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					                                KNOW YOUR 2011 CSA GROWERS

                                                       outside of Holton, Indiana. They are assisted
Mark Bryant, his wife, Kendra, and three               by their three grown children-- Andy, Jim, and
children live in Madison, Indiana, on a 19 acre        Tracy when they can. They raise crops of corn,
family farm where he grows a variety of                soybeans, tobacco, wheat, straw and hay.
vegetables and some fruits on 1.5 acres. He            They also have: a herd of cattle and calves.
grew up in northern Indiana on a corn,                 They set aside several acres for their gardens.
soybean, and beef farm, and his wife grew up           Kenny and Sue have grown and marketed their
near Seattle, Washington. He has been selling          produce for many years.
at the Madison's farmers' market since 2000
when he and his wife moved to Madison. His             Kenny and Sue have marketed their produce
main staples at the market are tomatoes and            for many years at 23828 Stateline Road in
green beans along with potatoes, squash,               Bright, IN. They open in July when the sweet
peppers, cucumbers, and other seasonal                 corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon,
produce. He also grows strawberries and has            cantaloupes and other traditional Indiana
some fruit trees and blueberries for family use.       vegetables are ready. In the fall you can find
Even though they are a pain to weed, one of            many varieties of pumpkins, squash, gourds,
his favorite vegetables to grow is carrots. Even       Indian corn, corn stalks, straw and other fall
some of his customers ask him when he is               items. Just about anything needed for fall
going to have more carrots because they are            decorating. This market is open seven days a
amazed at the taste of fresh carrots. Since            week from July 1 until November 1st. They
2009 he contributed to a CSA program for the           would love for you to come and see what they
Madison area and in 2011 he will sell some             have to offer. When they cannot be at the
produce for FarmFreshCSA in Batesville,                market site, they use the “honor system.” All
Indiana.                                               you have to do is drop your money in the
John Huffman and Sharon Cumberworth,
operate a third generation farm north of               Tom and Vicki Koons live on 1.3 acres near
Delaware in Ripley County. John Huffman and            Versailles, Indiana. They have raised a garden
Sharon Cumberworth operate a third                     on their home property for many years. Tom
generation farm north of Delaware in Ripley            gardened as a child raising a variety of
County. They raise produce and hay and rent            produce at his family’s homesite as well as for
part of their acres for row crops. John                his grandparents. Vicki cans and freezes
operates two green houses in the spring selling        much of the produce they raise. Their children
vegetable plants and assorted flowers. He              and grandchildren help out when they can
also raises feeder lambs and three breeds of           which is the Koons’ way to share their love of
4H chickens. John and Sharon have                      gardening with their children and grandchildren
participated in FarmFreshCSA since the start           and have fun with them at the same time.
of the coop in 2006. John has been raising             They believe eating fresh, healthy food and
produce for 19 years having his own market at          canning what they grow not only saves them
his home site for 17 years. The market has             money but provides appreciation for the gifts of
been closed now for three years, but they              Earth. 2010 will be the first year for the Koons
continue selling 800-1000 mums in the fall,            to grow for FarmFreshCSA. They will grow
both wholesale and retail. Both John and               potatoes, sweet potatoes and turnips this first
Sharon have full time jobs with REMC in                year.
Osgood, Indiana.
                                                       Christopher and Dawn Merkel live on a 28
Kenny and Sue Keyes own and operate their              acre farm one mile north of Delaware on
family farm located in the Hopewell Community
Highway 129. They also rent 24 acres south of             attracts visitors from the tri-state. The shop is
Batesville from Chris’ homestead which has                operated by Shelia and her two sisters,
been in the family since 1952. They have been             Geralyn and Mara. The shop features home
raising sweet corn, pumpkins and other                    and garden décor, wreaths and floral
vegetables since 1999 selling them locally and            arrangements for all seasons. Guests are able
at Findlay Market in Cincinnati. You can find             to stroll the farm’s gardens, see the goats, and
them most summer Saturdays at this historic               enjoy a truly unique shopping experience in a
outdoor market—eagerly sought out by their                country setting. For events and hours check
returning customers. Their farming practices     .
for the most part are natural except for the
sweet corn. For this they use a very low rate             The Merkels have taken their passion of
of herbicide for weed control and some                    growing healthful produce and have partnered
synthetic fertilizer to get the sweetness they            with Batesville’s local hospital to host “Farm
desire. Eventually they hope to raise sweet               Fit”, an educational program designed to
corn organically, but to date their soil is not yet       educate children about where food comes
ready. They are continually experimenting with            from. The program places emphasis on
cover crops and new soil management                       nutrition, physical fitness and just trying new
methods hoping to be better stewards of the               vegetables. Now in it’s 5th year, over 400
land.                                                     school children come to the farm each Spring
                                                          to participate in fun activities at the farm.
Tim and Shelia Merkel and their family                    If the opportunity arises this year, you are
became the 6th generation to operate the                  invited to visit the farm to see what’s growing in
family’s historic Hoosier Homestead after Tim’s           the gardens.
father’s sudden death in 2002. Tim and Shelia
began the process of making the family farm               Sister Marie Nett, OSF, and Jackie Betsch
                                                          are full time gardeners at Michaela Farm in
sustainable for future generations to come.               Oldenburg, Indiana on the “family farm” of the
Boer goats, a goat that is marketed for its               Sisters of St. Francis. Sister Marie has been
meat, roam the 100 acre farm. Many                        on the farm staff since 2002 when she returned
conservation efforts have been put in place               to Oldenburg after seven years as
over the last several years. New fencing and              caretaker/gardener at Anderson Woods in
paddocks were installed in addition to a 6 acre           Perry County, Indiana. Jackie has been on the
pond with pipelines for watering facilities. The          farm staff since March 2011 when she returned
Merkels are learning about rotational grazing             to her Franklin County home after attending
and how to provide the proper nutrition for the           DePauw University and Arizona State
grass fed animals.                                        University for undergraduate and graduate
The gardens seem to grow and expand each
year at the farm. A large asparagus and                   Michaela Farm operated a CSA Program from
rhubarb patch have been planted over last few             1999 through 2002 and was organically
years. In addition, the farm has various                  certified for several years. Certification was
gardens that are inviting to visitors who come            discontinued after 2002 for financial and other
to the farm. A variety of vegetable and herbs             reasons, but the farm continues to use natural
are grown for the FarmFresh CSA Program                   farming methods for vegetable and fruit
through the Laughery Valley Growers                       production. The farm also provides vegetables
Cooperative. Much effort goes into producing              and fruits for the Convent Dining Services.
safe, natural, pesticide free vegetables and
grass fed meats.                                          Besides produce, Michaela Farm also provides
                                                          lean grass-fed beef to the Convent and to the
The original Merkel family home place has                 general public from its 50+ herd of beefalo
been converted to a unique gift shop that                 cattle. Beefalo are noted for their efficient
conversion of forage into lean, healthful beef.         Since Richard can devote his “retirement days”
The farm also raises chickens for egg sales.            to growing food, he is willing to commit some
                                                        garden space to natural methods of vegetable
In addition to the gardeners, Michaela Farm             production and supply some of the weather-
staff includes Chris Merkel as farm manager             sensitive vegetables that were not available for
and Josh Hannebaum as farm assistant.                   the CSA boxes last year, namely broccoli and
Additionally, seasonal workers and volunteers           cauliflower—in both early and late seasons.
help keep the gardens growing and producing.            The Salatins are happy to partner with other
One of the retired Sisters helps in the                 growers in creating our local food shed. They
greenhouse and packing facility.                        already have a head start! To contact them
                                                        call 812-744-3481 or e-mail
Michaela Farm is happy to continue offering   
safe, nutritious produce to area residents.
Each year offers some experimentation. The              Ande and Lauren Schewe are working
growth and drying of stevia as a natural, non-          towards a more permanent sustainable way of
caloric sweetener continues this year and is            life for their generation and their children's
joined by trials of popcorn. For more                   children by being stewards of the land at Wind
information on Michaela Farm view our website           Dance Farm, a small intensive family project
at                located in Ripley County. They are active
                                                        regionally in farmer's markets and CSA’s
Richard and Donna Salatin reside in Moores              providing an abundance of vegetables and
Hill where they own and operate the Salatin             edible/medicinal plants. The Schewes have
Orchard and gardens for the past 23 years.              also experimented successfully the last two
Currently they have 15 acres of fruit trees with        winters with seasonal extensions and found
yellow and white peaches, 25 varieties of apples,       new demands for more year round local food
pears, plums, sweet and sour cherries, grapes,          choices.
raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. They
also grow a variety of garden vegetables.               The Schewes are building a sustainable straw-
                                                        bale dwelling space on the family land. Ande is
Richard brings his 35 years of Kroger                   a certified permaculturist and continues his
merchandising experience to his family                  consultation practice. Lauren is a certified yoga
business at the couple’s home market. Their             teacher and Thai yoga massage therapist, also
“store” features the fresh fruits and vegetables        currently studying to become certified in
throughout the growing season. Customers                permaculture and herbalism. With a dedication
can buy a variety of food-related items in the          to the Ohio River Valley, Ande and Lauren
attractively arranged market: natural vinegar,          continue to reach out to the local community to
jams, jellies, apple butter (with or without            begin to make way for a more peaceful and
sugar), apple peelers, cinnamon sticks, mulling         permanent way of agriculture and life.
spices and popcorn. In the fall they have a
large variety of pumpkins, Indian corn, corn            Greg Schwering and Fellowship Gardeners,
stalks, squash and fall mums. And during                including Pastor Dennis Werner from the Solid
apple season, the cider presses are constantly          Rock Bible Fellowship Church in Napoleon,
busy. They also offer hayrides and school               Indiana, joined the Laughery Valley Growers,
tours scheduled in advance.                             Inc. in 2010 to market their naturally grown
                                                        produce on land owned by Greg Schwering
Richard, with his friend Gabe Seidman, are              and Shellie Wilson in Osgood, Indiana. Theirs
regular vendors at the Saturday Farmers’                is a community effort with eight church
Market in Batesville, where they always have            members forming a gardening project to
abundant fresh fruits and vegetables—and                enhance fellowship among themselves and to
they seldom run out!                                    invite the youth of the church to join them in
                                                        this effort. Most of the proceeds from the sale
of such produce will be used by the church to          produce has been a part of every summer
do good for others. The Wilson land includes           routine and is a family project with everyone
four acres of bottom ground and the Schwering          playing a part. The family has had great
land four acres of high ground. No pesticides          success in utilizing natural growing techniques
have been used on these acres for over 15              with strawberries and potatoes. The use of
years. All the members of this fellowship group        beneficial insects and crop rotations has
are lifelong farmers. Besides Greg, Dennis             proven effective in making this possible. For
and Shellie the group includes Rodney Evans,           the past few years they have been able to sell
Allen Redelman, Ron Schwering, Wayne                   produce at local markets and a few
Tingle, Boyd Vanover.                                  restaurants. Mike hopes to be able to expand
                                                       markets for his produce and incorporate his
Lisa and Eric Spencer own and operate                  love for gardening in supplementing his coming
Pennington Hollow Farm, a small farm or a big          retirement.
garden, Assisted by their 6 children. The
farm’s name comes from the location, an area           The Swangos have a large variety of produce
which was owned by the family who lived and            available for market: strawberries, beans,
farmed in this area a few generations ago. Eric        potatoes (red and white), sweet potatoes,
works full-time as a Chemist in Ohio but               tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and broccoli.
spends his free time working on the farm. Lisa         They welcome individuals and families who
and the children raise a variety of Certified          would like to see first hand where their produce
Naturally Grown ™ vegetables on                        is coming from to come and visit. They can be
approximately 2 acres, including 28 raised             reached at (812) 689-5934.
beds. They operated their own CSA in
Brookville, Indiana, from 2005-2009 and are            Steve and Barbara Wood own 40 acres in
shifting to the coop’s CSA in 2010. Their              Switzerland County, Indiana, half of which is
primary goal has been to build soil fertility by       tillable, though most of that is in hay and
using local resources and natural means.               pasture. They have had a herd of milking goats
Because they are a small family farm, they can         for over thirty years, raised dried flowers
intensively manage their crops. For that               (about one quarter acre) for some time and
reason, they are able to use no synthetic              usually have an acre of sweet corn that we
fertilizers and a very limited amount of organic       sell on site. They farm mostly in self-defense
pest controls. They specialize in growing              since they eat only whole foods. Barbara even
open-pollinated and/or Heirloom varieties for          operated a whole foods restaurant in Cincinnati
their great taste. For more information and            for a few years. Their garden site is about one
photos of their gardens, visit their web-site at       acre with a small orchard and blueberry                          bushes. Barbara has been trying her hand at
                                                       winemaking with Steve proclaiming that her
Michael and Christy Swango live on a small             wines are excellent. They are increasing their
30 acre farm in Shelby Township in Ripley              fall crops growing mostly Chinese cabbages.
County. This farm has been their home for              When not hoeing or haying, Steve does home
nearly 30 years. They are assisted in their            repairs and installs exhibits at the Museum of
gardening endeavors by their two children,             Natural History in Cincinnati. The Woods’
Jessica and Paul, and their granddaughter,             Farm is open for visitors and all are welcome.
Bailee. Mike’s passion for gardening began at          Contact them at 812-667-3769.
a very young age when he assisted his
grandfather in Switzerland County who raised           Tom Vogelsang continues his grandfather’s
his gardens with horses and a great deal of            tradition of growing corn and pumpkins on the
hard work. Large vegetable gardens and                 family farm four miles from Sunman, Indiana.
operating a u-pick strawberry operation has            As a child he loved the autumn months
been part of the family farm from the                  because of fall harvesting. Now he specializes
beginning. Canning and preserving their own            in gladiolas, but grows a variety of vegetables
including carrots, cabbage and beets. He
welcomes the challenge each new growing
season brings to his gardening skills. He sells
his produce and flowers at the Batesville
Saturday market and looks forward to selling
carrots for the CSA boxes.

Other New growers for 2011
Jeff & Danielle Chandler, Cross Plains
Nancy & Bill Romans, Vevay
John Selm, Brookville
Ralph & Donna Stenger, Cross Plains

Current as of April 4, 2011


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