectory

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