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					Glasgow Local Practitioner Forum
Note of Planning Meeting held on
Tuesday 25 October
At 11.30 am
Meeting Room, Centre for Sensory Impaired People, Gullane St

Eleanor Kennedy                Social Worker CSIP                 North West
David Crawford                 Executive Director of Social       Citywide
Alan Carmichael                Social Worker OPPD                 South
Anne-Marie Bell                Social Worker OPPD                 South
Audrey McPhail                 Social Worker C&F Disability       North West

Mark Taylor                    SO Learning and                    Citywide
Joanna Payne (Minute           Resource Worker Refugee            Citywide
Taker)                         and Asylum Services
Jane Muir                      Social Worker OPPD                 South
Elaine Millar                  SO Learning and                    Citywide


Catherine Carey                    Social Worker CJ                  South
Kelly Fowler                       Social Worker CJ                  South
Ann Cull                           Social Worker C&F                 North East
Saima Sheikh                       Social Worker C&F                 South
Harminder Ghatorae                 Senior Officer                    City-wide
Mohsina Rai                        Social Worker C&F                 North East
Janine Fraser                      Social Worker C&F                 North East
Jim Bryden                         Social Worker CJ                  North East
Jane Muir                          Social Worker OPPD                South
Adam Tarbet                        Social Worker C&F Disability      North West
David Prentice                     Social Worker ALDT                North West

1.       Introduction

         Eleanor agreed to chair the meeting and effected introductions.

2.       Minute of Previous Meeting

         The minute of the previous meeting was approved with one amendment. Mark noted
         that he was present but his name is not on the attendance list. Joanna to update and
         send out.

3.       Update from Local LPFs
         Eleanor updated the meeting on the LPF open day held in North West on 29
         September. The event was attended by around 20 people. Mike Burns, Head of
         Social Work in North West and Tim Parkinson of SASW spoke to the attendees. The
         event was successful and seems to have generated some interest.

         South have yet to hold a distinct LPF, although there is a Criminal Justice LPF which
         continues to meet and the Castlemilk office are nearly ready to hold a LPF there.

         North East are organising LPF meetings in their area.

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    4.       Review of the Information Protocol

             The meeting went on to discuss communication with the Governance Board and
             the recent misunderstanding between the Research and Practice Development
             Sub -group (R&PD Group) and the LPF representation.

             David suggested that any issues which the LPF have discussed and think merit
             going to the Governance Board should be run through the R&PD Group. This will
             give the LPF a better chance of finding out if there are initiatives in place to
             address particular issues and allow all R&PD Group members to contribute to the

             He also suggested focussing on smaller areas in which a difference can be made
             rather than large, overarching issues.

             It was noted that the main advantage of LPFs is that it offers practitioners the
             chance to meet others in the organisation in an informal way. Links can then be
             better formed between teams and communication should flow more effectively.

             David informed the meeting that Mike Burns is leading work on supervision at the
             moment and suggested that the LPF contact Mike with a view to presenting views
             of practitioners to inform the strategy he is working on. Discussion followed
             around supervision and various issues including:

                      Managers may have only experienced poor supervision themselves and
                       are then expected to provide good supervision
                      Measures of “good” and “poor” supervision need to be clearly set out
                      Health managers are still supervising social work staff in C&F and OPPD
                      Could a certified course for managers be developed and delivered?

             Discussion turned to the Governance Board and its membership. David advised
             that the Governance Board has been set up to review practice audits, policies
             and procedures and membership consists of representation from the three SW
             areas and Centre based senior management. Academic institutions also have
             representation and there is a move to invite Mark Hendrickson who is the Lead
             Inspector for the Care Inspectorate to attend on a regular basis as well as Dr
             David Watson of Glasgow University and Andy Kendrick from Caledonian
             University. David commented that because Glasgow is the largest local authority
             in Scotland, we have great potential to influence and inform the national Social
             Work agenda.

             Now that organisational changes have settled down for the time being, the Senior
             Management Team are more able to focus on the professional agenda and
             improving policy implementation.

             Mark raised the formal induction for new Social Workers which is taking place on
             7 November at Nye Bevan House. It was suggested that the LPF provide
             material for the induction pack for the next round of formal induction.

    5.       Date of Next Meeting
             The next meeting date was set for Thursday 24 November at 10 am to 12 pm in
             the Centre for Sensory Impaired People (CSIP), 17 Gullane St, Partick G11 6AH.
             Joanna to send out meeting invitation and circulate minutes.

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