Tal Ovadia is a professional manager with over 12 years experience

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					                                             Tal Ovadia

Tal Ovadia is a professional manager with over 12 years experience in the information systems and
post production fields. His experience in various industries ranging from microchip manufacturer, to
entertainment industry has given Tal a diverse background and an encompassing point of view.

Tal’s career has started at Intel’s special platforms group where he was involved in assessment of new
technologies and their implementation into the standard environment. At that position Tal got his
passion for learning and improvement.
Going back to school at age 28, Tal completed his Bachelors degree in Computer Science and moved on
to receive his Masters in Engineering Management. Tal’s continues passion for learning led him to
areas of process improvement such as LEAN and getting certified in LEAN Operations. Tal continued
his research on process improvement and became a big advocate for TOC (Theory of Constraints).

Tal’s career moved him from high tech in to systems and operations. As an ERP project manager at
Softengine, Tal managed multiple projects mainly in the implementation and design of accounting
management software for the wholesale distribution industry. When the opportunity arose, Tal took
over the operations at DVPC, a DVD authoring facility and managed to increase production and
quality while reducing costs by building in processes and methodologies that reduced the overhead
and allowed improvement with less staff.

At DVPC Tal fell in love with the Entertainment industry and continue to hold several other positions
such as the Director of Technical Services at SDI Media, the largest subtitling and dubbing facility in
the world, and the Unit Operations manager for Warner Bros. DETE (Digital supply chain) system.

Tal’s will for helping others led him back to CSUN (California State University Northridge) where he
now teaches part time at the Engineering Management Graduate program. Tal teaches classes such as
Project Management, International Management, and Managing the Engineering Professional, a class
that helps technical people to make the transition to management and become better managers.

Tal currently resides in Northridge California, where he lives with his wife Ayala and 2 kids Sahar &

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