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									An Overview

         – Certiprep 2007 at a Glance
         – Side-by-side: Certiprep
           2007 & 2003
         – Single User or Network
         – Certiprep 2007 Products &
         – Competitive Analysis
         – Purchasing Certiprep 2007
         – Demo
Certiprep 2007 at a Glance

  – Assessment and Learning tools for Microsoft Certified
    Application Specialist exams (Office 2007)
  – For all MCAS exams (except Windows™ Vista)
  – “Live In-application” technology
  – Learning Mode: provides feedback, step-by-step
  – Practice Test: simulates the exam experience
  – Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® has roughly 35
    questions; Outlook® and Access® has 60 questions
  – Currently available in English only
Side-by-side: Certiprep 2007 & 2003
                                 Certiprep 2003                         Certiprep 2007

                             Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®,        Same applications in Microsoft® Office
      Applications         Outlook®, and Access® for Office      2007. (Plus, single-application or
                                 2000, XP, and 2003.               application-combo licenses.)

      Web-based                                                 By tying students to a group number,
                                    Not available.             administrators view individual ,class or
 Administrator Reporting                                         overall organization results online.

   Courseware Study                                           Practice modules on Certiprep 2007 point
                                    Not available.               to approved learning materials for
      References                                                          additional study.
                                                                         Offers 2 Prep Modes:
   Practice Test Mode               Not available.            Learning (not timed or scored) & Practice
                                                              Test (timed, scored and reported in online
                                                                        global digital transcript)
                                                                        Per User Licensing.
      License Type             Per Seat Licensing, only.      Network versions (for organizational use)
                                                               Single User version (for use at home).

        Duration                    No expiration.             3 month, 6 month & 12 month licensing
Single User or Network License?

• Single User License               For “At-home” Use
   – For one (1) user primarily
   – Available for Testing           Organizational firewalls
                                    may prevent the Single User
     Centers at various             license from working at a
     quantities                     school or business
   – Delivered online via            Single User login will
     terminal services              permit use on Network
                                    License of Certiprep
   – Users do not need to have
     Office 2007 installed
   – Once terminal service
     installed, simply log in and
     begin exercises.
Single User or Network License?

  For “Organizational” Use
                             • Network License
                               – For multiple users:
  Whether a school,             Available in licenses of 1,
 business, or government         10, 30, 60, 120, 150, and
 agency … the organization
 that uses the Certiprep
                                 500. (> 500 = negotiable)
 Network License must be a     – Delivered through
 Certiport testing center.       iQsystem 6.2 and above
                               – Testing Centers must have
                                 full installation of Microsoft
                                 Office 2007
                               – Certiprep 2007 initiated by
                                 new desktop icon installed
                                 by iQsystem 6.2 and above
Purchasing Certiprep 2007

  – Purchase of
    Network License
     • Through
     • Initiate
       desktop icon
Purchasing Certiprep 2007

  – Managed like
    exam inventory
Purchasing Certiprep 2007

  – Single User
    Receives e-mail
     • Support
     • Installation
       and Use
     • License Keys

  – Single User
    version like
    exam vouchers
Demo Presentation
Demo Presentation Instructions

• Download .EXE file
• Double-click file to initiate Flash presentation
   – Covers basic Certiprep 2007 usage (Single User)

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