A             A EU           Appropriation   PROEPGS
Ability       ABLT           Approximate     PROFPL
About         PW             April           AP
About a       PWA            Arrange         ARPHG
About you     PWAOU          Are             R
Accept        SEP            Are the         R-T
Accident      STKEPBT        Are you         RU
Accompany     A/K-P          Around          ARPB
Account       K-T            Ask             SK
Accountant    K-T/APBT       Ask the         SK-T
Acknowledge   ABG/TPHOPBLG   Ask you         SKU
Actual        TUL            Assist          AES
Actually      TUL/HREU       Assistance      AES/APBS
Advance       SRAPBS         Assistant       AES/APBT
Advantage     SRAPBG         Association     A/SOERBGS
Advice        SREUS          Assume          SAO UPL
Advise        SREUZ          Assumption      SUPLGS
Again         TKPWEPB        Attorney        TOERPB
Against       TKPWEPBS       August          AUG
Agency        AGS            Authority       THORT
Agent         AGT            Authorization   THORGS
Ago           AG             Authorize       THORZ
Affect        AFBGT          Auto            AO
After         AF             Automobile      AOBL
Almost        HR-PL
Already       HR-R           Balance         PW-PBS
Also          HR-S           Be              PWE
Always        AULZ           Became          PWAEUPL
a.m.          AEPL           Because         PWAUZ
am            APL            Become          PW-BG
America       PHERBG         Been            PW-PB
American      PHERPB         Before          PWR
Among         PHOPBG         Began           TKPWAPB
Amount        APLT           Begin           TKPWEUPB
Another       TPHOERPBLG     Begun           TKPW-PB
Answer        AEPBS          Behind          HEUPBD
Any           TPHEU          Being           PW-G
Anybody       TPHEUB         Belief          PWHRAO EF
Anyone        TPHEUPB        Believe         PWHREF
Anything      TPHEUG         Between         TWEPB
Apartment     PARPLT         Beyond          KWROPBD
Apology       A/POLG         Billion         PW-L
Appoint       POEU           Business        PWEUZ
Appointment   POEUPLT        But             PWU
Appreciate    PRERB          But the         PWUT
Appropriate   PROEPT
Can               K          Defendant      TKEFT
Can a             KA         Department     TKEPT
Can be            K-B        Destination    STK-GS
Can I             KEU        Determine      TKERPL
Can you           KU         Develop        SREL
Can you ever      KUFR       Development    SREPLT
Certain           SERPB      Did            TK
Certainly         SERPBL     Did he         TKE
Certainty         SERPBT     Did the        TK-T
Certificate       SERT       Did you        TKU
Certification     SERGS      Did you ever   TKUFR
Certify           SER        Did you have   TKUF
Children          KHEURPB    Difference     TKEURFPBS
Circumstance      SEURBG     Different      TKEURFPB
Company           K-P        Difficult      TKEUFL
Communicate       KPHUPB     Difficulty     TKEUFLT
Communication     KPHUPBGS   Direction      TKREBGS
Concern           KERPB      Do             TKO
Condition         K-PB       Do you         TKOU
Confer            K-FR       Do you have    TKUF
Confidence        K-FDZ      Do you know    TKAO UPN
Confident         K-FD       Doctor         TK-R
Connect           KEBGT      Does           STK
Conscious         K-RBS      Does he        STKE
Consider          KR-        Does it        STKEUT
Consideration     KR-GS      Does the       STK-T
Construct         KRUBGT     Dr.            TKR
Continual         TEUPBL
Continuation      TEUPBGS    Effect         EFBGT
Continue          TEUPB      Either         AOERPBLG
Convenience       SREPBS     Element        HR-PLT
Convenient        SREPB      Emergency      PH-PBLG
Cooperate         KAOPT      Enclose        KHRO
Corporate         KORPT      End            AEPBD
Corporation       KORPGS     Enough         TPHUF
Correct           KREBGT     Envelope       TPH-FL
Could             KO         Equip          KWEUP
Could have        KOF        Equipment      KWEUPLT
Could have been   KOFB       Error          ROR
Could have had    KOFD       et cetera      ETS
Could you be      KOUB       Even           AOEPB
Could you have    KOUF       Evening        AOEPBG
Couple            KUPL       Ever           -FR
                             Every          EFR
Damage            TKAPBLG    Everybody      EFRB
December          TKES       Everyone       EFRPB
Everything     EFRG       He                E
Evidence       EFDZ       He can            EBG
Evident        EFD        He had            ED
Examination    SK-GS      He is             ES
Examine        SK-PL      Help              HEP
                          Hospital          HOPT
Familiar       TPAEPL     Hospitalization   HOPGS
Familiarity    TPAEPLT    How many          HOUPL
Farther        TPARPBLG   How much          HOUFP
February       TPEB       However           HOUFR
Figure         TPEUG      Hundred           HUPB
Finance        TP-PB      Husband           HUS
Financial      TP-PBL
Follow         TPOL       I                 EU
Forward        TPOERD     Identification    O*EUD/TPEUBGS
Friday         TPREU      Identify          O*EUD/TPAOEU
From           TPR        Identity          O*EUD/TEU
Further        TPURPBLG   If                TP
                          If a              TPA
General        SKWREPB    If he             TPE
Generally      SKWRAPBL   If I              TPEU
Gentleman      SKWRA      If the            TP-T
Gentlemen      SKWRE      If you            TPU
Go             TKPWO      If you ever       TPUFR
Good           TKPW       Imagine           PHAPBLG
Good many      TKPW-PL    Immediate         PHAOED
Government     TKPWOFT    Immediately       PHAOED/HREU
                          Importance        PORPBS
Had              H        Important         PORPBT
Had a            HA       In                TPH
Had been         H-B      In a              TPHA
Had the          H-T      In order          TPHORD
Had you          HU       In our            TPHOUR
Happen           HAP      In the            TPH-T
Have             SR       Include           KHRU
Have been        SR-B     Inclusive         KHRUF
Have gone        SR-G     Indicate          KA ET
Have had         SR-H     Indication        KA EGS
Have the         SR-T     Indict            TKAOEUT
Have you         SRU      Indictment        TKAOEUPLT
Have you been    SRUB     Individual        SREUD
Have you ever    SRUFR    Infect            TPEBGT
Have you ever gone        Infectious        TPEBGT/SHUS
      SRUFRG              Inform            TPH-F
Have you gone    SRUG     Information       TPH-FGS
Having           SR/-G    Injure            SKWRUR
Injury         SKWREUR    May be           PHAEU/PWE
Inquire        KWEUR      May have         PHA EUF
Inspect        SPEBGT     May have been    PHA EUFB
Instruct       STRUBGT    May have had     PHA EUFD
Interest       TR         May have the     PHA EUFT
Into           TPHAO      Maybe            PHA EUB
Into the       TPHAOT     Me               PHE
Involve        SROF       Member           PHEB
Is             S          Memoranda        PHEPL/TKA
Is a           SA         Memorandum       PHEPL/TKUPL
Is he          SE         Merchandise      PH-DZ
Is it          ST         Messenger        PHEPBG
Is it a        STA        Million          PH-L
Is it the      ST-T       Miss             PH-S
Is that        STHA       Monday           PHOPBD
Is the         S-T        Money            PH-PB
Is there       STHR       Month            PHO
Is this        STH        Mortgage         PHORT
It             T          Mr.              PHR
It is          T-S        Mrs.             PHR-S
It will        T-L        Ms.              PH-Z
Its            -TS        Much             PH-FP
                          Must             PHU
January        SKWRAPB    Must be          PHUB
Judgment       SKWRUPLT   Must have been   PHUFB
July           SKWRUL     Must have had    PHUFD
June           SKWRUPB    My               PHEU
Juror          SKWROR
Jury           SKWR-R     Natural          TPHARL
                          Necessary        TPHES
Knowledge      TPHOPBLG   Necessity        TPHE
                          Neighbor         TPHA EUB
Labor          HRA EUB    Neither          TPHAOERPBLG
Legal          HREL       Neglect          TPHEGT
Letter         HRER       New              TPHU
Little         HREUL      Newspaper        TPHUP
Locate         HROEBGT    No               TPHO
                          No one           TPHO/WUPB
Machine        PH-RB      No, sir          TPHOS
Manufacture    PH-F       Nobody           TPHOEB
Manufacturer   PH-FR      Nothing          TPHOG
Many           PH         Notice           TPH-TS
March          PHAUR      November         TPHOF
Material       TERL       Number           TPHUB
Materiality    TERLT
May (month)    PHAE       Object           OBT
Observation    OFRGS         Prefer           PREFR
Observe        OFRB          Prepare          PRAOEP
Occur          KUR           Presence         PREPBS
Occurrence     KURPBS        Present          PREPBT
October        OBGT          President        PREZ
Of             -F            Principle        PREUPB
Of the         -FT           Probability      PROBLT
Office         OFS           Probable         PROBL
Oh,            OERBGS        Proceed          PROED
On             OPB           Proper           PROR
On the         OPBT          Properly         PRORL
Only           OEPBL         Property         PRORT
Open           OEP           Proximate        PR-FPL
Operate        PRA EUT       Purchase         PR-FP
Operation      PRA EUGS      Purpose          PURP
Opinion        P-PB          Purposely        PURPL
Opportunity    TUPBT
Order          ORD           Quality          KWALT
Organization   ORGS          Quantity         KWAPBT
Organize       ORG           Question         KWE
Owe            O
                             Ready            R-D
Participate    PARP          Reason           R-PB
Particular     PHRAR         Reasonable       R-PBL
Passenger      PAEPBG        Receipt          RET
Peculiar       KWHRAR        Receive          SEF
People         PEPL          Recognition      ROEUGS
Period         PERD          Recognized       ROEUZ
Percent        PERS          Recommend        REPL
Perfect        PR            Record           RORD
Perhaps        PRAPZ         Refer            REFR
Person         PERPB         Regard           RARD
Personal       PERPBL        Regular          REG
Personally     PERPBL/HREU   Relief           RAO*E/HRAOEF
Photograph     TPRAF         Relieve          RAO*E/HREF
Photographer   TPRAFR        Remember         REB
Physical       TP-L          Report           RORT
Plaintiff      PHR-F         Represent        REPT
Plea           PHRE          Representation   REPGS
p.m.           P-PL          Request          KW
Police         PHRAOES       Require          REUR
Position       POGS          Respond          SPOPBL
Possess        PAES          Response         SPOPBS
Possession     PAES/GS       Responsibility   SPOPBLT
Possibility    POBLT         Responsible      SPOPBL
Possible       POBL          Result           RULT
Return         RURPB       That the         THAT
                           The              -T
Satisfaction   SAEGS       Their            THEUR
Satisfy        SAEF        There            THR
Saturday       STKA        There are        THR-R
Scam           SKA*PL      There is         THR-S
Scene          SAEPB       They             THE
Season         S-PB        They are         THER
Second         SEBGD       They had         THED
Secretary      SEBGT       they have        THEF
September      SEPT        they have gone   THEFG
Shall          -RB         they have had    THEFD
She            SHE         They will        THEL
She is         SHES        Think            THEU
Shipment       SHEUPLT     This             TH
Significance   SEUGS       This is          TH-S
Significant    SEUG        Thousand         THOU
Sister         ST-R        Thursday         THURS
Skit           SK*EUT      To               TO
So many        SOPL        To be            TOB
So much        SOFP        To go            TOG
Some           SPH-        To have          TOF
Some of        SPH-F       To you           TOU
Some of the    SPH-FT      Today            TOD
Somebody       SPH-B       Together         TOGT
Somehow        SPHOU       Tomorrow         TOEPL
Someone        SPHUPB      Too many         TAOPL
Something      SPH-G       Too much         TAOFP
Sometime       SPHAOEUPL   Toward           TORD
Somewhere      SPHA EUR    Treatment        TRAOEPLT
Statement      STAEUPLT    Tuesday          TUS
Structure      STRUR
Subject        SUBT        Under            TPH-R
Submission     SPHEUGS     Understand       TPH-RS
Submit         SPHEUT      Understood       TPH-RD
Sudden         SUD         United States    UTS
Suddenly       SUD/HREU    Unless           TPH-LS
Sufficient     SUF         Until            TPH-L
Suggest        SUGT        Until the        TPH-LT
Sunday         SUPBD       Unusual          TPHAO URBL
                           Unwilling        TPH-LG
Telephone      TEFL        Up               UP
Testify        TEF         Upon             POPB
Testimony      T-PL        Up the           UPT
That           THA         Usual            AO URBL
That is        THAS
Very             SRE        With you          WU
Very many        SREPL      Within            W-PB
Very much        SREFP      Without           WOUT
Visit            SREUFT     Woman             WOPL
Volume           SROL       Women             WEUPL
                            Worthless         WORLS
We               WE         Would             WO
We are           WER        Would be          WOB
We have          WEF        Would have        WOF
We have had      WEFD       Would have been   WOFB
Well             W-L        Would have had    WOFD
Wednesday        WEPBS      Would you be      WOUB
Were             W-R        Would you ever    WOUFR
Were the         W-RT       Would you have    WOUF
What             WHA
What is          WHAS       Yes               KWRE
What you         WHAU       Yes, sir          KWRES
Whatever         WHAFR      Yesterday         KWRED
When             WH         You               U
When he          WHE        You are           UR
When I           WHEU       You can           UBG
When is          WH-S       You had           UD
When the         WH-T       You have          UF
Whenever         WH-FR      You have had      UFH
Where            WR         You will          UL
Where are        WR-R       Your              KWRUR
Where is         WR-S
Where the        WR-T
Wherever         WR-FR
Whether          WHR
Whether of not   WHRORPBT
Which            KH
Which is         KH-S
Whichever        KH-FR
Who              WHO
Who is           WHOS
Why              KWR
Will             HR
Will be          HR-B
Will the         HR-T
Will you         HRU
Will you ever    HRUFR
Willing          -LG
With             W
With a           WA
With the         W-T

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