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									                             Private sector initiatives
                          towards legality/sustainability

        Mustapha Seidu
          WWF -WAFPO
Forest Governance Forum
            8 June 2011
 Why was the GFTN established?
  The GFTN was established by WWF to
  eliminate illegal logging and improve the
  management of valuable and threatened
                                  Increasing Supply of
                                   Certified Products
  Creating MARKETS
 for Certified Products         GFTN Framework & Tools:
                                 Stepwise Approach for
  GFTN Framework &                Credible Certification
 Stepwise Approach for
Responsible Purchasing
GFTN Participants Across the Globe

            GLOBAL TOTALS (January 2011)
 More than 275 Companies   27.1 Million Hectares        19% of the Global Forest Products Market
 30 Countries              20.5 Million Hectares FSC    $73 Billion USD Sales in Forest Products
                                 2.8 Million People Employed
Forest in Ghana & the statistics….

                      Less than 20% of original forest
                   -a deforestation rate of about 115,000
                                 ha 0r 2% p.a
                     -Off-reserves are estimated to last
                           less that 60year (1996)?

                   -success rate of govt plantation in the
                           1990s was only 30%

                     -Illegal logging estimated at 2.8m
                      -Biodiversity-rich Guinean Moist
The results of years of unsustainable

     Forest burning      Needless destruction

                       Degraded Forest

  Illegal logging
Destination of Ghana’s wood export:
by value(Euro million)
 Approaches by companies in Ghana
Market trend and other initiatives
           1. Samartex
          2. John Bitar
        3. Logs & Lumber
      4. Ghana Primewood
     5. Scanstyle (Mim) Ltd
             6. Ayum
            7. Coppon
             8. BLLC.
            9. Sunstex
            10. Ehwiaa
              11. SIPL
            12. GVPCL
         13. Form Ghana

       Along the line, some have collapsed, other
      have changed hands and others are stagnant
                      in certification
Compliance with laws or operating legally

Efforts for legal compliance

 - compliance with national & local laws
 -payment of all statutory fees, taxes, royalties & other charges
 -Binding international agreement eg CITES, CBD, ILO
 -protection against illegal harvesting, settlement etc
 -continuous training esp. Free Zone companies
 -compliance with FSC Controlled Wood Standard for forest management enterprises
Compliance with laws or operating legally
 Operating legally & waiting FLEGT
 • Development of protocols & procedures
 • Commitment by Top Management to the process of legality
 • But Dances to the rhythms of buyers pressure

Reqs. incentives & Tech. Support
 Reduced Impact Logging

Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) training
                        RIL is the range of techniques
                          of forest harvesting that is
                        used to reduce the impact on
                           the forest and risks field
                          workers during harvesting
                              It comprises several
                           operations eg inventory,
                        mapping, felling, 1st aid, road
                                 construction etc

                        7 companies managing >60%
                          of on-reserve concessions
                              have been trained
Community relations and workers rights

                   -Established protocols for community
                  -Reduced or no incidence of blockage
                               -SRA payment
                            -Employment policy
                  -up-to-date payment of social security
                          -vibrant workers unions
                             -Clinics and 1st Aid
                      Safety gadget for field workers

                  But also a lot more needs to be done
High Conservation Value
• 6 companies have conducted HCV
  assessment to identify & manage outstanding
  biological, ecological, social & cultural values
Example for HCV action plan
Action plan Cont…..
The results so far …not enough for the
 • Considering the current challenges in the
   forestry sector, we have come a long way and
   we encourage the companies leading the
   process to continue. For the effort:
 • 3 Chain of Custody certificates,
   awaiting one
 • 2 FSC Controlled Wood Certificates,
   awaiting one
 • 1 FSC Forest Management
The impacts
• Manages more than 60 % of forest reserve
  concessions in Ghana
• Employs more than 12,000 people
• Support over 45,000 people
• Certification is prompted payment of statutory
  taxes and obligatory fees sometimes 5 years
• Condition of employees in terms of
  insurances, social security
The hurdles

• Forest management plans; only 20 officially
• Environmental impact assessment in forest
• Increasing small nature of concessions
• Seemingly high cost of achieving and
  maintaining certificate
• Inadequate supporting role of forest
• FLEGT is a double-edge sword
Is this the vision for our National Forest?
Is this our vision for global forests?
… or this?
 Can forest authorities in Ghana show higher
 interest in sustainability initiatives?

• Perhaps we can learn from other countries
Conservation through Collaboration:
GFTN Allies in Responsible Forestry
        Thank You

Local Forests. Global Markets.

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