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 6                                   Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
 7                                             January 12, 2004
 8                                             November 4, 2003
11   Call to Order
12   Board President Dr. Freeman Rosenblum called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
14   Board Members present:                                    Board Staff present:
15   Freeman Rosenblum, D.D.S., President                      Marshall Shragg, Executive Director
16   Marguerite Rheinberger, J.D, M.P.H., M.A., VP             Julie Ann Jeppesen, Administrative Assistant
17   Linda Boyum, R.D.A., Secretary
18   Susan Gross, D.D.S.
20   Others in Attendance (per sign in sheet): Natalie Kaweckyj, MDAA; Candy HazenRose Stokke, MDHA;
21   Marge Jocelyn, MDHA;, Dick Diercks, MDA; Pat Glasrud, MDA; Dick Wiberg, MDA; Denis Zack, MACD.
23   Review and Approval of Minutes
24   Minutes from the November 4September 2, 2003, Executive Committee meeting were reviewed and approved.
26   MOTION: Ms. RheinbergerBoyum                                               SECOND: Dr. Gross
28   VOTE: For: Unanimous                              RESULT: Motion carried.
30   Association Reports
32   MDHA
33   ReportMDA
34   Dick Dierks discussed the public meeting for November. Mr. Dierks provided. information on the amalgam
35   separator program. He also provided information about the MDA event ‘Give Kids a Smile’ on February 6th – 7th.
36   Mr. Dierks reminded all those present about the workshop coming up “Is the Sky Really Falling?”
38   New Certificates
39   The new certificates have been receiving a few criticisms regarding their size and overall presentation, so Marshall
40   Shragg requested example certificates from the other state’s dental boards. Other boards that have moved from a
41   larger certificate to one similar to the one dentistry is currently using did comment that there was quite an uproar
42   initially, but that it died down within a few years. The primary concern for the board currently is regarding the
43   addresses which are being printed on the certificates. Although this is public information, the preference would be
44   to move the address off the certificate itself and onto the wallet card. This year there will be two options: posting
45   the wallet card or covering the address with some non-permanent material.
47   Star of the North
48   The Board of Dentistry is going to have not only the regular booth in the main lobby, but will also be doing a table
49   clinic in the Exhibit Hall on Monday morning from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., as well as provide a presentation. The
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 1   presentation time is still being determined. Our two possibilities are Sunday afternoon after the keynote speaker or
 2   Monday afternoon. Julie will follow up on which time slot will be given later this week.
 3   GL Suite
 4   Marshall Shragg, Executive Director for the Board of Dentistry, reported that GL Suite should be up and running
 5   on November 12. The Board will have the ability to work on and continue to improve the program after that date.
 7   Office Space Plan Discussion
 8   After much discussion with BMP, it was determined that BMP might not want to cover the expenses involved in
 9   moving the Board of Dentistry to another floor. Discussion about current budgetary issues ensued.
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 1   GL Suite
 2   Staff has completed the Board’s first renewal period with GL Suite and has found some difficulties. Some of the
 3   difficulties are being corrected. The online renewal option has had many problems, but we are working on getting
 4   the kinks out for the next renewal period.
 6   Office Space Plan Discussion
 7   The Board of Dentistry is currently operating without a lease. The lease expired October 31st and the three months
 8   free rent is currently being debated. The budgetary issues are working out well.
10   Budget
11   Only the first page of the budget analysis was received; but from the information received, the Board of Dentistry is
12   on track with the budget. Depositing renewal checks within the required time limit due to the system and staffing
13   issues has been difficult, so Marshall contacted the Legislative Auditor and Department of Finance to notify them
14   we have not nor will be in compliance.
16       Dr. Rosenblum moved that the Board give Marshall Shragg authority to spend up to $20,000 a year for move-in
17       costs, additional rent, and improvements.
19       MOTION: Dr. Rosenblum                         SECOND: Ms. Boyum
21       VOTE: For: Unanimous                          RESULT: Passed.
23   Tuition Reimbursement Policy
24   Marshall Shragg drafted an employee tuition reimbursement policy proposal. Continued employment with the
25   Board of Dentistry, grade requirements, and reimbursed time off work for classes elicited in depth discussion.
26   Marshall will revisit and revise the Proposed Tuition Reimbursement Policy draft.
27   Fall Meeting Status Report
28                                                                                                                             Formatted: Font: 11 pt
29   Newsletter
30   There is a draft for the current newsletter; however, there are still a few blanks to fill in. Discussion regarding the
31   Obscure Rules article – the decision to withdraw the article and send the topic to Policy Committee was made.
32   Discussion regarding the possibility of changing the formatting of the Corrective/Disciplinary Action section of the
33   newsletter was discussed in depth – examples were provided. Marshall offered to come up with options for
34   different formats for the Corrective/Disciplinary Action section.
35   Licensure Summit
36   The summit on Licensure of Dental Assistants prompted good discussion; however, no one was perceived to have
37   changed their opinions. The Board of Dentistry has to submit the report on the issue to the legislature by
38   January 15th, 2004.
40   Legislative Meeting
41   Based on response from those invited, it was determined that mid to late morning was better for most legislators.
42   The legislative portion of the Public Board Meeting is set for 10:00 a.m. This portion of the meeting is to attain
43   open communications between the legislators and the Board of Dentistry to better understand their expectations of
44   the Board.
46   Denturists Forum
47   The MDA is sponsoring a Denturists forum in January.
49   Budget
50   Only the first page of the budget analysis was received; but from the information received, the Board of Dentistry is
51   on track with the budget.
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 2   Other
 3       Review agenda for January 23rdNovember 21st meeting to see if anything needs to be added or
 4         changed. Reviewed the legislative discussion – access, expectations, bills, and differentiation
 5         between the Board and the professional associations.
 6       Draft report to the legislature re: licensure of dental assistants has had a few revisions, and will be
 7         ready for the is looking at submission in January 15th deadline. .
 8       CDC Guidelines: change jurisprudence exam – establish effective dates for the exam and include
 9         in the newsletter.
11   MOTION to recess to Closed Executive Session at 8:17: Ms. Rheinberger
13   SECOND:        Ms. Boyum
15   The closed Executive Committee session addressed staffing/operations and consideration of step increase
16   and Achievement Award for Executive Director.
17       Board of Dentistry Goes Cable – Julie Jeppesen has been researching the cable companies in the
18          State of Minnesota. So far she has received information on six cable companies and the
19          requirements that would enable the board to submit a VHS version of the video to be shown on
20          community programming around the state. Julie recently sent out letters to 50 other cable
21          companies providing them with four ways to contact her to show interest and provide information
22          regarding the distribution of the video.
23       CRDTS Examiners – due to budgetary issues CRDTS will only be paying for six examiners
24          instead of seven. Board will poll current examiners – regarding who will be going to the annual
25          meeting.
26       HPSP appointments – looking for participants for the Program Committee and Advisory
27          Committee.
29   MOTION to recess to Closed Executive Session at 7:48: Ms. Boyum
31   SECOND:        Ms. Rheinberger
33   The closed Executive Committee session addressed staff performance review of Executive Director, and
34   then adjourned.
36                          Minutes Approved by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry
37                                   This 23rd12th Day of January, 2004
39                                 ______________________________________
40                                   Freeman Rosenblum, D.D.S., President

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