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									                                     Continuing Professional Education
                                            Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

Accreditation: Granted to sponsors of continuing                   Often, other types of credit, such as those from the
   education programs that adhere to a set of criteria of          American Osteopathic Association are accepted in
   an accrediting agency serving the continuing                    place of the CME credit unit. Other professionals,
   education needs of a profession. Many sponsors are              such as physicians’ assistants, may want CME credits.
   accredited by several agencies to serve several                 (60 minutes of instruction = 1 CME credit hour).
   professional audiences. This requires the sponsor to
   adhere to more than one set of criteria (although            CNE (Continuing Nursing Education for nurses):
   usually quite similar) for the same activity.                   Units of credit offered by providers accredited by the
                                                                   American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission
   The RSPH is accredited by the National Commission               on Accreditation for contact hours for nurses. Some
   for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) to             accredited nursing providers, such as the Georgia
   offer credits to certified health education specialists.        Nurses Association may use the term “CE” instead of
   CDC is accredited by the Accreditation Council for              “CNE”. (50 minutes of instruction = 1 CNE credit
   Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the                       hour).
   International Association of Continuing Education
   and Training (IACET) and the American Nurses                 CPE, Continuing Professional Education: Used
   Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation              throughout this document to refer to the Rollins
   (ANCCCA) to offer credits to physicians, health                 School of Public Health’s overall program and
   professionals and nurses, respectively.                         individual activities in continuing education for public
                                                                   health professionals. The term CE or continuing
CECH (Continuing Education Contact Hour for                        education is often used as a generic term to define the
  CHES): Units of credit offered by providers                      field and program as well.
   accredited by the National Commission for Health
   Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) for contact             CPE (Continuing Professional Education for
   hours for certified health education specialists               dieticians): Units of credit offered by the
   (CHES). Often, the term CECH and CHES will be                   Commission on Dietetic Registration, the
   used interchangeably to refer to this type of credit. (60       credentialing agency for the American Dietetic
   minutes of instruction = 1 CECH credit hour).                   Association, for contact hours for dieticians. (60
                                                                   minutes of instruction = 1 CPE credit hour).
CEU (Continuing Education Unit for health
  professionals): Defined as 10 contact hours of                International Association for Continuing
   participation in an organized continuing education              Education and Training (IACET): A non-profit
   experience under responsible sponsorship, capable               association of education and training organizations
   direction, and qualified instruction. CEUs, needed by           and individuals devoted to the constructive and
   a variety of health professionals, may be awarded to            consistent use of the continuing education unit (CEU)
   any organization that is willing and able to meet each          and to the improvement of the quality and
   of the criteria established for its use. Authorization by       effectiveness of continuing education, training and
   IACET (International Association for Continuing                 human resource development. As the caretaker of the
   Education and Training) is not required for an                  CEU, the IACET engages in research and
   organization to award CEUs; however, authorization              development projects for effective practices. IACET
   by IACET validates and provides credibility to the              spearheads the movement for continuous
   CEU. (60 mins. of instruction = .1 CEU credit hour)             improvements in continuing education and training
                                                                   through the recognition of sponsors who are willing to
CEU and CE have become generic terms to many –                     undergo a peer review of their practices and make a
   meaning any form of credit for continuing education;            continuing commitment to adhere to the CEU criteria
   however, many organizations use the terms to                    and guidelines for quality continuing education and
   describe their distinctive credit unit (i.e., IACET             training.
   approves providers to offer “CEU”s; other accrediting
   agencies may authorize sponsors to offer “CE”s).             Mandatory Continuing Education
                                                                  Requirements: Many health professionals are
CME (Continuing Medical Education for                              required to accumulate a certain number of credit
  physicians): Units of credit from the American                   hours over a specified period of time to meet state
   Medical Association offered by providers accredited             and/or professional requirements. For example,
   by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical             physicians licensed in Georgia must accumulate 40
   Education (ACCME) -- or approved state medical                  hours of continuing medical education every two
   associations -- for contact hours for physicians (MDs).         years to maintain their state license.
                                                                                                  Laura M. Lloyd, MPH, CHES
                                                                                                         Director, CPE, RSPH

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