TMSD P15543 GSO5 6 by P642F6


General Service Officer Level 5/6 Parks                 NETWORK/BRANCH:                                          LOCATION:
Team                                                    Parks and City Services/ City Services                   Various

                                                        POSITION NUMBER:
CLASSIFICATION:                                                                                                  REPORTS TO:
                                                        P45596, P03823, P03824, P15541, P15544, P15543,
General Service Officer 5/6                                                                                      GSO 7 Supervisor
                                                        P15542, P09854, P41063


The Division: The ACT Directorate of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) plans, develops and ensures delivery of a range of government services and
commercial enterprises for the people of the ACT.

The Network: Parks and City Services is the single land manager for the ACT Government and is also responsible for managing Canberra’s extensive parks, nature
reserves and open spaces. It develops and implements policy and programs for sustainability, waste management, water, energy, climate change, natural resource
management, biosecurity animal welfare and Libraries. It regulates environmental and heritage activities using compliance and licensing frameworks that help protect
and preserve natural and cultural values.

The Branch: City Services is a Branch within the Parks & City Services Division is responsible for planning and management of parks and the public domain, including
lakes, street trees, public open space and city places. It maintains the look of the city and its environs and is responsible for Domestic Animal Services, City Rangers
and protection of the trees on public and private land.
                                                                        Position Description
     Enhance the presentation of Canberra’s town and district parks, skate parks, playground settings and the recreational experience of park and city visitors.
     Provide a visible presence in all Canberra’s parks and reserves, interact with park visitors as required to present a professional and welcoming image to the
     As a member of a small team, carry out general horticultural maintenance and construction, landscape refurbishment duties, turf maintenance and renovating
      and tree planting and maintenance.
     Operate and maintain machinery (eg hand mowers, dethatchers, corers).
     Provide input into the preparation and implementation of work programs and supervise contractors as required.
     Conduct condition audits of playgrounds, barbeques, park furniture and other assets as required.
     Ensure a high standard of safety with all work practices.
     Undertake incident management duties, including participation in fire standby, fire suppression and fire training. (excludes million trees staff)

                                                                          Selection Criteria

1.   Demonstrated practical experience in horticultural maintenance and arboriculture.
2.   Proven ability to operate machinery and carry out basic machine maintenance on equipment used in horticulture.
3.   Proven capacity to work as part of a team.
4.   Demonstrated commitment to providing high quality customer service.
5.   Good communication skills (both oral and written) and the capacity to interact well with the public and park visitors.
6.   A good understanding of Occupational Health and Safety, participative work practices and workplace diversity.
7.   Willingness to undertake incident management duties, including participation in fire standby, fire suppression and fire training. (excludes million trees initiative

Other Requirements
  Certificate in Horticulture or other relevant trade certificate is essential.
 Current ACT drivers’ licence is essential.
 Medium Rigid truck licence is desirable.
 OH&S Construction Industry Induction ‘White Card’ is highly desirable
 Chainsaw ticket is desirable
 Chemcert ticket is desirable
 Ability to undertake the physical requirements of the tasks listed in the Duty Statement.
Mandatory Requirements to be eligible to cross through the soft barrier you must achieve:

Attainment of Certificate II in Government. (Number of units needed for qualification 9 Units (4 Required + 5 Electives)

           Required Units

             PSPGOV201B                Work in a public sector environment
             PSPGOV202B                Use routine workplace communication techniques
             PSPGOV203B                Deliver a service to clients
             PSPOHS201B                Follow workplace safety procedures


             PSPGOV302B               Contribute to workgroup activities
             PSPGOV204B               Access and use resources
             PSPGOV308B               Work effectively with diversity
             PSP GOV314A              Contribute to conflict resolution
             PSPGOV 315a              Give and receive workplace feedback


             Chainsaw training or ChemCert III or Skid/slide steer

Employees in broadbanded GSO5/6 positions will be eligible to pass through the ‘soft barrier’ only when they have:
       1. been at the 4th incremental point of their broadbanded classification for one year;
       2. demonstrated satisfactory conduct and work performance by complying with:
            reporting requirements outlined in TAMS Attendance Policy;
            ACT Public Service codes of ethics, values and expectations; and
            TAMS workplace Standing Operating Procedures; and
       3. satisfied the assessment criteria specified for the broadbanded classification as above.

          Performance Management meetings will be held every 6 months. This will enable the manager to track training objectives and monitor performance.

          Ability to undertake all duties specified in the Position Description of the broadbanded position.

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