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How to make Carrot Halwa


Yummy sweet recipe

More Info
1.Carrot-5 large Grated
2.Milk-3 cups
3.Ghee-1 cup
4.Sugar-2 cup
5.Milk maid-1/2 cup
6.Cashews-1/2 cup
7.Raisans-1/2 cup
8.Almonds-1/2 cup                      Preparation Time-40 min
9.Red colour-1 pinch(optional)         Serve           -4 to 5

1.Take a kadai add ½ cup ghee add fry the Nuts and dry fruits till
golden brown.
2.Add the grated carrot and stir for 10 min untilla ll the raw flavour is
3.Then add the milk and boil for 10 more min until the carrots are
cooked and milk is reduced.
4.Then add the milkmaid and sugar and stir till they get thicken.
5.Once they start thickening add the red colour and stir.
6.Then start adding the rest of the ghee and stir for 5 more min.
7.Add the fried dry fruits and nuts.
8.Serve Hot or Cold as per ur wish.
           Important Tips for more tasty Carrot halwa
1.Fry the carrot until the raw smell is gone and the colour changes to a
dark red colour.
2.Find a red colour fresh carrot for more taste.
3.U can even add half milk and half cream for more richness.
4.U can any nuts u need.
5.Try to add more nuts for taste.

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