FEM and CFD are now the most important tools in Mechanical engineering fields

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Certified that ____________________________                             CHIEF PATRON
is a regular employee of our institution since          Dr. V. Raghunathan
_________and is hereby sponsored to attend              CEO- GMR Varalakshmi Foundation
A Two-day National workshop on “Computational                                                                  A Two-Day National Workshop
Methods In Engineering” at GMRIT, Rajam,
Srikakulam on 7th -8th October , 2006.                                     PATRON                                             on
                                                        Dr. K. Venkata Rao
                                                        Principal, GMRIT                                      COMPUTATIONAL METHODS
Place:                          Signature of Head                                                                 IN ENGINEERING
Date:                           of the Institution
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INSTITUTION                                                             CHAIRPERSONS
                                                        Dr. C.L.V.R.S.V. Prasad   Dr. V. V. Karjinni
          Established in the year 1997 under the        Dean (AA) – GMRIT         Dean (NI) – GMRIT                7th – 8th October, 2006
aegis of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, GMR
Institute of Technology is a self-financing
Engineering college approved by the All India
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Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and             Prof. P.S.Rao            Prof. K.V.Ramesh
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          Located in Rajam, Srikakulam district of
Andhra Pradesh, GMRIT provides its learning                             CO-ORDINATORS
community state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure
and a competent faculty. The Institute encourages       Dr. R. Narasimha Rao, Associate Professor, ME
collaborative learning between industry and             Sri V. Srinivasarao, Sr. Asst. Professor, Ch.E
academia as a means of reinforcing its curriculum       Sri N.V.S.Shankar, Asst. Professor, ME
with practical and real world experiences.              Sri P.SatyaSagar, Asst. Professor, Ch.E
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                                                        MAILING ADDRESS :
                                                        Applications should be sent to:                                Organized by
                                                        Prof. P.S.Rao,                                   DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
                                                        HOD, Mechanical Engineering Department                           AND
                                                        GMR Institute of Technology                       DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
                                                        Rajam – 532 127
                                                        Srikakulam (Dist)
                                                        Andhra Pradesh                                      GMR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                               GMR Nagar, Rajam – 532 127
                                                        Phone: 08941 – 251593, 252994, 252989                      Srikakulam (Dist.)
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About the course                              RESOURCE PERSONS                                           A TWO-DAY NATIONAL WORKSHOP

        FEM and CFD are now the most          Dr. B.V.S.S.S.Prasad                                                            ON
important tools in Mechanical engineering     Professor,
fields. Many problems related to                                                                             COMPUTATIONAL METHODS
                                              Mechanical Engineering Department,                                 IN ENGINEERING
Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Aero-space       IIT – Madras
and Naval Architecture involves nonlinear                                                                            7th – 8th October, 2006
formulation. The nonlinearities may be        Dr. P.Bangarubabu
geometric nonlinearities or material          Associate Professor,                                                REGISTRATION FORM
nonlinearities. Formulation of these          Mechanical Engineering Department,
problems in FEM is a difficult task. The      NIT - Warangal
advent of computers has made the                                                                     Participant’s Name:
formulation of the problems easy. The aim     Dr. K. Ramji
of the course is to provide an insight into   Associate Professor,                                   Qualification      :
the current state-of-art in finite element    Mechanical Engineering Department,                     Department         :
modeling of nonlinear problems in solid,      A.U. College of Engineering,
structural and fluid flow Analyses.           Visakhapatnam                                          Organization       :
        The course will provide an insight
into various practical aspects of CFD,                                                               Address for
choice of elements, the constructive models   ELIGIBILITY                                            Communication :
and integration scheme among those
                                                 Faculty of Mechanical, Marine, Chemical and
available computer codes. The course also         civil engineering.
provides hands on experience in commonly                                                             Phone No. (O)      :                (R):
available Multiphysics FEA package.              Research Engineers from R & D / Industries
                                                                                                     E- mail ID         :
COURSE CONTENTS:                              REGISTRATION
 Introduction to FEM                                                                                Payment of registration Fees:
 Linear and Nonlinear problems               Participants from Academic Institutions: Rs 500/-
 Advanced Finite Element Methods             Members of ISTE / I.I.Ch.E             :Rs 400/-       D.D. No:                            Dt:
 Introduction to CFD
 Solid Modeling                              Participants from R & D / Industry     :Rs1,000/       Name of the Bank            :
 Mesh generation
 Finite differences, Finite volume and
  Finite element methods in CFD               A photocopy of the accompanying application form,
 Solvers and post – processing               duly filled should be sent along with a D.D drawn in
 Case studies
                                              favour of ‘The Principal, GMRIT, Rajam’                                            Signature of participant
                                              payable at Rajam (SBI or Andhra Bank).

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