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									        Stillness Infant School
             July Newsletter
16th July 2010

Dear Parents,

I begin my newsletter with wonderful news. On Wednesday 14th July Zara Mitten and
Isabel Frith took four members of the ECO Council to Lewisham Clean and Green
Award Ceremony at Lewisham Town Hall. The event began with a delicious buffet meal.
Next there was entertainment from Quantum Theatre of Science. The show was based on
the theme:- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Finally all were seated for the Award Ceremony.
The children were thrilled to hear we had won the GOLD AWARD in recognition of our
efforts in improving and maintaining the environmental quality of the local environment
in the area of Waste, Recycling and Fair Trade.
Apart from a handsome shield and certificate our representatives, Ruby-Maye Smith,
Arki Hellen, Connor Murray and Alice Wilkinson all received bags made from recycled
materials with a variety of useful school equipment inside.
Thank you Zara for being a terrific ECO ambassador.

                               School Fair
This event was a great success. It was such a lovely day with the sun shining and so
many stalls, games and entertainment. Usually I’m on the cake stall where I can have the
odd sip of Pimm’s to aid my selling powers. I noticed helpers were in abundance here so
I ventured to the toys. There were certainly some bargains to be had and there was a
continual stream of customers all afternoon. I am very grateful to F.O.S.I. who made the
fair a great event. I know you all spent many hours organising it. I am pleased to say
£1,800 was raised. A tremendous achievement! F.O.S.I. have kindly said that they will
contribute £5,000 for a new piece of play equipment for the nursery.
                                      Year 2
We wish these children success and happiness as they leave the infants to continue their
educational journey. They have worked extremely hard and I know they are looking
forward to the challenges ahead. I know they will tell us all about their exciting work
projects next term.
I hope they will all remember to behave in a polite and courteous manner, listen carefully
and concentrate to further their learning.

We say a fond farewell to Alison Forde who has carefully guided Year 1 and Year2
children for the past 6 years. She has influenced the school in relation to Design and
Technology and contributed many ideas in relation to the creative aspects of the
curriculum. Alison has also very willingly set up craft stalls and supported all fund
raising events. We hope she will be very happy when she moves to East London.
 We wish Alexia Hodgkinson success as she leaves to further her career. She has been an
excellent Early Years teacher. She has also made French a great feature of the
curriculum, taking classes throughout the school and organising a French morning with
Mr. Hofstein. We will continue this good work next term.

                               Dinner Money
The children in Year 2 who have a credit will be refunded next week. If the credit is over
£7 Mrs Tennent will contact you and the money will need to be collected from the office.
Other credits will be rolled over until next term.

The cost of dinners up to the next half term will be £47.60.

                                   New Staff
In September we will be welcoming two new teachers to the Stillness School community.
Mrs Justine Anthony will be teaching the Nursery class and Miss Katherine Littlehales
will be teaching in Reception.

                       International Week
Our International week has been tremendous. There have been an enormous number of
activities for the children to enjoy e.g. Indian dancing, food tasting, steel pan workshops,
music from other cultures played on cello, recorder, clarinet, pop up book making
learning another language, English literature with Image Theatre. A memorable way to
bring the summer term to a close.
                              Lost Property
If your child has lost any items of clothing please could you look in the lost property box
near Ms Allen’s classroom, before the end of term. Anything left will be recycled.

                                 End of Term

On Friday 23rd July the Infant School will close at 3.00pm.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very happy summer holiday with your
friends and family.
Please encourage the children to enter the reading challenge at the local library. It was
great fun last year and all the children got prizes for their efforts.

Best Wishes

Alison McClelland

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