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									                                                                                        ECCnet Image & Validation

                                                                           Use of the Product Submission form is mandatory.
                                                                           The Product List form is required if multiple items
                                                                           require a different set of services (E.g. All products
                                                                           require planogram service but only a few require Bar
                                                                           Code Scan Verification.)

                      Product Submission Instructions
Please follow this easy 3-step process when submitting products for ECCnet Image & Validation (ECCnet I&V) services.

Step 1: All GS1 Canada services, including ECCnet I&V services require that users be members in good
standing of GS1 Canada. If you are already a GS1 Canada member in good standing, proceed to Step 2. If you
are not a member, you can obtain your membership online at or contact Member Services at
1.800.567.7084, ext. 3.

Step 2: Complete the Product Submission Form (below), which must be sent along with the product sample(s)
to the ECCnet I&V office nearest to you.

Step 3: Collect and send your product sample(s) to ECCnet I&V, along with a completed copy of the Product
Submission Form.

       Planogram Capture: Within 5 business days of receiving the completed Product Submission Form and
        live product sample(s), ECCNet I&V will send you a written confirmation of your product registration. Once you
        receive this confirmation, examine it carefully. If there are any errors or if any clarifications are required,
        contact us immediately.

        Note1: If you require confirmation of registration for your listing meeting prior to the availability of the final
        product, you can submit a mock-up. You will receive a temporary confirmation of registration; however, the
        planogram images will not be captured until you send us the final product. Please be aware that if the final
        physical sample is not submitted within 120 days of the mock-up registration date, the product registration
        will be cancelled.
        Note2: If your products are not released on the market yet and you want to keep the data and images
        confidential until a certain date, please indicate this date on the “Embargo Date” field.

       When submitting your products for Marketing Images, please ensure that the products are well packed and
        arrive at our office in excellent condition. Sending two samples of each product is preferred along with a
        packaging “flat".

                                           ECCnet I&V locations:

           GS1 Canada - ECCnet I&V                                          GS1 Canada - ECCnet I&V
          7780 Metropolitan Blvd East                                    720 - 28th Street N.E. Suite #110
       Montreal, QC, Canada H1K 1A1                                    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2A 6R3
   Tel: (514) 355-8929 / Fax: (514) 356-3235                        Tel: (403) 291-2235 / Fax: (403) 291-2240
        Email:                                Email:

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                                                                                     ECCnet Image & Validation

                                                             Product Submission Form
                                                                  Current fee schedule available on

Please indicate () the service(s) you are requesting:

   Planogram images and dimensions                                                                                      
   Marketing images, high-resolution (for print and online marketing materials)                                         
   Bar Code Scan Verification Report (SVR)                                                                              
         !! RUSH - the Certificate of Conformity will be sent within 24 hours (10$/code additional charge)   
   Foodservice montage (for Product Information Cards)                                                                  

         My product(s) were requested by the following retailer(s):
        Keep my product information and images confidential until this date (embargo date):_____

                           Please return my products (I agree to be invoiced for the return shipping fees)               

I am an authorized agent and I understand that the products I am submitting will be invoiced to the
Company Name identified below according to the current fee schedule as assigned to the services

Signature of Submitter                                                 Date

Name of Submitter (please print)                                       Title

Submitter E-mail:                                                     Purchase Order No.:

Company name:                                                         Company Phone:                             Ext:

Company ID:                                                           Company Fax:

Street Address:                                                       Office or Suite:

City:                                                                 Province:

Postal Code:                                                          Country:

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                                                                                                    ECCnet Image & Validation

                                                                                       *No. of units per case - important information
                                                                                       requested by the Planogram Committee.

                                                                                       **GS1 Canada will invoice the shipping costs upon
                                                                                       returning my product(s).

Product List:
                                                            Service(s) Requested

                                             Planogram   Marketing
                                                                       Bar Code Scan
                                                                                                                   Embargo               **Return
     GTIN/UPC product code   *No. of units     Service    Images
                                                                                                                     Date                Product
                              per case                                     (SVR)                                  (dd/mm/yy)               (x)

1                                                                                              
2                                                                                              
3                                                                                              
4                                                                                              
5                                                                                              
6                                                                                              
7                                                                                              
8                                                                                              
9                                                                                              
10                                                                                             
11                                                                                             
12                                                                                             
13                                                                                             
14                                                                                             
15                                                                                             
16                                                                                             
17                                                                                             
18                                                                                             
19                                                                                             
20                                                                                             
                                                                                             If you require additional space, use more than one sheet.
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