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1.Chicken-1/2 kg
2.Onion-1 large sliced
3.Tomato-1 chopped
4.Onion -1 large grinded in to paste
5.Tomato -2 pureed
6.Whole garam masala-2 tblspn
7.Red chilli powder-2 tblspn
8.Ginger Garlic Paste-1 tblspn
9.Coriander powder-2 tblspn
10.Capsicum-1 chopped
11.Red colour-1 tsp
12.Salt to taste
13.Coriander for Garnishing            Preparation Time-40 min
14.Oil-5 Tblspn                        Serve           -3
15.Chicken masala-2 tblspn

1.Take a large kadai & add oil and crackle the garam masala
2.Add the onion and fry for 4 min.
3.Add ginger garlic paste fry for 1 min
4.Add the tomato and fry for 2 min.
5.Add the Purred onion and tomato and fry for 5 min
6.Add the chicken and give a good stir.
4.Close the lid and cook for 5 min.
5.Open and add Chilli,Coriander,Chicken masala,salt and stir for 1
6.Pop the lid and cook covered for 20 min stirring occasionally.
7.Add Red colour and capsicum and cook for 3 min.
8.Garnish with Chopped coriander.
9.Serve hot.
       Important Tips for more tastyChicken masala
1.Fry the onion and tomatoes well.
2.Dont add any water for more taste.
3.U can add butter for more flavour.
4.Add a tsp of garam masala in the last for extra taste and aroma.
5. Cook in a low flame to prevent from burning.

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