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The Open University, EMC and ITS Talk
     Big Data to UAE Universities
Dubai – August, 7 2012: Every day, the world creates over 2.5 quintillion bytes of
data. 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone. This
incredible volume of data comes from everywhere; sensors installed all over the world
used to gather information on the climate for example, mobile phone GPS signals,
posts to social media sites, digital pictures and video uploads and downloads.

For universities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), although still not in the big data
sphere, preparations need to be underway for managing complex data as their
campuses become more and more digitized. And with the growing number of students
pursuing higher education, the capacity to manage information like enrolment
documents, health certificates, transcripts, curriculums and correspondence requires
centralized solutions to deal with all that material.

With these very apparent changes, ITS (International Turnkey Systems) Group, a
leading technology solution provider for higher education institutions and EMC
Corporation, the world leader in information management and storage, addressed
these issues at the ‘Enterprise Seminar for Higher Education’ in Abu Dhabi. ITS and
EMC have helped many educational institutions in raising inter-departmental
collaboration and processes by developing a 360 degree solution to manage student
information from a single interface through Documentum Integration with leading SIS
education solutions.

The Open University, the largest university in the United Kingdom dedicated to
distance learning, was also present to discuss and exchange experiences in managing
big data and student information assets.

“EMC was proud to participate in this joint event in Abu Dhabi together with ITS and
are pleased that the higher education sector can truly benefit from these solutions.
Our client, Open University, came from the United Kingdom to share its experience
with us at the seminar,” said Alessio Gallo, EMC IIG, Regional Vice President EMEA.
“We hope that all attendees appreciated this productive presentation and discussion.”

The Open University executives presented a case study about the importance of
improving the management, storage, retention, access, retrieval and value of its most
important information assets – the educational materials it provides to students.

“Students and faculty today look to enrol in universities that embrace high technology
to enable distance learning and teaching. Achieving such levels of interactivity will
determine the competitiveness of universities going forward and act as the catalyst for
attracting students and educators alike,” said Khaled Faraj Al-Saeid, ITS managing
director and general manager.

Al-Saeid added that the UAE was fast becoming a “beacon of higher education
excellence” and was not only attracting students and teachers from the wider Middle
East region but also internationally. “In order to remain competitive and financially
successful they need to continually invest in technology.”

“The event showcased how universities could streamline their education content
processes with EMC Documentum xCP2 and was a platform for them to meet and
network with their peers,” he continued.

ITS   Education   offers   academic   institutions,   governmental   organizations   and
corporations a comprehensive range of solutions that cater to their individual needs.
They provide higher education institutions and training academies with solutions to
manage everything from admissions to alumni relations, in addition they provide
teachers with the tools they need to assess and manage learners’ individual progress
ensuring that students have an enriched and engaging learning experience.

ITS developed its OneCampus solution for the higher education sector that provides a
unique and innovative approach through technical and social integrated solutions
accompanied by incomparable services.

The applications and the solutions provided by OneCampus are fully compatible with
the future plans of any university or educational body which aim to keep pace with its

growth and to ensure the best at educational, administrative and technical service

During the last few years the ITS Group succeeded in providing a range of unique
solutions, systems and techniques which are suitable for universities and educational
institutions across the Middle East. The ITS solutions are in line with the requirements
of students in the region and it is this factor which distinguishes ITS from other
companies operating in the same activity.

While modern technology has increased substantially it is the deep-rooted experience
of the ITS Group which allows the company to meet client requirements and to
successfully apply the OneCampus solutions with internationally high standard


About ITS Group:
International Turnkey Systems (ITS), founded in 1981 in Kuwait, is a leading company in
providing integrated information technology solutions and software services. The ITS Center
for Educational Technologies (ITS CET) provides a viable and proven technology framework
designed to empower educational institutions to meet the challenges of the future through
intelligent use of information technology. For more information visit

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