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					Quality Assurance
Centurum places the satisfaction of our customers at the top of our business priorities. It
drives the culture of our company. It is instilled in our employees and it is ingrained in
our business practices. Customer satisfaction is also an objective we relentlessly pursue
because we understand the importance of your mission. Centurum’s hallmark is “delivery
as promised”—and we are known for our ability to put the right people with the right
knowledge and experience on the job.

Today, more than ever, our Government IT mission is critical to evolving national
security requirements, which stretch government budgets and human capitol resources to
their limits. Our customers depend more than ever on our proven ability to rapidly field
solutions and dedicate expert personnel to meet their requirements. Centurum has the
depth and breadth of experience to provide the network centric solutions and resources
they need.

Unlike many commercial IT companies now pursuing federal contracts, our customers
know that Centurum has been supporting mission-critical technologies for the DoD and
the Federal Government for decades.

Centurum’s Financial Condition.
Centurum has established an internal policy to conservatively manage its finances in order
to insure its independence and to provide its customers with a high level of performance.
Unlike many of our competitors, Centurum’s financial strength has enabled it to remain
independent. This independence provides the customer with continuity of performance
without a change in management, corporate structure, or ownership. In addition to this
continuity the customer is not burdened with administrative effort such as novations. In
summary, Centurum, through its conservative fiscal policies and resulting financial
strength provides the Navy with reduced risk when compared to the overall industry.

Quality Assurance Programs. Centurum’s Quality Assurance Manual is reviewed
annually to insure compliance with current DoD and Department of the Navy standards.
The Centurum Quality Assurance Manager is directly responsible to the Vice President.
To further improve our Quality Assurance, Centurum is in the process of receiving
CMMI certification for all our offices. In June 2008, our Charleston office successfully
completed a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model -
Integration (CMMI) Standardized CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
(SCAMPI A; Appraisal #11096) for their Life Cycle Support (LCS) Department.
Currently our San Diego office is in the process of being certified CMMI.

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