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       This is the anticipated program and course topics.
  Changes may be made at the discretion of the Course Directors.


                January 14 – 17, 2010

                    Surgical Course Directors
                        Dr. Darrel Brodke
                       Dr. Alan Hilibrand
                        Dr. Jeffrey Wang
                         Dr. Jim Youssef

                  Non-Surgical Course Directors
                       Dr. William Sullivan
                          Dr. David Fish

                     1/07/10 Version


                             THURSDAY, JANUARY 14

1:00 – 4:00      Registration – Main Lobby

    Moderators: Darrel Brodke, Jim Youssef, Alan Hilibrand, Jeff Wang

      Barriers to Adoption of New Technology in 2010
      Discussion - 15 minutes
       How to Interface with 3 Party Payors
      In Support of the Obama Health Care Plan
      The Role of Medical Societies in Healthcare Reform
      Medical Tourism: A Real Threat?
      Discussion – 20 minutes

      How Can We Use Outcomes Measures?
      The Relevance of QALYs
      The SPORT Trial: An Example of Comparative Effectiveness Research
      Discussion – 15 minutes

6:45 – 7:30 PM          KEYNOTE ADDRESS: “The Debate about Vertebroplasty”
                        Dr. David Kallmes, Mayo Clinic
                        Dr. Gunnar Andersson, Rush University Medical Center

7:30 – 9:00      Welcome Reception – The Cabin Restaurant

                                 FRIDAY, JANUARY 15
                                        MORNING SESSIONS
6:00 – 7:00 am Breakfast

7:00 – 7:50 am – ICL Sessions (Non-CME Event)

7:00 – 7:50 am – Special Session for Non Physicians
                    Complications in ALIF
                    Current cervical total disc arthroplasty options

8:00 – 9:05 am SURGICAL SESSION: Decision-Making in Cervical Spine Surgery
               Moderators: Alan Hilibrand

       Case Presentation in Cervical Myelopathy
        Panel to debate 2 cases of radiculopathy and/or myelopathy
       Laminoplasty: Why it’s Better Than Laminectomy and Fusion
       Laminectomy and Fusion: Why it’s better than Laminoplasty
       Discussion

       Cervical Arthroplasty: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned, role in myelopathy?
       Cervical Deformity Management
       Discussion

8:00 – 9:05 am CONCURRENT NON-OP SESSION: Assessment/Physical Exam
               Moderator: Bill Sullivan
     Spine Training for Skiing
     Cervical Exercises/Rehabilitation “4 For your Cervical Core”
     10 Minute Cervical Spine Exam
     10 Minute Lumbar Spine Exam
     Panel/Audience discussion

9:10 – 10:30 am JOINT SESSION: Debating Health Care Reform
               Moderators: Alan Hilibrand and Darrel Brodke

       Debate #1: Can a Single Payor Model of Healthcare Work in this Country?
       NO: Canadian Healthcare is a Disaster
       MAYBE: The US Military is a Very Effective Single Payor System in this Country
       Discussion

       Debate #2: Is it Time to Bail-Out Of Medicare?
       YES: It Does Not Cover Costs and the Regulation/Paperwork is a Nightmare
       NO: We Have an Ethical Obligation to Treat Our Elderly Patients
       Discussion

       Debate #3: Are Single Specialty Hospitals Killing Our System?
       YES: They are Killing the General Hospital
       NO: Patients are Better Managed
       Discussion

                                FRIDAY, JANUARY 15
                                     AFTERNOON SESSIONS:

4:00 – 6:10 pm JOINT SESSION: Degenerative Disc Disease
        Moderators: Jeff Wang, Jim Youssef

Updates and Current Evidence
    Nucleus Replacements: Current Status and Efficacy - Why it’s failed; What’s the Future?
    Diagnosing Mechanical vs Neuropathic Pain
    Spinal Cord Stimulators
    Discussion

      Arthroplasty: Update and Current Evidence
      Evidence for Fusion with a focus on ALIF
      Discussion

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease
    Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Case
    Novel Non-Operative Treatment (Including injectables, growth factors, etc.)
    History & Exam: Guidance to Plan Further Diagnosis & Treatment
    Psychosocial Evaluation (
    Discussion

6:10 – 7:00 JOINT SESSION: Overview of the Spinal Implant Industry
                    Moderators: Jeff Wang, Jim Youssef & Darrel Brodke

          State of the Industry Address
          Industry Roundtable
               Representatives from various companies, legal profession, medical community.

7:10 – 7:30 pm Non CME: Industry Workshops

7:30 – 8:00 pm         Evening buffet

                           SATURDAY, JANUARY 16
                                        MORNING SESSIONS

6:00 – 7:00 am Breakfast

7:00 – 7:50 am ICL Sessions (Non-CME Events)

7:00 – 7:50 am Special Session for Non-Physicians
     Cervical Spine Trauma, Brace Management, Clearing C-Spine

8:00 – 10:00 SURGICAL SESSION: Surgical Spine Trauma
              Moderator: Jim Youssef, Darrel Brodke

       Update on Spinal Cord Injury
       Minimally Invasive Surgery in the Management of Thoracolumbar Spinal Trauma: Is Fixation
        Without Fusion a Viable Option?
       Discussion

      Case: Traumatic L1 Burst Fracture in the Setting of An Incomplete Neurologic Deficit
    Immediate Surgery is Necessary
    Immediate Surgery is Not Necessary
    Discussion

      Case: Teardrop Fracture Involving Subaxial Cervical Spine
     Anterior Reconstruction Alone
     Posterior Stabilization
     Discussion

      Case: Odontoid Fracture in the Elderly
    Surgery is Best Treatment Option
    Non-Operative Care is Treatment of Choice
    Discussion

8:00 – 10:00 CONCURRENT NON-OP SESSION: Topics in Discography
              Moderator: Bill Sullivan
     Discography Protocols #1: CT always? Pressure Manometer? How many levels?
     Discography Protocols #2: Sedation? Starting at Control (What to do if positive?)
     Discography Complications
     Functional Anesthetic Discography Update
     Spine Psychology for the Non-Psychologist
     Panel Discussion/ Q+A
          o Discography from a Clinician’s Perspective: When is it justified 15 min
          o Why a positive discography doesn’t help 10 min
          o Q & A 15 min

                          SATURDAY, JANUARY 16
                                      AFTERNOON SESSIONS

4:00 – 5:00 PM SURGICAL SESSION: Clinical Classification of Spondylolisthesis: How does it
        Drive Surgical Decision Making?
        Moderators: Darrel Brodke

      Case Presentation: Degenerative Stenosis with Listhesis: Lumbar Spine
      Debates: Gold Standard? – Evidence for Laminectomy Alone VS Evidence for Laminectomy and Fusion
              1. Evidence for Decompression Alone
              2. Evidence for Decompression and Fusion
              3. Evidence for Facet Replacement
              4. Evidence for Interspinous
              5. Evidence for Pedicle Based Motion Preservation
      Panel Discussion to Debate Treatment Options

Concurrent Non-Op Session: Interpreting Guidelines for Evaluation and Management of Low
               Back Pain (American Pain Society/American Academy of Pain Medicine)
(Specific Focus on Recently Published Guidelines with Commentary/Rebuttal by Speaker as Needed)
Moderator: Sullivan

      Facet Intra-Articular and SI Joint Steroid Injections
      Summary of Evidence of Medications (
      Summary of Evidence of Self-Care Advice
      Summary of Evidence of Interventions for Pain During Pregnancy
      Evidence for Pain Psychology: How To Get It Approved by Payors
      Discussion

5:00 – 7:05 pm SURGICAL SESSION: Deformity
               Moderator: Jim Youssef, Darrel Brodke
      Aging Spine: How Does the Cascade of Degeneration Cause Clinical Symptoms?
      Clinical Classification of Degenerative Scoliosis: How Does it Drive Surgical Decision-Making?
      The Cost of Treating Degenerative Scoliosis: Can We Afford It? Are MIS Techniques Cost-
       Effective and Predictable in their Outcomes?
      Discussion

      Case Presentation: Degenerative Scoliosis
           o Transpsoas MIS Fusion
           o Posterior Fixation and Fusion Alone
           o Anterior/Posterior Fixation
      Discussion

      Sagittal and Coronal Balance Reconstruction in Degenerative Scoliosis: How Much is
      Failures in the Osteoporotic Spine
      Discussion

5:00-7:10 pm CONCURRENT NON-OP SESSION: Debates/Updates on Injections
              Moderator: David Fish
     What is the Best Way to Diagnose TOS?
           o Injection Options
           o History/Physical Exam/EMG
                   Rebuttal
     Cervical Epidural Injections: Best Initial Approach
           o Transforaminal?
           o Interlaminar?
                   Rebuttal
     Discussion / Audience Participation / Q+A
     Update on Steroid Choice
     Update on Needle Type
     Needle placement for Piriformis and SI joint
     Audience Participation/Panel Discussion

7:15 – 7:35 pm Non CME: Industry Workshops

7:35 – 8:05 pm     Evening buffet

                                        MORNING SESSIONS

6:00 – 7:00 am Breakfast

7:00 – 7:50   JOINT SESSION: Evidence-Based Medicine - Biologics
     Biologics in Spine Care: Present and Future
     The Lack of Evidence for Our Current Use of Biologics
     Development of a Biologics Registry
     Panel Discussion
     Q&A

8:00 – 9:30 am JOINT SESSION: Legal/Political/Ethical Issues
               Moderators: Alan Hilibrand, Jim Youssef
Legal Subsection
     Update on Development, Ownership and Protection of IP
     Medical Liability Issues for the Spine Surgeons and Non-Operative Practitioners
     Discussion
Practice Management Subsection: The Drive to Ancillary Income
     The Issues Surrounding Self-Referral/How Do We Manage Our Involvement With: PT, MRI,
        DME, Procedure rooms
     Choosing implants: How to Manage Industry Relationships, Patients, and Our Facility
     Discussion

9:40 – 11:20 am SURGICAL SESSION: Complications and Management
        Moderators: Jim Youssef
     BMP Complications
       Complications in the First Hours After Surgery: What is Safe in the Ambulatory Arena?
     Dural Tears, CSF Leak
     Discussion –
     Transpsoas and Retroperitoneal Complications:
               - With Neuro Monitoring
               - Without Neuro Monitoring
     Discussion

9:40 – 11:20 am CONCURRENT NON-OP SESSION: Update Regarding Pain Assessment, Imaging
               and Medications
               David Fish, Moderator
     Role of Imaging to Diagnose Pain of Spinal Origin
     Positional/Harness MRI in Assessment of Lumbar Disc Herniation
     Update on Fusion Study / Future Innovations
     Role of X-Ray: Does Flex/Ext Alter Treatment?
     Is Advanced Imaging Necessary Prior to ESI, or Is It Just CYA?
     New Medication Innovations for Spine Pain
     Discussion

                                    COURSE ADJOURNS


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