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									                                     Be Part of

            Emerald Beach Community Fair
               Sunday, 27th May 2012
The Fair will take place at the Emerald Beach Reserve from 9am till
3 pm. Included in the Fair will be live music, entertainment, Market stalls, great food,
displays, competitions with fun for the young, old and everyone in between.

                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                           Application Procedure
Please complete page 2 and return to EBF
Peter & Lyn Bannister, 12 Azure Avenue, Emerald Beach. 2456 phone 6656 2047
Please note : sites are limited so please return your application by April 16th. All
applications will be considered, Organisers will choose applications which reflect product
diversity and community / family interest. Only applications accompanied by full
Payment and a current copy of PLI will be considered. Cheques payable to ”Emerald
Beach Fair” please.
WEB SITE ADDRESS - www.emeraldbeachfair.info

                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is essential and bookings will not be accepted from
any person/s without PLI.
For further information please refer to the Emerald Beach website.
                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Note entry/lineup will begin at 6.30am. Site numbers will be allocated
Page 2 – please return only this page
Participants / Stall Holders Agreement                                                   Receipt

9am to 3 pm Sunday, 27th May 2012                                                        Site

                               Please complete all fields and forward whole page
Attraction/ Name
Postal Address
Phone            Landline                                       email
Site requirement
Safe Food Handling Certificates should be displayed on the day!
Insurance Please attach a current copy of your certificate of Public Liability
for $10,000,000
Site Fees
*** bona fide charities                                half price
*** 3 metres by 3 metres no power                      $ 60.00
*** 6 metres by 3 metres no power                      $ 80.00
*** Power sites per connection                         $ 30.00 per outlet
Please advise of equipment used (power leads not provided)
Equipment ______________________________________________
I/We ____________________apply for placement at 2012 Fair & agree
to take all due care with the placement of tables, chairs, power cables etc
Signature/s __________________ Date _________

The organisers reserve the right to refuse bookings, entry to the site and to remove any stall
holder/commercial operator considered by the organisers not to meet event and/or legal requirements.
The organisers are responsible for site allocation(s) and will conduct a site safety inspection before the
commencement of the event.
SET UP AND PULL DOWN: There will be organisers on site from 6.30am and all vendors will be set
up and ready by 9.00am. All vendors will remain until the close of the event at 3.00pm or by
arrangement. This is for safety reasons

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