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If you want to have Tibet travel, there are some scenic spots worth going. In Nyingchi , there is a famous forest full of cypress that is so called the World King Cypress. Located in the valley of Niyang River's downstream, these old trees stand for more than millennium years. They have been protected as King Cypress Natural Reserve. Their pyramid canopy, tall and straight trunk are so conspicuous that become the unique ancient trees in Tibet, which are also named the Brahmaputra Cypress.

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									                          Norbulingka in Lhasa

People who are interested in Tibet culture must know Tibetan Buddhism is quite important for
Tibetans. The leader of Tibetan Buddhism represents the living Buddha has very honorable
position among Tibetans. Darai lama is one of the two religious leaders in Tibet Buddhist Gelug
( Shamanism ) that has the same position with Panchen . Darai means the " sea " , Lama in Tibetan
means " perfect monk ".

The Norbulingka in Lhasa which is known as the Summer Palace for Darai Lama, means "
Precious Park " in Tibetan words. There are 374 rooms in Norbulingka that is the largest Garden
with man-made landscape and best scenery full of historical site in Tibet. Located in the western
suburbs of Lhasa it was founded in 1740s with typical Tibetan style.

The Norbulingka has some building features such as building high terrace, digging lower ponds,
and following the nature win for its framing. In the wooded park and green garden, the Lake
Palace, different pavilions, golden dragon garden with Tibetan style lies in a fresh atmosphere and
tranquil environment shows the kind of Tibetan peculiar guileless natural taste for Tibetan garden.

If you want to have Tibet travel, you can go alone with the Tibetan Railway or travel from Beijing
to Tibet. Scenery on the way is very unique and full of surprise.

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