ST PATRICK’S AND ST JOSEPH’S
                            FEDERATED PRIMARY SCHOOL
5 Churchtown Road                                                                 37 Glen Road
Tirkeeran                                                                         Brockaghbuoy
GARVAGH                                                                           GARVAGH
BT51 5BA                                                                          BT51 5BD
(Tirkeeran Site)                                                                  (Glenullin Site)
Tel: 028 2955 8039                                                                Tel: 028 2955 8641
Fax: 028 2955 8039                                                                Fax: 028 2955 8641

                                    Principal: Mr Aidan Rafferty

1 December 2011

Dear Parent/Guardian
               Tirkeeran site                                  Glenullin site
Monday         Cookery with Mrs McCloy                         Volleyball with Aislinn Kelly from
After                                                          St Patrick’s College, Dungiven
School’s       P7 pupils – 5th & 12th December                 P6 pupils – 5th & 12th December
5 December -   Please note that pupils are asked to bring £3 for the three weeks cooking to cover the
12December     cost of ingredients. Pupils must be collected promptly at 4.00 p.m. Appropriate clothing
               and footwear must be worn.
Tuesday                           Glenullin Hall **                  please note Glenullin Hall and pupils
After                                                                      should be collected at 4.15 p.m.
School’s       6 Dec             KS2 Football
Mondays        5 Dec –           NO swimming for the P6 class
               12 Dec incl.
The Friday     2 December –      Friday 2 December – Shannon McDonnell
Website        20 January        Friday 13 January – Ellie McKenna
Reporter                         Friday 20 January – Sean McKinney

Friday         2 December        Whole School Assembly led by P6 in the Glenullin site commencing at
                                 9.15 a.m. Parents welcome.
Thursday       8 December
                                                             Christmas Dinner Menu
                                 If your child wishes to take Christmas Dinner please return the attached
                                 reply slip not later than Friday 2 December, as Garvagh Kitchen requires
                                 final numbers for that date.

Monday         12 December       Photographs for the Christmas Shows – all pupils to have their costumes
Tuesday        13 December       Mass in Glenullin site at 9.30 a.m. Everyone welcome
Thursday       15 December       Parents’ Association’s Children’s Disco in Glenullin Hall from 7 – 9 p.m.
Tuesday        20 December       Christmas Show in Glenullin Hall at 7.30 p.m. for the P1 to P5 classes
                                 P1 – ‘A Christmas Blessing’
                                 P2 & 3 – ‘Christmas with the Aliens’
                                 P4 & 5 – ‘A Christmas Carol’
Wednesday      21 December       Christmas Show in Glenullin Hall starting at 7.30 p.m. with a;
                                 Carol Service with all 175 pupils on the stage at the one time!!!!
                                 And then at 8 .00 p.m. P6 & 7 will perform ‘Grease’
Thursday       22 December       School closes at 12 noon for Christmas Holidays.

Thursday       5 January         School reopens.

Mondays        9 Jan – 11 June   Swimming for the P7 class

Thursday       12 January        Information Sheet 5

1                                                                                 Information Sheet 4
Friday      29 January         KS2 Camogie at Roe Valley Leisure Centre, Limavady

Friday      30 March           Confirmation with Bishop Lagan in St Joseph’s, Glenullin at 5.00 p.m.

Saturday    21 April           Parents’ Association’s Guest Tea

                                        Christmas Shows

             The Christmas shows will now take place over two nights,
           commencing at 7.30 p.m., P1 to 5 will perform on the evening of
           Tuesday 20 December and P6 and 7 will perform on the evening of
           Wednesday 21 December.

           We would urge all parents, extended family members, past pupils and
           members of our community to support us on both nights. All donations
           at the door will be given to the Catholic Charity SPICMA and all the
           people attending on the Tuesday night will be given a free pass to attend
           on the Wednesday night.

                         Can anyone supply or help with the following;

                  Cars revving sound effects        A drill sound effect
                  A large cordless kango            An inflatable kangaroo
                  hammer (real)
                  Pink jackets and pink skirts      Leather jacket (bomber
                   Lemon cardigan                   Lemon or pink cravats
                   Black dress suit for a P7        Toy trumpets /
                   Top hats and flat caps           saxophones
                   Lanterns to hold tea lights      Child’s crutch
                   Plastic handcuffs                Tombstone (plastic!)
                   Lighting in the hall             Props in the hall
                   Help to make scenery             Help to make props
                   We also need either;
                   An exterior ‘green’ coloured wall which we can park a
                   car beside to film a section of ‘Grease’ against
                   Large green bed sheets which we can attach to a wall
                 A DVD of ‘Cars’ (the cartoon movie) or a DVD of any
                 film sequence of a ‘moving road’.

                  Can you help?

2                                                                            Information Sheet 4

A fond farewell to Jubil, Judi, Edmund and Riesa. The Tejomes are leaving Garvagh and moving to
England next Tuesday. As they have been an integral part of our school community over the last six
years we wish them a very fond and sincere farewell.

Chicken Pox

At least one of our current pupils could experience severe medical problems if he/she was to
contract chicken pox. As such I urgently appeal to all parents to inform me immediately if any
family member has been diagnosed with chicken pox.


The Cross Border Orchestra, Ireland will be hosting their annual concert on Sunday 4 March.
Rehearsals will begin after Christmas on a Monday from 3 – 4.00 p.m. As numbers are limited to 40
pupils from our school it is essential that pupils from P3 to 7 who are interested give their name to
Mr Rafferty or Mrs Millar as soon as possible.

Admission of Children to Primary School

Children, who are four on or before 1 July 2012, are due to start school in September 2012.
Children whose fourth birthday falls between 1 July 2012 and 31 October 2012 may be eligible for a
place in a reception class. Application forms for enrolment will be available, from late December,
from either the Tirkeeran site or the Glenullin site of St Patrick’s and St Joseph’s.

The application form plus the child’s birth certificate should be returned to the school no later than
12 noon on Wednesday 18 January 2012.

Parent Information Sheets

As an Eco school we are conscious of the amount of paper used for the monthly Information Sheets
and we would like in future to send these, were possible, by email. They are also available to
download from the school’s website, However, if you would
prefer to receive it via your child we will continue to do so. Please indicate your preference on the
slip below.

Christmas Presents for Staff

The staff of St Patrick’s and St Joseph’s would like to suggest that this year, instead of Christmas
presents for members of staff, anyone who wishes to do so should give a ‘Gift of Hope’ donation
(see sheet enclosed).

            Dear (member of staff’s name)

            I think you are a great (bus driver, teacher, classroom assistant, caretaker,
            secretary) and to show my appreciation I am giving a ‘Gift of Hope’ on
            your behalf this Christmas.

            Happy Christmas from __________________________


Eighty six shoeboxes contributed by our pupils are now on their way to Bosnia and
Romania. On behalf of the recipients ‘Thank you’.

Hymns for the Month

                         Selection of Christmas Hymns (enclosed)

3                                                                             Information Sheet 4
Irish Expression for the Month

                            ‘Nollaig shona duit!’/ Happy Christmas to you!
                                        (‘noll egg hona ditch’)

             ‘Nollaig shona daoibh!’/ Happy Christmas to you! (you plural) ‘youns!’
                                     (‘noll egg hona deev’)

Grammar for the Month

Could have              √                               Could of             X
Would have              √                               Would of             X
Should have             √                               Should of            X
Might have              √                               Might of             X

I could have done my homework, because I had the time
I would have done my homework and learnt how to make words rhyme
I should have done my homework and been real good therefore
I might have got a star for learning more and more.
Apparently some pupils have been heard to say could of, would of, should of, might of, but
obviously these pupils do not attend St Patrick’s and St Joseph’s.

Yours sincerely

Aidan Rafferty

Aidan Rafferty

Encs:   Christmas Hymns
        Spring Dinner Menu
        Gifts of Hope

Christmas Dinner @ £2.20

My child/children will be taking Christmas Dinner on Thursday 8 December.

Name: ……………………………………….                           Class: ……………….

Name: ……………………………………….                           Class: ……………….

Name: ……………………………………….                           Class: ……………….

Name: ……………………………………….                           Class: ……………….

                                         Amount Enclosed ……………
Please complete and return to the school

Parent Information Sheets

I/we would like to receive the Information Sheets by:

Pupil             Name: _______________________________             Class: __________

Email             Email Address: _____________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________

4                                                                            Information Sheet 4

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