Earl Recycles by G7D4BPS


									Earl Recycles
20 Lyman Terrace                 617-393-1793
Waltham, MA 02452            info@earlrecycles.com

                  We Reuse, Repair, and Recycle ALL
              grades of Used Electronics except monitors.

 Asset Recovery and Recycling Certificate
This statement certifies that the electronics equipment sent by your
organization for asset recovery and recycling has been received.

Earl Recycles has taken ownership and responsibility for this material.
Any reused assets will be handled in accordance with all software piracy
laws, and all personal, non-transferable, or proprietary information will
be erased. All unrecoverable assets will be managed and recycled
according to specifications set out by the Massachusetts Department of
Environmental Protection and in compliance with all local, state and
federal laws and regulations.

             Drop off only and appointments needed.

Per request, and for an additional fee, we can perform any of the
following services.

__ Zero reuse (all material de-manufactured, no parts or items

__ Hard drive destruction using magnetic drill press

__ Other (specify) ____________________________________

________________________________            Date: ____________
Name and title:

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